Anya Taylor-Joy on starring in Jane Austen's classic tale 'Emma'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about her role in the film "Emma."
22:34 | 02/21/20

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Transcript for Anya Taylor-Joy on starring in Jane Austen's classic tale 'Emma'
A few minutes. Then go see Emma. Which is Jane Austen. And which stars my guest today content tailored to sell it what. You have great you know. When I was an English major in school and we study Jane Austin those of us that loved her we called ourselves Jane writes. We really thought she just knows what's going. But Jane Austen herself said about alma. Maybe I'm the only one actually he's got like career. That didn't scare you get it. No it was the reason I wanted to do all you have no fat salad Osama direct and I just that. This is quiet in their front and also about that I and they want to do this well if I'm allowed to really stick to that beacons. That this thing about feet not cash write to is being made of very likable and very easy to light and the thing that I missed delicious and it was. I want to the audience in watching her journey have amendments they wanted to leak into the screen and shake her because she's being such a brat and you know roll their eyes are doing something right Denton and misled but also when you finally get to her redemption when she starts landing that people. Are not toys I want them to really feel something because no human being is. Black or white there all of these different shades of gray and that's that's. Well when he said that I started to feel all these different shades. You know. Doing good it's good to have diverged. Well a lot of times it mostly happens from television. You're basically told that somebody's good or bad yeah. And when we first meet him we see her as this matchmaker. Manipulator. My friends should only be with people thinkers suitable full. When you read this because this interpretation is as Jane Austen wrote its debt and. Eighteen and I get its eighteenth. And yet just it's way too a modern audience for. Think. In Austin. Isn't brilliant stuff stressed and she has creates hidden in Paris thanks section of this small town. As situation which very easily lends itself to high school a working office that's likely this this a successful. And something that I really love is. People are people no matter where you no matter what century year and the rules changed that the human heart and the human emissions they stay the same. And say who. And I oppression of that that we wanted to show everybody that these flesh and blood human beings that are hot messes 99% of the time. Despite the fact that their old course it's hit and looking beautiful and happiness and it'll read it kills and stuff. They still really upset that they didn't tell the guy that they light at the end of the bowl that they liked them and now -- gonna get messed up in my friend likes oh my goodness drama and then that's happening now it will never really got asylum. So it's it is the same in many ways the extent for the wardrobes. I mean I think it and the rules they're very specific rules that it was important for us what hit them very strictly said that whenever we did. Deviate from the rules it was amendments and for instance. You just about any touch people act badly sometimes he helps parents like that it wasn't really a done thing. And sailing habitable scenes between an extra night in the squeeze that's that long like. Now some got just happened I don't expect. Someone can open a window Jane Austen. It's revolution there what happened. In terms of those little jester and it was strange to because talk a little about you or director and writer in this movie if women. Are kind of the prime movers behind this version. Yes absolutely could really feel about ons that Eric casts and adapted the screenplay is just say funny and so wonderful because. There are amendments that we ran. Playing one of the scenes and something didn't quite work out and we wanted to act live but then she would be the idly translates to in Austin if that makes sense that you'd run out salamander like. I want to say things and she'd get OK and much. Like bats the Austin speech and the and also let's just. She was so little to you everything that we retaining and she's a real romantic at heart and so all of these scenes. If you Donna really gets seen it was would be crying but each year it joy tears of becoming on their face and act as an actress a wonderful thing to witness like. That a child. In. But for for autumn your direct that's the first time. Directed a feature found a photographer video director what was with that like did you feel comfortable. Okay. Completely average a lot of press time filmmaker isn't. I never approached them any different basis say you know and I Shyamalan he's made so many different counties each person is unique and has there and unique way of work and something I did radiate love about loss and that is. I think a great skill you can have a sister act is not being afraid to say I don't know and allowing the group of people that you've. You know code base and it's come together and help fix the problem or sense bring it up because she had this whole. A great sweeping ITN and scheduling question tightening at what I did. I I don't know what to do this situation as like. I think I guess I didn't what to do and that we can you know we have problems to get I mean that lack eat and that aspect to the reading one thing Richard right. Actors who could take the opposite tack that. Ot do what I say exactly know I don't know what exactly. But you. I'm trying to think the first thing I saw you in was the which which was this to me. And again a four Robert Eckert it's that it's a first. The so beautiful expect stepped back in in the way. Well black Philip the goat and now and the looks that you're doing. How have you changed now in all these years what is it three or four. I hit it lying here is Dan yet. What we you like that first day on the set of the witches the post and how you won now. Not much has changed and times at childlike wonderment. I love making films and I loved being around people makes sense. Any time in front of the camera on me this guy's guy are you doing so what does this button to you. The dog in this next shot it certainly it's pretty excited about it. It's my Disney in the it's where once the understanding. Tax away and especially last year it had male anchor writes the mail and limited series and and that finished December 20. What are you five minutes you start exempting. In March yeah are certainly isn't products that I. I've learned how to pace myself if I'm not exactly case. Had to take and in their environment and it different way because if you're consistently just. Hemorrhaging on emissions of people in. And building of these wild happens to be some things take with you for each project its use. What can take books. I read a lot Bucs both. IA and that's as I possibly can I love my at a black Fella. I once that by. I know is right Ivan Padgett. Eight oh definitely yeah. I haven't ingested about makes me feel. It by pat that I have a lot but. And writing music writing actually it's. Eating. My. When he had time to do all that you'd think what you're doing because a lot of times you're living with that character and you don't want to get out of there are yeah the weakening always eastern line and start acting on hard to read. And then in this lusty because I was jumping. And as head to my act. Is head and in capital of these different world. Reading a book was actually be neat way to get in touch me ports the inmates Aveson and I had my while the tree. Yes I have and the world it's my character is way. I can take a break as the attic. And I think that I try don't want any well it was a little insane without telling. Day dad and tell them to do. And you were mentioning before about being eight years old and not doing one thing but. Your background is that really interest and unique complicating cut. Right. You're league raised in Argentina. Born in Miami. Moved to Argentina. Then go to London. Book before you got London he didn't speak any. Explained that I had. States is eight. Young kids tease that brings us and the ones assist me they report states and they didn't eat the costs have been. Traveling with six kids and one of them having different costs that's like an. That annoys you. But pretty much ends up sport when it. Right the well life. And then we knew David England that's a situation quite right. And then I refused. Because I want it. And in my 67 year old brain. Speak the same agencies people like my. And it eight. So that didn't work out adamantly. Asked Tyler. I no one's talking I need to make friends. Eight English reading. So now iron ones we winner does it come to you that these day. You know at which is also Russian name but. It's a so in this study I do crap I think. That people find it very hard to say it. I say it like there is trying and you're so it's not on it's an idea on yet. It's. Everybody at home. There will be quiz since I've been so anxious about correcting people and events and that's the kkk I'm not going to respond. And that's time. Yeah. Yes so and you will be for me forever. Wait that's with going to be things but what happens head did you started acting when did you start with modeling what was the first thing you'd. At her performing. Being something that I became aware I was just always due and then. Change. Genuinely yeah. And when asked at what nineteenth it's classic back had animals and then as I advocate right whale like. Absent job and I want this is unbelievable man. Press and dance and Jumanji it is I want it to be part of its advantages and then I asked modeling which does but something like do you. But I did think it was an mean you. And then on it at issue parasites and treat he put me in touch with his agent. Fees and give people is recites poetry to it. No I had. It read somewhere which is probably apocryphal and maybe didn't happen but that. You felt when you were discovered to be a models that you were being stall. But for added that. It was time I was wearing high heels. Had to hide it next and at what ills but as high heels as well it might. A cat. Averaging around hectic pace pick up case events that take it out is like. Tax this guys stuck it out the way it. You regret at how well it. Dot. I have no idea like anybody without. Heat and that's what you do you. Yeah that it had a and the as we thank you have a future it may never stopped again let me at advocate. Good wind and yet it's as if anybody is being. And definitely. In this it's to yet that everybody else wrong. The way that was put you won't regret it and so. Why am I. That takes me back you know to your M night chow. Mix of movies where you could wind up captive. By a Psycho. Notching four he is silently and Loveland is. So you did stopping and you get this job. Yeah. It was it was unbelievable and on the scene. Act says that it might transient upbringing in the way that I am transient you know pretty dramatic. The press stand that I stepped onto the set of the which has the first ever really felt like I belonged. Annie act like I just. Well this feeling at lunch here where am supposed to be and the people around me will speaking the same language and we're anxious in the same stuff I was into and I just I grew my first family back and we're gonna make it may be together again. Starting in mind and I just can't wait. I heard about that that's going to be nose for octave or this is the north of what's happening. Ness fraud it is we have another eight start. So I think this vacation I keep seeing for use never going to. I don't know. Yeah I keep their grant amendment I'm just like I need a break and like you're doing. Everything you ever wanted to do just added extra night's sleep than. Wake up and keep guy in town is your family relate to what you're doing are they all happy for you. They're all very of the the all of my siblings have no idea what I did it there'll just like it. Did you have fun. Colton and the discernible quit my parents that her bag. That should be. Look at all this tan oaks you know and you did a movie that I'd hold it we'll called Barbara. There well that was really amazed that it needs it. You and Olivia cook. She she seemed more disturbed initially. And then. And as we go along we see is not being afraid at all playing somebody who might have. Some peculiar. Abilities but doesn't that says. I'm very interesting characters like Lilly and and a because my a way into the cactus at different for each of them I was playing Lillie. I defended. Every single day sentence zoo. Members of the crude currency and at least to act heart's Ann and I would react to that they told me that they hated my sister something that's. You can't speak about it that way you know it was coming and going really arts I'm. And then the maybe ended. And it was on this at this veil was lifted from from guys like. And like a month than. That was heartsick I couldn't keep any of her jeweler react to take it a lot that the timing had to defend and with and that we are and it's. A cyclist. Initially but that didn't mean that there weren't days ratchet up like. I really like this and is behaving terribly being a brat telling Davis. I don't wanna be days but it helped in the scenic. It picked the right to look at all the stuff you do. And they have an X-Men had been mutants coming yes I've been waiting for that since Francis COPEL was doing Apocalypse Now where has this movie being. And fitting I. Don't. Honestly I as much as everybody else that's right now lane is it it's apparently coming. Wii wheel apparently see if it ain't. I've got in the area and then maybe that yes such a great thing yeah yeah well I can't questions from some from my goodness. Eight at how quickly that animal. It is credible go quo there's just no butter on. That's that insists that we feel like we're at the movies. It says here from Greg. Thoroughbred. Call. It does have we are here. Split. And now the new mutants what shall brought you to that time John. It's not being specifically drawing to a honor it was being drawn to this people. Like I heard Thomas and the second I first read the page I heard her voice nuts like. I think. I might be the right present a tell a story. In times of our that was the Scripps Atlantic so it. Wait how sorry I think it was and how they're consistent. I had a young female lead opposite me and I wanted to play with the C. Vote but now it's just. This is the cash right Israel me that being said it is really fun to be able to go to that debt like. And her out of yeah. It's a got troll like. Growl. The well I. Not at all impressed if I lid I just. Moving back in the feet in case that does these latches. Are certain things in certain. What can you are right one more question here. From band Kirk and it's as if you could have any book this is good made to a movie. Have you start which which you choose. Cool. Any book thank you. Think about this then. Can we have all time world yes I just want to get a grade and eighth in. Cuba. All the Harry potters have been made I know. Now and is a buck and thinking about for days and some not gonna say that was Al Gore's got I would find out something and I think he can be fun to do. Except for instance. Harris Kristen Andersen version of the little and it but really the Reid really dark version I would and now I'm getting real clue about the IA. You going to that dark when no it's just so beautiful that I find. I write a lot of had a tree. And the patch it speaks to me that thanks to the juxtaposition between such a beautiful image and then something deeply carnal and and trying underneath it and CNN and that. Every stat that she takes a land this is like being. Cut by a thousand knives and that's how much he loves it she dances along the shore. Having her feet to beta. Of course you do it why not. And this is the first and the ships that do not know that we and it's wrong. I get so there's something sing all the time and what I don't know what we're gonna. I think it's up two years to give me a little bit doesn't have be start to finish anything but a song that senior art. Oh. No because that would be wrong I would be eating that would be. This way because that's. I think it's time that a card act. Innocent days strong. Eight. What in the heck can I give the Election Day yet weigh in Vinnie seven is not only and then me. Fill us in no news Austin bay and I imagine. Bob Manning group so do you thing and is it's get through. And L today. Eyes that's it. Badge. And and that's good honey do the dune stroke not day. Beautiful fall beautiful. And while you were doing that I flashed on to that's guerilla media days. It literally to luck and think that you're lying at all look at that. Thank you don't. I. We did it.

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