Armie Hammer shares hilarious trick to deter telemarketers

The "Sorry to Bother You" actor also discusses his new summer fashion statement live on "GMA."
6:42 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for Armie Hammer shares hilarious trick to deter telemarketers
We're going toringut -- one of our favoritnd he's actually one of the tal GU we ever had. You K him from the Oscar nominated movies all me by your name "Nocturnal als" and also "The social network" now starring in "Sorry Toher you." Please welcome armie hammer. How are you? Good to see you. I love that look. It's summer Iyo. That is eat. Just eat alwaysfanable. Ie those shoes. I just have to the rest of the outfit. Looking good, man. Morrow. Tomorrow, George. If I do it- It's too hot in new Y to wear pans. That's M officialstandpoint. I know it' not Thay, but following you on cial media, you posted th photo. Looked like you were goi through a bleriod. Ha is tt about? That is the embodiment of teenage angst. That is not good look and that's not even something where it's like you spray in your hand and turns bl that was permanent. I was stuck with that. S what was that ab I don't --baby jus stupid decisions you make as a teenager. I can't - like props to my mom for actually letting Meo through it. If you want to mak thisstake it's our mistake and it was a stake. She was like, I'micking my battles. This one, you can H and you're going to be miserable. And Yo et to live with itagain. Yeah. We had some fun a few W back. That was great, man, ye Friends of ours got rried. Our wives were thetars. Yeah, your wife by the way was thstar. She was so funnyshe emcee for this weddingy wife had to give a speech I can't follow her. There' way. She jumped right over the bar, paraffect. Emceed the wedding. T's Ali. We walked out here king abouur fashion, your shortsut I remr when you came last year you W talking about your lucky travel pants. Pj Then moved on to sweatsuits. And now you'r not in the sweatsuits anymore Shorts. What is the next thing? It's shortsnow. Suits with shorts. If I'mng to be troubled T O suit which Y have to sometimes it to be comfortable. I to let me L out. I want to breathe.I want to wear shorts. Willou stand so we can see the breathability of that. I mean,k. Cheers and applause Thereot of shorts I the audience. I ove. I supportit. I don't think that's what they're hooping and ring about. You keep thinking that. At's why we love you. And wethis."sorry to bother Y we love this film. Hanku. I'm not used seeing you ind of character. He'bit of a nut job. Telemarketer I always say he' the fun, psychopathic CEO that your want to work for and hope that doesn't exist in real . He's this megalomaniacalun uns thisormous company and Marketing. B telemarketingrm. And it just G bonkers. How do you persona ham a rketer? I've got -- I wasnking about this. I haven't got a telemarkg call in a L time. Now I mostly like scammers they're from thers or trying to G your cre card number but W I used to get telemarketing calls I had a grplan. What Y do, you tal really ly and Y keep them one phones long as youcan. Because if you hang up on them they don'tave to do anything You tor -- I turn theles on the rture. So I go -- so I starto say to , I say, hold holdon, hold on, hole , L me get a pen and paperhen I wait about 30 second I come back and I go, okay, where did youay you were calling from and they say -- I'msorry, slow down, slow . Will you spell that for ? Brilliant. W I really slowly. Yo, I'm sorry,p-r whole purpose. And you're like, I you. Now who is wasting whosetime? Yep. Is it at dinnerime for them too? I don't know -- ten where they are. Now after doing tt kind of humanizes it. Now I feel S badly. They werus trying T eat. They're just doing theirjob. Let's see the psychopath in ac Everybody youould have ose why did you pick me? For what? Cash cash, Y are awesome. I'veer seen anyone go through ranks like you did D I want someone like that, meone hungry,ne who will shank theiwn in the back if it means gettihat they wan I goto say that was a little psycthic. I'm very motivated R now. By they, by theway. We talked T earlier before wame out and I said you sure are picking somreat movies. You sure know how Tok them. You've made some gre . Nowing a way debut in the play eight white men." Whats it like going from the screen to the St It is a tot differ animal. Totallyrent LE. The T about when you make a lm is you're on this location, you're kind oequestered from everything aet a few tries to get it rig by the end of it you haveoe like, okay, I tight after those few triecause they'll cut it anddo it and then but you'll be apart from I at least a year whthey edit then they lease it. By the time youatch the movie you're like, oh, yeah, did that scene whereas a play is toy different, especia getting to work with suc great people but it onlys in that momenn time S you're in front of a huge audience. You have 95 minutes of dialogue that you have have completely memorized andtever happens whether it's a G show or a bad show it only exists I that moment and by the time it's over it's . Whichs -- it's really kin of like this trary mom of magic. Every Audie is differ so you play off them. I now learning that you can really feel the difference the audiences. You feelhat they're reacting to and WHA they're laughing to. What they , what they don'tlike and it's thiseally strange experience. Ne about you wew there's they have a bad performa a there's never a bad show, my [ apseand the movie is "Sorry to th you." It's select theaters now opens nationwide thisfriday. Check out the one Andy armie hammer when the nice shorts

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"The \"Sorry to Bother You\" actor also discusses his new summer fashion statement live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56453766","title":"Armie Hammer shares hilarious trick to deter telemarketers ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/armie-hammer-opens-bother-56453766"}