Backlash over new 'popular film' Oscar category

The Oscars will add a new category for "outstanding achievement in popular film" but movies will be eligible for both Best Picture and Best Popular film.
3:42 | 08/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backlash over new 'popular film' Oscar category
Weback to "Gmalack panther," L that movie and blkbusters like "Black panther" have aetter shot geoscar. The academy announcing a big change adding some ba andvead some discussions about what it at's why we have our oscars expert Chris Connelly in los anles to B it wn. Good mng. Reporte good morng, Michael. That's right. That d-new catory that already has people taking. Following erday's uncement from the ACA he oscars would add a for outstanding achievt inularfilm, the and occasionallyitated. Addg a popul film category is an a to bring back some viewers L's be honest don't see all O movies T typ get nominated. The other ewhat se about this. If you're a Rist, you probably going to be a little sappointed. Reptedemy facesnges witheweriewers watching in recent years. Ar house films hav domatf late. Alth a film " impos impoible-fallo", "Black panther" would appear to be among the early favoritor a best popular film academy award. Wakandaforer. Reporter: It might diminh its overall Viers' eyes. Many thought it had a mate shot at best picture year. By creating this separate category for popular film there'the fear that it's going toe put asidand not considered for the main award. Repor the acade afrming that all movies would be E for B best picture and besopular film. Hink thereould be concerns, Hink this is going be fantastic because everybody's to included, icularly T ople thatohe movies the Mo Reporte other changes include getting the show running time of three hours. How are W doing O ti? Oh, weot fe urs. They're capping it a hour, ter: Some will be given out during commerciareaks with winning moments shown aftear I would thank you further but ey're tli W already te. And for 2020 the date of the mes earlier to February 9th. Now, TRE isrecedent for that bestularaward. At the very first in 1929 which, by thwa did not attend, two awards were gi E for outstanding picture one fornique and artistic picture so ias happened before. I guess the question , Chris, what constitutes lar film? Is it box office? Yo ow, the atten from the Medi I think the academy ill sa figure that out as time goes you havefigure boxff and the numbers who have watched D Y lotho watch the oscarse to have move to rootor the en. "Black panther," you want I beonor best picture. Not like a consoon prize hat it feelske. Nominate for both. I heard Ty can be nominated for both, T? It be nominat F both, yes, but I T sai is exactly wt ccern is. On the other hand it'retty grt the ceremony with a statue in your hand and ss, iis. Not aad deal. Like you did at fit os. Oh, no, you weren't there. I say iforever. Wakanda forever. Deals & stls forever on everything for your eyes

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{"id":57120605,"title":"Backlash over new 'popular film' Oscar category","duration":"3:42","description":"The Oscars will add a new category for \"outstanding achievement in popular film\" but movies will be eligible for both Best Picture and Best Popular film.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/backlash-popular-film-oscar-category-57120605","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}