The best Hallmark Christmas movies, according to experts

The hosts of the "Deck the Hallmark Podcast," who have watched every Hallmark holiday movie, talk about their favorites on "GMA."
4:01 | 12/25/18

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Transcript for The best Hallmark Christmas movies, according to experts
All right, well, I think this calls for some experts to weigh in. They have spent the past two months binge-watching all 37 hallmark Christmas movies so they know a thing or two about festive holiday films. We had them on before. The guys from deck the hallmark podcast. Come on out, guys. Happy, happy. Merry Christmas, fellas. Good to see you. When you were here before we said these guys are coming back. Robin, I came back for the hot cocoa, I'm going to be honest. Anything to get you back. You saw on "Pop news" Lara Spencer's "Pop news" about the millennials, what they picked. Number one "Home alone." What is your take on that. You know, I like it at the beginning of the season. Here's why, one, lots of Christmas festivities but violence. Oh, yeah. So you can start the season out with it but bied end of the movie, Christmas time, let's go. Gone are the days where children almost playfully murder people. Number four was "Die hard." What makes "Die hard" a Christmas classic? Let me tell you, it's not. Oh, boy. It's not. I'm sorry. It's not a Christmas movie, doesn't make me want to beat somebody up, yes. Does it make me want to sit under a Christmas tree and snuggle up and sing song, no. I get a panic attack whenever I watch don Mcclean climbing through the air duct and I'm a big guy. You get it, Dan. I love these guys. They are my dear friends. They happen to be wrong on this one. "Die hard" is a Christmas film. That's exactly right. The reasons why, it takes place on Christmas eve. Two, John is saving his family and it's die hard, it can be whatever it wants to be. Agree? I dare anybody to say one negative thing about "A Charlie brown Christmas." Because you can't say -- it's the best Christmas special -- it's not a movie, it's a special. But it is great. The best of all fun. It's the best soundtrack. Amazing soundtrack. It is the best. One of our favorites did that not make the top list. "Love actually." "Love actually." Here's the thing about "Love actually," it's amazing. It's so good, robin, you're 100% right. It's amazing. It's wonderful, Richard Curtis directed it, nine different stories, Liam Neeson, Hugh grant. You don't have a heart if you don't like it. More hot chocolate for Dan. What's the best hallmark movie of all time? Oh, gosh. Do very to pick one? I'm going to take this segment off. Listen, there is a movie that aired called "Small town Christmas." Christopher palaha, he is the best in the game. You had to spend a lot of time away from your families. I think they -- do we have a message? I used to tolerate hallmark Christmas movies but now I hate them so great job guy, I'm so glad you're finished. Let's get back to watching anything else. I can't wait to watch other things other than hallmark movies with you and to not have our schedule revolve around what hallmark movies are coming out. Hey, Mr. Thompson, since the podcast is over, can you just come back and be our teacher. We miss you. Ah. How sweet. Oh, man. Looks like you guys have been missed. A little bit. We're coming home. Great job. I can't wait. You guys always have a home here. Make sure you come back. We love hanging out with you guys. You make it very festive and merry Christmas, fellas.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The hosts of the \"Deck the Hallmark Podcast,\" who have watched every Hallmark holiday movie, talk about their favorites on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60008200","title":"The best Hallmark Christmas movies, according to experts ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/best-hallmark-christmas-movies-experts-60008200"}