Billie Eilish says performing James Bond song was a dream come true

Eilish, her brother Finneas and legendary composer Hans Zimmer collaborated on the 007 ballad "No Time to Die."
3:59 | 02/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billie Eilish says performing James Bond song was a dream come true
the new James bond movie "No time to die." We have an exclusive interview with the musician behind the theme song and will reeve sat down with her and joins us from London. Billie eilish is everywhere dominating the grammys and performing at the oscars. She might be back at the oscars next year as a nominee for this bond theme song, "No time to die." Right now, Billie is with phineas and Hans zimmer where I sat down with them. Yet another dream come true for Billie eilish. There's no denying it. Billie eilish is having a now the 18-year-old singer is making her next big splash writing and recording the theme song for the 25th bond film. "No time to die." There's just no time to die Reporter: The track written with her brother phineas O'Connell with the orchestral arrangement done by Hans zimmer. Billie, what went through your mind when you were approached to do the bond title song. Crazy. It's literally been something that phineas and I have wanted to do for year. We knew we wanted the song to be the same title as the film so that was -- we lucked out on the title. It wasn't called cat quantum of solace." Wonderful film title. Wonderful film. Hard song title to write. Solace doesn't rhyme with much. How much creative freedom do you have. Essential total freedom. We didn't want to go in blind and ask fundamental we could have any of the script. We were given part of the script to read. That informed the lyrics. One flaw in the whole thing which was they were there and we were here and they hadn't seen the movie so I said, would you mind jumping onto a plane and sitting in a sweaty little cutting room in the middle of the night completely jet-lagged and watch this movie. Guess what we did? What did you do? That's what we did. I think we did it pretty well. Went right. I think so. I just loved it from the moment I heard it and it just got under my skin and stayed there. Reporter: Eilish says her life feels like a dream. Billie eilish. Billie eilish. Billie eilish. Reporter: Taking home five awards at this year's grammys. What does it feel like when you hear your name called and you're winning the biggest awards of the night on your debut album? Dude, that we made in his bedroom in our childhood home. It was crazy. 100% thought it was going to somebody else. You were never on my side Reporter: With "No time to die" eilish becomes the youngest to record a track for a bond film joining a list of superstars including Madonna, Adele and Sam Smith. Sam Smith and Adele each have won oscars for their title songs for bond. I'm happy for them. Will we be happy for you at the oscars next year? You performed there this year. All my troubles seemed so far away do you think there's a chance if all goes well that next year at the oscars you'll be there as a nominee and what -- As long as "Frozen 3" doesn't come out, yeah. Hopefully, yeah. I'm excited for next year and this year and every year. I'm really just looking forward to my life. Another milestone for Billie is getting the cover of "Vogue" which I would hold up for you as a prop but I gave my copy to Billie at the end of our interview because she hadn't seen it yet and the James bond film "No time to die" comes out in the U.S. On April 10th.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Eilish, her brother Finneas and legendary composer Hans Zimmer collaborated on the 007 ballad \"No Time to Die.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69042875","title":"Billie Eilish says performing James Bond song was a dream come true","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/billie-eilish-performing-james-bond-song-dream-true-69042875"}