Binge This: Chris Rock is starring in 'Fargo' season 4

People TV's Andrea Boehlke gives the scoop on the best entertainment to binge this weekend.
3:04 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Binge This: Chris Rock is starring in 'Fargo' season 4
now, bring it back up with -- I love having the power of that air horn. It is time for "Binge this "And if you are in need of weekend entertainment, host of people TV, Andrea Boehlke, is here to fill us in on all things binge worthy. Andrea, thank you so much for being here. Welcome. Thanks for having me today. An acclaimed TV show is set to return. Give us the inside scoop. We have been waiting for a new season of "Fargo" since 2017. It is here. Season four premiers on Sunday. Now, we have Chris rock playing a mob boss, also Jason schwarzman, now, this season takes place in Kansas City. I was nervous we were going to lose the Fargo accents, but there is a character played by Jesse Buckley from Minnesota, and I can do this because I'm from the midwest, but oh, don't you know, I'm from Wisconsin, Fargo, North Dakota. That's all I'm going to do before you cut my screen. I'm sure someone in studio has a great midwest accent. Check out the new season, Sunday at 9:00 P.M. On FX, and the following day on hulu. Don't you know. And you know, I'm from outside of Chicago, so it's more like mom, meat loaf. I like it all. I love the accents. A block buster author is back, what have you got for all the bookworms out there? Yes, great book for you, "The book of two ways," by Jodi picoult. She's an incredible author of almost 30 books. She also wrote "My sisters keeper" that was made into a movie starring Cameron Diaz. We know and love her for that and many other books as well. This one real quick, I don't have a lot of time. This woman dawn is on a flight the flight is going down, she has her final thoughts, who does she think about, not her husband in Boston, no, she thinks about this man she hasn't seen in 15 years, Wyatt Armstrong, he's in Egypt, he's an archaeologist. Of course he is. The flight lands, what is she going to do? Is she going to go back to her family or find Wyatt in Egypt? For me, I'm single, I'd be on a one-way flight to Egypt, but she has more of a choice here. To find out what she does check out "The book of two ways." Okay, the suspend. What a way to celebrate the beginning of fall but to talk about Christmas music, and we're all desperate to finish the year 2020. But tell us what's coming up in music? Yeah, so don't be mad at me for bringing up Christmas music, but Carrie Underwood just dropped a new album, her first Christmas album called my gifts, she has all the beautiful classics and a new original song called "Let there be peace." She did this all in quarantine. She had her 5-year-old son Isaiah lend his vocals to the little drummer boy. It's really sweet. Like you said, 2020, I would be happy if it was over tomorrow. Yeah, I can't say that we'll be sad to see 2020 go. No, no. Andrea, thank you so much. And you can see more of Andrea on, and pick up this week's issue of "People" on newstands nationwide right now.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"People TV's Andrea Boehlke gives the scoop on the best entertainment to binge this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73260054","title":"Binge This: Chris Rock is starring in 'Fargo' season 4","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/binge-chris-rock-starring-fargo-season-73260054"}