Bishop T.D. Jakes talks about new Lifetime movie, ‘Envy’

The film is based on the “Seven Deadly Sins” series by Victoria Christopher Murray.
5:26 | 04/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bishop T.D. Jakes talks about new Lifetime movie, ‘Envy’
inspirational bishop T.D. Jakes is adding two new TV movies to his list, long list of film credits. "Lust: A seven deadly sins story" is one of them. It seems like another lifetime ago we had breakfast together. I remember that. I had a great time. I did as well. And it's good to see you doing as well as you are and I have to say, taking on "The seven sins," we, of course, know it's from biblical teachings, readings but you believe it's for everyone, don't you, bishop? Oh, absolutely. I think anybody can relate to lust and envy, it's a human the proclivity to think that the grass is greener on the other side, we all have had a taste of it but in this movie they get a real big gulp of it and take it to extremes. Absolutely. And you took on "Lust" this past weekend and on Saturday, "Envy" as you say, about a woman who has it all and finds out she has a long lost sister. Mm-mm, gets a little too close for comfort. Here's a look. Absolutely. So precious. My precious daughter. My baby girl. Okay, I'm in. Now, tell us, what conversations do you hope will be sparked because of these movies? I think that we all have a tendency to think we miss something out of life no matter what station of life that we're in. We have a tendency to think that everybody else's life is better than ours. I hope we'll have a real appreciation for what we have been given and who we have been given and to enjoy the skin we're in, the life we're in, the moment that we have and it's very entertaining, it's very thrilling, it's power packed but it's also got a message in it that I hope resonates with the public. And what is the message that you hope that will resonate with the public from the films? Contentment, a sense of self-satisfaction, affirmation for one's self even if your story was difficult or challenging, not to think that other people have it better than you and that somehow you've been robbed in some way. To develop an appreciation for self. I hope we walk away with that and avoid the temptation to be envious and trolls on social media. Oh. Always doing the things that we do. Yep, absolutely. Yes, you're speaking truth. And you know that there are, you know, many people are talking about the importance of representation and you are executive producer. How important is it to have everyone have a space to tell their stories? I think it's incredibly important. We have a very diverse cosmopolitan country with different people from different walks of life, and it is far better when we tell our own stories rather than to have people explain who we are. They do a very poor job of doing that and as we attempt to become the melting pot we profess to be giving a voice to every individual to express the diversity even within, say, the black community, there's a great deal of diversity, we're not a monolith and sometimes historically we have been portrayed only in one vacuum and I think it adds to the density Ainge the toxicity that exists in the country racially and this gives us an opportunity to say we're just like you, we have all types of people, we have all types of ideas and judge me, not by how I appear but by how I am. Amen to that. We had your daughter on yesterday talking about her brand-new book. Yes, I loved it. You know, so your daughter yesterday, you today. Says a lot about your family, bishop Jakes and how you want to be of service to other, doesn't it? Yes, you know, to have raised our children, all of our children are grown now and to see Sarah spread her wings and fly and follow in the footsteps of really uplifting and encouraging people, mingstering, preaching, doing books, appearing in films, she's done some of everything, at such a young age, she's beautiful on the outside and on the inside and I was so proud of her and to be on "Gma," I mean, you know I'm proud of me being on "Gma." Well, you give her a fine example to follow. Thank you. Thank you, bishop. Thank you so much. T.D., it's a pleasure. I hope we can have breakfast again. Break bread again at some point. I look forward to it. I do as well, sir. Be well. "Envy," a seven deadly sins story premieres Sunday 8:00, 7:00 central on lifetime and encore presentation on "Lust" is on right before.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"The film is based on the “Seven Deadly Sins” series by Victoria Christopher Murray.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77062349","title":"Bishop T.D. Jakes talks about new Lifetime movie, ‘Envy’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bishop-td-jakes-talks-lifetime-movie-envy-77062349"}