'Black Panther' director says it 'was always Marvel's most political comic'

Ryan Coogler, director of the new film "Black Panther," opens up about the new superhero movie in an interview with ABC News.
3:26 | 02/16/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Black Panther' director says it 'was always Marvel's most political comic'
the year, fans rushing in to theaters last night to finally see "Black panther." The movie breaking presale ticket records and now one of fandango's presellers of all time. Whoo. ABC's Byron Pitts sat down with the director, Ryan coogler. Hey there, Byron. Good morning. This movie has everything we've come to expect in a marvel movie. Eye candy, special effects and this time something very special. The revolution will be live. Reporter: The record-breaking genre busting superhero movie "Black panther." The megablockbuster with a message and these are the two men who brought it to the big screen. So, my first impression after watching the movie, I walked away and thought, my goodness, they fed me kale wrapped in chocolate. Let's go. It was always about what we would make the audience feel. For one we wanted people to say I admire that guy. He is a superhero. Not because he could punch somebody in the face or has cool clothes but he is a good person. You get to decide what kind of king you are going to be. Reporter: The mostly all black cast features fierce men and fiercer women. For me it's seeing the women in the movie doing awesome stuff. We were always looking around, this is amazing. Just as your king couldn't deliver. Reporter: A complex bad guy in Michael B. Jordan. That kid is fulfilling promises. A lot of times when people call bad -- Repter: And Chadwick Boseman. I know who you are. Now, what do you want? Reporter: A leading man who got the part without ever auditioning. Forgive me. Is the brother that good. He is. But even with all the fun and the fights -- Don't freeze. I never freeze. Reporter: The movie is the most overtly political of the marvel universe. What Stanley and jack kirr Andy serk by did who said he's smarter than you and more technologically advanced. 2018 with all this going on this is again a bold thing to do. I think as often happens in comic books, movies and all of pop culture things take on a resonance, things take on a meaning. Blockbuster was always marvel's most political comic. We thought it would be a disservice if we didn't have the same quality in our movie. Politics aside it is a fun, family-friendly movie and will have much or on "Nightline." We saw it this week and could not get enough of it and even when you were saying in the piece "Black panther," male character, when he was here, when Chadwick was here, he said about the women in the film. They got the biggest reaction from the audience every time they did something. They are epic. They are strong, smart, they protect the men in this movie. Sort of like the women of "Gma." Absolutely. Just like it. Thank you very much. George, clap, man, clap. I have daughters and I want them to see this movie because they will see themselves and I think all of our daughters will see themselves in this movie. I cannot wait for that. It works on so many levels. Absolutely. Good stuff. I like that kale wrapped in chocolate. Nobody says it like you, Byron. "Black panther," it is in theaters now. Run, don't walk.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Ryan Coogler, director of the new film \"Black Panther,\" opens up about the new superhero movie in an interview with ABC News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53131663","title":"'Black Panther' director says it 'was always Marvel's most political comic'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/black-panther-director-marvels-political-comic-53131663"}