Bradley Cooper makes history with 5 BAFTA Awards nominations

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:17 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Bradley Cooper makes history with 5 BAFTA Awards nominations
Good morning to you, all and we're going to begin with this. As we dive into awards season, Bradley cooper is making history this morning. The British academy of film and television arts or bafta announcing its annual list of nominees and cooper has five of them. Congratulations, Bradley. That is the most in bafta's 72-year history. Cooper, of course, nabbing all of those nods for "A star is born." One for best film, another for leading actor. Best director, best adapted screenplay and original music. The previous record held by George Clooney, that was in 2005 up for four awards but that was for two films. You might remember "Syriana" and "Good night and gook luck." We're wishing Bradley just that. I don't want to leave out lady gaga nominate the for two baf tore, one for best actress and another for original music. Great movie. Deserved. But it was amazing, five in 72 years is a record. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. In "Pop news," Ashley graham has revolutionized the modeling business and beauty standards and wants to become America's next big mogul on the cover -- who doesn't, frankly. On the cover of "Elle" and says when it comes to her own happiness, quote, it doesn't equate to kids. Kids will come when they come. Happiness is being with my husband and building my bliss and goes on to say in the article it's healthy for women to talk about the deals they're doing, saying, quote, it's always been hush-mush and competitive then one day a bunch of my friends and I started talking and we were like, oh, snap. That is how much you make? You empower each other. Strong words from a wise woman. The February issue of "Elle" hits newsstands this week. Goes a long way. Rise up. Get it, girls. All right. Also in the news this morning, peace and love will be around this summer. 50 years after the mother of all music festival, woodstock debuted in 1969, one of the original organizers is telling us to break out your best bohemian garb and head upstate. So far more than 40 performers have been booked. And this time there will be a cross section of musical genres and hope to book classic bands that played like the grateful dead with John Mayer and if you haven't seen them, please do. He is amazing. The who, credence Clearwater revival, just to name a few, organizers want those who were at the first one to come back and want the younger generation to be a part of this legendary event. Woodstock 50 will take place on August 16th through the 18th in upstate New York. You heard it here first. Sounds like fun. All right, and finally, America has a problem but it doesn't seem like a problem to me. Turns out we have too much CHN our country. Yes, give it up for cheese, everybody. Big round of applause. All types. This even know we've never been hungrier for the dairy delight we learned overnight U.S. Cheese eaters consume 35 pounds per year. Whoa. Row something is not gouda. Would you be my audience? According to the agriculture department, we're sitting on more than $1.4 billion pounds of excess cheese. Most of it happens to be Swiss for some reason. One major reason for the surplus of splice slice, the slowdown in demand for milk so farmers are using the extra milk to make more cheese. Cheese. Someone just screamed out cheese. Fonsi wants to do a chant for

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60283341","title":"Bradley Cooper makes history with 5 BAFTA Awards nominations","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bradley-cooper-makes-history-bafta-awards-nominations-60283341"}