'For the People' stars join ALS Pepper Challenge

Britt Robertson and Ben Rappaport also tell "GMA" what it is like to star on a show produced by Shonda Rhimes.
4:12 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for 'For the People' stars join ALS Pepper Challenge
Up its guard that's John arrives new with ABC drama it's called for the people. Following county young lawyers working on opposite sides of the law to. And then give a big welcome to Britt Robertson and been brought before. Croatian Army still you're part of some of the land now. They edit it Brett. You are like the first lady of the new shelters Honda Olson who have you gotten any advice from a from Ellen Pompeo Kerry wanted to know Viola Davis. No but I like to read a lot of those articles that are being put out Alec Ellen Pompeo is now I think like the richest woman on TV and just I read her article about how she made it there and I was like okay I could be and that I could go there now I don't expect to make like twenty million dollars a season especially. Went on stumble so we have to share. But you know I I really admire what they've done on all of the shows across the board scandal had to get away with murder but Grey's Anatomy of an out of me was my favorite so. I sort of looks today and his inspiration and more but procedure like Marsha. We covered in last year's the 300 episode. So you guys say you're on your way you're on your way to get a great so now it did it better for you how was it when you get the call to say you know what they got the part. I think the way I can describe it is like getting into an Ivy League school we get that letter in the mail they like I made it I'm in the club you know. Though he had rewritten super exciting and since it you know shot a land is. Is an amazing team it's a great company had top to bottom people everyone's just so respectful of each other. And really do you know it and you feel really taking Kara as an actor on Imus on the show yeah absolutely Italy trusts is a lot of trust going. I think it should be about a trip because she creates his suburban yet a look. At her latest. This the people ahead. For as long as you work here you who call it home. Cases are stakes are high the lawyers on the other side better than you get and the judges. How Smart is that you. Some of you. All six. Some of you. But for those of you arm. Do your time here. Will be the highlight of your career. And wondered if you both play lawyers. A lot of legal talk you how you'd memorize. Slow and. What a lot of time need help from our friends. I Google a lot we ask our show runner lots of the call you the guy who created the show Paul Davies is actually a lawyer by trade so he really knows what he's talking about if we are fair questions he's always there for us and you share a lot of our information you know as to what we can like trade articles that might be useful to the other and just you know. Being friends were visionary military brats and pack finished. So they say we'll get ready people them to walk and evidence before law advice. Gay yes I doubt just give them for advice yeah. On several key kid yeah. And in U2 was so dinner is that you say you wanted to do the that the talent we'd like that. Thank you to take that plate take the call mass. Now it's okay I'm will be on the review the mood okay that that that gorgeous when gas that was fine. And we should have some yogurt just in case by the way it's so are the countdown. Bring. Okay. OK and Obama are you okay I'm not a bit yeah. What's happening there and it's not enter delayed hit. It is they didn't know how god will you we've got to bring out the yogurt with Bartlett makes sure that that we know. And a great don't even try to buy it we have to say the show. For the people with these two talented actors premieres tonight. At 10:9 central right here on ABC yeah.

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{"id":53699714,"title":"'For the People' stars join ALS Pepper Challenge","duration":"4:12","description":"Britt Robertson and Ben Rappaport also tell \"GMA\" what it is like to star on a show produced by Shonda Rhimes.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/britt-robertson-ben-rappaport-dish-series-people-53699714","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}