Take It from Brooklyn Decker: ‘Savor the moment’

From magazines to movies, Brooklyn Decker shares how she takes control of her happiness and own her creativity.
7:32 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for Take It from Brooklyn Decker: ‘Savor the moment’
First. But she knows they gap in nineteen he's happy. And feet. This is mile an eyewitness I don't know how it was it must have been ten or eleven. Twelve maybe and I was demanding the husband. I had are really beautiful symbol of bringing. Community here called Matthews Playhouse and it's my first role. It is in the third grade and I played heat wrap it. To which was when it Raddatz. Kinesis and then everybody holly in the school play and you. Up until high school and high school actually stops I didn't I didn't see it as a career path. Because it wasn't an example for me and so. It was kind of a hobby. I would tell myself. It's Hughes who continue to do it brings you joy way. I would say. Stick to the school plays a that you can make your mistakes there and not on the big screen in a movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston economy here. Beginner mistakes there. And yes I it was. At a premiere with. And news. Hole isn't what it world means something that makes you sad. It's. A. It was my first movie in a clue what it was doing it. I think my regret that I that I I did make so many like we're looking statements issued stayed with two of them. I couldn't ask for coworkers and people around here I mean there that want. There are wonderful. And like obsessed. Crystal structure it's that. It was terrifying I was I was terrified and even now I think what it looked at I wish I let me. Aren't I asked jewel follower anything it was a little scared to play an increasingly. 80. Because of my modeling background I sort of felt like I just when it doesn't make people happy and you can do attitude and really should you can take ownership Hoover. And and I think that's really powerful and and home. This picture so I. Think I think this was actually a Polaroid of me that tape again. In New York. What I was eighteen just move there start modeling agents and New York. Scouting in North Carolina payments in her first birthday and their restive district. I have sort of doesn't mount si dish water color hair. Finally it's like he's going to be a long term reenact. And this safely shortly after I had my here's are highly for the first time in my life. They found its Pickens County which they the most North Carolina and never a good anywhere I want some new model I think this fancy cars and I hit. They can easily do that way. I think people think at a wild beasts of my career and it's only because Sports Illustrated and the opportunities they afford it otherwise and never watts. A runway. They published. You are in the heat with your photograph. And they give you profile. They wrote your name he's in for your front of the room you're obviously didn't hear you I mean it really personalize the models which seems so who. Natural to us now he's seen all the names of every continent that's sort of par for the course that'll timing does not. SE 33 year old woman I wish I would help myself at this age don't do anything oh. In the business wasn't as healthy as it is now and I think you can get yourself and hairy situations at work. They were like unprofessional my health standards that because it's modeling and fashion and children working in the business it was just our borders and I can tell him yourself. At this age if you feel comfortable or at alarm bells are ringing saint Helen walk away. There will be more jobs. This picture. A and in this picture needs no introduction mrs. Smart machines and Harry. And myself on this at grace and bring eaten in June and I think Martin's daughters on the show. And Martin is. Barring cash. I mean I don't an enormous talent that one of the warmest. Kindness. Must please. People he's seen show tunes set. Within Haiti went out this script and hassle and why they could read it. They knew who was attached to it and left Haiti at got a plague despite LA to audition for a show I have not read. Because I knew it was going to be green beast that's attached it. I think was right. Oh god. Yeah. I. Yeah. Shared experience with all others is what is who am I moving forward and what is my life and Torre and a who image my kids and I think that's really comment now or is she is trying to figure out what is her identity as a woman and other. And how does that change now she hunts for children. Next and it really good job with this show. I don't really savoring these moments like looking around looking at working and taking everything you can eat. Being in it feels this moment just to be an obvious. People who work. And we storied an influential and fascinating and powerful. As we sort of wrap up Blassie's and we go where it really want to focus on savoring this moment because when it's all over. I think I'll look back on what are rare you tell us. Off. Very need now but like prettier version I did my hair but it today you know they doing here Israel is days. But this very. Sort of let all. Moms. And twenty point 18 when he. Or out because it is. There's suggests. Max around me my fifty thinks the walls they've drawn on the hill it's fair markers instruments and laundry and all sorts of things that gets picked up. And taking a moment for myself. There are so many things. What are out of our control. So many things I don't know might work question I'm Kobe I don't know what it right back to work. I don't know my kids are going back to school I don't know what I'll see my parents again. Then I think when you can control one thing just me should be excellent on fat and fat is. Cooking not want recipe in the morning makes you feel that that is taking five minutes to meditate or product that is looking and appropriate again and making house not my said he fully opened again. You create a better home in house. You hold onto whatever lead he can take control the little.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"From magazines to movies, Brooklyn Decker shares how she takes control of her happiness and own her creativity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76095657","title":"Take It from Brooklyn Decker: ‘Savor the moment’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/brooklyn-decker-savor-moment-76095657"}