Bryan Cranston talks his new movie on Disney+ and his COVID-19 diagnosis

The Emmy and Tony Award-winner’s movie, "The One and Only Ivan," premieres on Disney+ next week.
3:45 | 08/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bryan Cranston talks his new movie on Disney+ and his COVID-19 diagnosis
Welcome back to "Gma" and recently I caught up with a man that robin says she loves and we know him from "Breaking bad." Emmy and Tony award winner Bryan Cranston. You aren't necessarily going to watch "Breaking bad" with your family but he is in "The one and only Ivan." He talked about his new movie but also his own covid diagnosis. Bryan Cranston can pretty much do it all from playing a fun loving father in "Malcolm in the middle" to the drug peddling Walter white in "Breaking bad." But for Cranston is quarantining at home with family but doing it while people are binging his past work. "Breaking bad" is one of the most top binged shows during the pandemic. I love it. That's what's so wonderful about art is that it has life beyond the time it was created and shows that that art form just like anything else has staying power. Reporter: The pandemic all too real for him. Last week Cranston revealed on Instagram he was diagnosed in March with covid-19. Very lucky, very mild symptoms and so I thought maybe there's something I can do. Reporter: Cranston donate the his plasma to UCLA blood and plasma center and urged others to do the same. My wife and I contracted it back in March and at the time I didn't think that there was any need to have another celebrity say, hey, I had it too so we just, you know, kept to ourselves. We were very fortunate. Months later I'm in a plasma donation program and the people there, the phlebotomists said would you post something, our donations have dried up. If we do that together, we can get past this. Reporter: Cran ton is now set to appear in a new film called "The one and only Ivan" streaming next week exclusively on Disney plus. A one and only Ivan! To the movie now. "The one and only Ivan." This has been going on. It took years to get it done. There's so much cgi work in postproduction that we shot it two years ago so it's been around for awhile. Did you draw these? No. Oh. There were about ten animals in the movie and not one of them was real. There were men, all in green, masks and head, like a green leotard, unitard. This is just using your imagination. This is something we're not only allowed to use, we're encouraged to use. A gorilla who draws. Reporter: The film shines a spotlight on animals being kept in captivity. The central theme is captivity and we hope that children at the end of watching, if they ask an adult why we keep animals in captivity. Why do we have zoos? Is it good, is it bad? As filmmakers it's not really our job to present them with any but just raise the question. And hopefully allow for the family to use that as a topic conversation. And "The one and only Ivan" will be on Disney plus and those voice actors, Helen mirren, Take a look at our seven-

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The Emmy and Tony Award-winner’s movie, \"The One and Only Ivan,\" premieres on Disney+ next week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72301263","title":"Bryan Cranston talks his new movie on Disney+ and his COVID-19 diagnosis","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bryan-cranston-talks-movie-disney-covid-19-diagnosis-72301263"}