'Dancing with the Stars' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba stops by 'GMA'!

In a segment from "GMA" sponsor Daiichi Sankyo, the dancer opens up about how she treats her iron deficiency anemia.
2:32 | 01/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing with the Stars' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba stops by 'GMA'!
With the stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba a lot of this going on with you right now when things and I'm so happy for doing and I want to get this right thank. So you've got a lot going on which are raising awareness about your iron deficiency Anemia bomb which is something you don't hear people talk a lot about and and just meeting would. Happen to you is important enough to talk about for others your spokesperson for Dai Ichi sank yo mom and you have the latest market retention which is taken a break up let me. Get to that academy because I wondered what a start but that's everybody doing now because you guys have never really. Take a second yeah I never danced with a start. A case are right now we're gonna take this spring offer knocking comeback in the spring but we'll be back in the fall. And Len amber and I will be there and it's going to be great it's going to be a really great. What do you feel the need to face time them. Or turned off and on because this latest headlines every day just because you're used to seeing him so often or is it good take a break. I miss them. I mean as much as we're kind of like it dysfunctional family can I finish this option now right I met them in Atlanta printer they're like my Brothers. And let's talk a little bit about this with yes to something I didn't know about so it's an iron deficiency in Nina I and you talk about how all. You had no energy how it was difficult and endured during dancer you were a fly girl now this is your you're an athlete that. So six years ago I was diagnosed with IDA and basically what happened was I was dealing with such incredible fatigue and me is beyond anything I've ever experienced. And it couldn't figure out what was wrong. I did all these tests. Finally my doctor gave me the right blood an iron panel and he diagnosed me with IDA which is under diagnosed you can have it for many many different conditions for me was fibroid. You can have from IB deet can have from cancer so many things in. People are not diagnose I want to raise awareness there's a wonderful website called. Get iron inform dot com. And that's got tool seeking to talk to your doctor I really stunning hurt people to have the right conversations with their doctor William we hear about an iron ore iron deficiency. I think a lot about women do we need to think about men as well yes men as well but women get it often because you know we have we believe more often than men let's just say I. I think but it it can affect anybody it's about five million American adults are affected with that mom and met it's really under diagnosed and encourage you all. Talk to your doctors have a conversation get iron in for and aren't you know I love you. Caller and our dollar Atlanta I know you're just so I feel like we still play but we'll see you in the fall I wish nothing I.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"In a segment from \"GMA\" sponsor Daiichi Sankyo, the dancer opens up about how she treats her iron deficiency anemia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60694718","title":"'Dancing with the Stars' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba stops by 'GMA'!","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/carrie-ann-inaba-opens-struggles-anemia-60694718"}