Carrie Underwood reveals baby bump, expecting 2nd child

Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:34 | 08/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carrie Underwood reveals baby bump, expecting 2nd child
time for "Pop news." Adrienne is heifai but you still "Pop news". We like Tay musical chairser we're excited to hear Carrie Underwood expeher second child. Itksike she's T us along for the rid giving the first loo at her baby bump as she prep to take the E overnight she broke the news to fans Wednesday with this baby balloon. She and hand Mike fisher ha a 3-year-old. We say congratulations tem. We know Marciano C relate. Wi showed mmp -- iw baby. Cose the second one is just as important as the first. Third one E you have fewer pictures time a chwas born. Knows that with seven kids. Eseventh, forget about it. Oh, yeah. My firstor born is this tckrd is likewo pages. Exact. Oor thing. You makeor it with lots of Allegedly. Now Toi Lovato cck T of rehabemporarilyeing report she left to fly to Chicago to meet with a psychiatrist wcializesn me health a sobriy. She's expected to be there for several days before headback for treatment in lngeles. It's beetwo weeks nce her alleged erdose. She's canceled her fall dates inamerica. We wisher well. Gadot is letting us in on her newest proj thectress taking to Twitter wrg I'm so eit I a character named shank in "Ralph KSIN it's H theaters this November. She showed picture ofercharacter. A H as nails street who has softer de. The movie stars John C. Riley and Sarah Silverman. It ope novemr 21st an centers they discover a wifi route in their arcade lea them a new adventure. Isn't that a -- Shanknds like arison movie. Shank in theaters bring the kids. A shank is a weapon, right? Yes. Ough as nas "Wreck it Ralph" grossed $470 N worldwide hat's all? Wow. Yeah. And gawill be D johnson a new movn 2020. She's got work.'s been an officer and gentle he also become a member of congress? "Theew York poreporting actor's name is whispered about as aossible candidate. Would beat open.gere has sd INT he has no interest in political life, he has been a hudvocate for Hu rights ca We've heard that before. Not going to run and thenthey run. Essman Gere. He lory dignifi. Absolutely. He's beeryvedn hisommunity and politics. We want to say H T E expecting a bas well. Really? Come on. H. Reports are that he and his wife are expectin tir child together That writt D onhis papeit breakin "Pop news"? Not confirmed yet. Wanted Toake sure iot at in for U. Investigation coming soon. Dr be back tomorrow. These guysill be BAC nd you. We're all back. See you lar. ???Our back awesee you later.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57141687","title":"Carrie Underwood reveals baby bump, expecting 2nd child","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/carrie-underwood-reveals-baby-bump-expecting-2nd-child-57141687"}