Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's mom shares his embarrassing nickname

The "Skyscraper" star also revealed how his daughter plans to break into show business.
10:39 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's mom shares his embarrassing nickname
And thank you guys for all of your service and everything that you do. They are,hey are here for very special reason and that ha to with the guest we're about to B out right now. He is one of the biggest stars in the world and he's here to talk about hisewie kyscraper. Dwayne Johnson, get on out here, myend. [ Cheers and applause T's up, buddy? Good to see you, man. Good to see you Hello. Oh, man. Saw the movie, duct tape. Duct T F everything. That's it. Hello, servicemen and women. Very nice. Thank you for being re. Last week you were in hon you E the busiest man, all er the place, whirlwind world tour. When you'ren Hong Kong, it was ke pandemonium over there. Do you find itardo fit in? It's no T that I find it hard to F in it's I literal do not fitin. Yes, I literally donot. These are some of the picture which you'll see. I'ming toalk down the store and id of stick out title bit. Thinkt's the bag I'm carrying, I'm not surhatt is but I had aattime. You know, being O in Hong Kong and we start our tou in beijing is really really phenomenal and theoveas just incredible and always so grateful to go over there because it's alway the G reminder when you can go to an event and people are G absolutely crazy and bananas. Do yember the last time you were anonymous? I . It was I think when I was about , 23, honestly. Ahut thattime. Yes, but it all goes out the window.wh's the alternative, I go back to nob knowing who I was or being evicted when I was 15, I couldn't afford to pay the re S no complaints out of plus, I stopped trying to fit in. Usually when I used to try to fit in I used toear a goofy and, oh, there's the rock with a stupid I think ifouore a fanny ck. Everything was good till you up the fanny . Okay. K Yo imbrace the fanny pack. You know what, one thing I love about you, Y embrace your characters.we hear for every movie, you ar a different scent forhe acter. So in "Skyscraper" -- I do. What was 9 scent for "Skyscraper"? Ambitn was the scentand, yeah, whoo for ambition.. I can't what it was. I got intohis weird thing years ago, think it was for my first movie "Scorpion king" and D cologne on andember the movie fortunately did pretty good and I was like, oh, well, I'm -- you know how that silly thing happens to all of us. Yes, exactly. Yeah.actly, so, yes, I can't memberhat the name -- probably fanny pack,hat's W it [ laughtells great. Should we see in action. You guys Rea Okay, almost there. Mom! You can do it. You can do it. That's I get up. I can'told it anymore. L us Abo that is it thank you for the Appl. Better than nonapplause. But that particulascene, so something special hne ring that day. So onskskyscraper" I feel was a little special F us for a lot of reasons. A we before shoot I put a lot of time and researcnd ef into this role and this move looking for something to pull inspiratfrom and a week before shooting find out that we're H O third baby girl. And, yes. Thank you. And then that was fore but for ourwriterector son Thurber who you will meet shortly at particular scene where I'm holding -- yeah, that- Tiny. Therehe is. With mommalauren. She's doing great. I' be home Wednesday night so is particur scene where I'm holdinily up in the metaphor of that what it means on the screenut the metaphor of holding them up as she's tr to cross the bridge coming to me, durint scene it was 2:00 in themorning, writirector Rawson Thurber said I'm so have T step away and he stepped away and facetimedif as she gave birth little girl. Ito beautiful. Ye yes. And will B thew later in the week. You do so many great INGs. One thing, another ttion is W the cologne is make a wikids. Sure. You spe an entire day when on set and do that for every movie and your far inspired you to dothat. My dad who was a former pro-wrestler and he wound granting one of the first ten wishes ever fore a wish and it was in983 and I S the impact when I was a kidf that mak wish is a very B part of my L and yes, for every MRE's gally a nice size list make a wish kids who want tot me and "Sper," we created this - we're actually going to do it on ungle cruise" this year in ably a Mon or so where I turn the S at into like Willy wonka's chocolate factory and we ha all these great partners whoen LE Microsoft and everybody who W me in and set up all the fun events and activities the kids come to set and, you know, we often forget how cool our job is and weople come to sets and T look around and, youknow, for example, one of the make a wishes they want to ri in T gh call in our partners and bring T in and it is the bes time, so, you , again, we're ts Pentagon and any opportunity can to give back, we do. That's wonderful. Wayne Johnson, you G a lot of other big ojects. Looking forward to teaming up th Kevin hartagain. "Jumanji." Between us,george, so we have "Jji" teaming up with him and we'll start shooting that as of now in January. I'm shooting "Jungle cruise now" based off the popular disne ride, thank Yo very, very exit beautiful co-star is the lovely andal Emily Blunt spi yes. it's going be based off my character and Jason's character and we just -- our main villain will be Idris Elba. Oh, my gosh. You lot to do before you run for president. Before I run for preside I do have a lot to do. Potusinterview. You you're going run for president.yo about that, T. Your mom is here. I love momma. Your momma is such a sweetheart. Where is she ahey, mom. She's right there. Hello, mom. Beautiful When you were growing up, when you werewip your mom, your pts called you dewie. Yes. They have a lot of nicknames. Thank you, Michael. What W behind that? Dewie,yeah, dewdrops and -- Oh, god. Hen he was a pele he was drops andhen from T was dew-dew. And dewie. Ug ] Thank you, mom. Oh my gosh. What do you are kids call you? I make them cme. no, I mean they call me and daddy and, you know I have 16-year-old daughter Mone. 1/-old jazzy and 4-month-old, almost 4 baby tia, W. Thank Y [ applau I'm surrounded by wo But Simone is 16. She's accomplish lot rself but you think she'll fol I your footstep. Yehe crazy thing about my daughter simone,he so smart. We're all so prof ING foo her sir year. Shigned with imgs model. Ere she is right th E aolden glob ambassador. Simone is king so hard and R work is already started. She wants to WWE wrestler. No way. Howoes daddy feel about that. Yes. Youno what, look, love that idea and I think, you know, W S big conversation. She came with T hng and beijing, whatever Y passion is I support that and wrestling was good to me and started my career in Madison squa garden. She's goto be a champ.ht. She's the best teacher you coul have. Yes.[ applause Grandma is okay with that too? Youy with that? W lay the sck down, yes. That's your momma. I know. Oh, boy. We're just getting started with dewd "Skyscr" is in theaters this Friday and coming up, we have some with

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{"id":56479139,"title":"Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's mom shares his embarrassing nickname ","duration":"10:39","description":"The \"Skyscraper\" star also revealed how his daughter plans to break into show business.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-dwayne-rock-johnson-live-gma-56479139","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}