Nick Offerman talks new film, 'Hearts Beat Loud'

The actor dishes on the upcoming movie and his thoughts about a "Parks and Recreation" reunion.
5:37 | 06/07/18

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Transcript for Nick Offerman talks new film, 'Hearts Beat Loud'
You guys are Abo to G a treat. Very funny guest right can do it all, E, Ng, dance, even build a boat wow. By himself. Please welcome theding man of the new show "Hearts B loud," Nick Offerman. ??? I can make your H clap can make your hands clap ??? D you. Ood to see agn, man. You look good it outfit. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Thank you. Good. You're very dapp. George and I were talking a how dapper -- I get that a T, thank you. Dapper, that's my brand. You knowat, pt of your brand, you'ven married for 15 years to Megan nemullally. S. S revealed the secret to a ha relaonship, two-week rule. What is ? Early on we made a rule that we wouldn't ever an acting job that would keep us apart for more than two eks. Ah. So T. And that' -- That's tight response. It works great because if you go away for, you know, a Mont three , then you start -- then the transpo driver starts to look cute. You two are LE a book together and we hear it started ate while you guys were in D. Well, , we - Souike some book. We do a lot our best work happens bed and -- It's in the book. [ Aumen is the art director at house and she wo't tell me the subject until we I bed and we'd hior on the device and she'd say, okay,ly, and so that way couldn't plan anything cleveo S befe we started and -- It worked. It's really great. It's goingbe aat book coming out this fa That is tea an interesting way to thatment I love th of course everyone loves as Ron son an "Parks and recreation." [ Applau You said you'd be open to do a reboot but only if bey joined the cast. That's right. Hy is that? Why beyon Have yoen her? Very talented. You ,Hink it would mix it . It call. She said if Beyonce we play the mayor then we'd get the gang back together. Oh. We'll see. I like that. Let's talbo the new movie. If anybody has her number - Somebody got it backste. Arts beat loud," play a dad who starts a ban with H daughter. Tell us about the Moe. This movie is so beautiful. It's -- it's such a nice dose of lov medicinen Tse crazy times where the news is full of BNEWS, it's about me D mydaughter, we start this band. My daughter I played by kiersey be suc hug star and when she sings in the movie your hat just flies off. Know, I'm aingle dad so the is of about you're ways wondering who the parent and who is the child our relationship. She'sting ready away to college so conflict is bands doing well, but is she goino be responsible and go D the right thing? And T's a scene in the movie where you charact hears your song on head the first time and completely freaks T. Yes? So what was your reaction when you saw yourself on TV for the firsttime? Oh, gosh, well, first time I saw myself onv was a very badelevision show on -- it was on net that ended in bc I don't want to name names. But I had callee iw on a TV show.s as it started I id, oh Thi was a terrible mistake. I'm saying turn it off. I'm S embarssed but it was thrilling, you know. Was a great box to check off, okay, terrib, guest star appearance,'veot THA out of the way. 'Re notoing T feel that about this Mo we H a clipf it, right? T's take a look. Hearts be loud. Ust a bunch of words. I'm not even sure it means anything. M shmeaning. I want that way.they wantwhat, what way? Doesn't matter. Wait.m sorry are you bringing up the ckstreets in reference to rics? All due ect. It's actually a pretty good . You actually had torn to playctric guitar for this role. I do. Do Y play itwell? I wouldn't go that far. I've been accused of competence which I took a a great compliment We, you know, you should have bht your guitar. We'd LE hear you play little bit. It would definitely wake up the crowd.I can prose you that. You woke everybody U Thi morning just with your presence anyour words. At is the trh. "Hearts beoud" is in theaters this Friday. Make sur you go check out nic offer, everybody.

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{"id":55717520,"title":"Nick Offerman talks new film, 'Hearts Beat Loud'","duration":"5:37","description":"The actor dishes on the upcoming movie and his thoughts about a \"Parks and Recreation\" reunion. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-nick-offerman-gma-55717520","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}