Celine Dion shares advice for those grieving after her husband's death

After her husband of over 20 years passed away, the international music superstar says she would encourage others who have experienced loss to know that "you cannot stop living."
5:34 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for Celine Dion shares advice for those grieving after her husband's death
Speaking of "Pop news," we now have a one-on-one with music superstar Celine Dion. Our Deborah Roberts sat down with the award-winning singer to talk about life and love and some news she wants to share and good morning to you, Deborah? Reporter: Good morning. You can say she's been through the fire enduring heartbreak after losing her husband and becoming a single mom to three boys and learning to take charge of her own career so much but today she wants us all to know she has emerged stronger and finally happy ready to embrace life again. ������ Reporter: Celine Dion feeling more alive than ever. I feel so powerful and in charge and grounded and happy. It radiates. I see that. I can say more. I see. Three years after losing her beloved Rene, her manager and husband of 21 years, Celine is finding her balance again. I think from Rene giving me so much strength and power and positivity and being in charge even more because now I will never be a dad but it's like I'm this a double job as a parent. So I'm a parents. You're the whole deal. I'm the big deal. And the kids are growing and I see them and I look at them and I'm like, wow, we've done a great job and I'm so proud. Reporter: She's lerring to make her own decisions taking on new projects, slowly finding confidence without her life love who guided her for so long launching her into superstar. ��� There's nothing I feel ��� Reporter: Is that the advice you give to anybody else who may have gone through loss. You cannot stop living and go forward and today's the first day of the beginning of my life because I know that I don't have to worry. Speaking of going forward, so much going on for you. You're in the 50 club. Welcome aboard. Extraordinary. And I doesn't want that to sound pretentious but you feel stronger, more beautiful, more grounded. There is in power and strength that comes with that maturity. A vintage thing. That vintage thing that's priceless. Now at 50 Celine Dion stepping out strong becoming the newest spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris. Life is open. What do you want to be? What are your dreams? Yeah, I'm a woman. And we're worth it. What's your secret these days to staying healthy and fit and happy? Don't need to prove myself to the industry, to my family, to my friends because I think I have done it for many years. I do it because my passion has grown through the years. Now I do it because I have so much fun. There are some who worry about you, there are some who worry that you're a little too thin. What do you say? I'm thin. I'm kind too. You know. It's true that I'm a little thinner. Everything is fine, nothing is wrong. I had this covered. A new passion, dancing. One June 18th she will take the stage at caesars palace for the last time. Are you ready to finish? I don't like finish. The word finish. Wrap up. No. Chicken wrap, that's one thing. Vegas has given me the passion that we love to share with the people. People thought I was going to finish my career here and that "The titanic" was going to sink ������ am I going to go crazy and cry? Am I going to be emotional and laugh? Am I going to be emotional and say you have to sing this song for me tonight. They do but tonight more than ever before. You ready for love again at some point. I am in love. You don't -- you don't see it? Love is not necessarily it marry again. When I see a rainbow, when I see a sunset, a beautiful dance number, I laugh, I cry. I'm in love. I go on stage every night because I love what I do. So I'm very much in love. Very much in love and teelsed us with that and said she's truly loving life right now and no doubt a lot of people are going to be very disappointed because her tour is coming to an end in Vegas. We were supposed to go at some point. She has a new album coming out and so much on her plate. It's so interesting the contrast. The last time I talked to her it was so heavy. She lost her husband. Now she's so light and happy for her. I'm glad you posted on social media. Follow deb because she was singing in the audience. We couldn't help it. Such a great show. You know every songs. That's the thing. There you go. Yeah, got a proof, honey. Such a great show. We should all take a road trip. I'm in, definitely in. Now over to rob.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"After her husband of over 20 years passed away, the international music superstar says she would encourage others who have experienced loss to know that \"you cannot stop living.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62108783","title":"Celine Dion shares advice for those grieving after her husband's death","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/celine-dion-shares-advice-grieving-husbands-death-62108783"}