Former child star Jackie Evancho opens up about her struggles in the spotlight

The singer, now 18, says she suffered eating disorders and more, but has "no regrets" and hopes to be a role model for other young girls.
4:25 | 01/29/19

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Transcript for Former child star Jackie Evancho opens up about her struggles in the spotlight
Story are exclusively Jackie about go these talented young singer. The first became a star just ten years old now and eighteen she's opening up about her secret health struggles and the pair also finding fame at such a young age and sat down. All of parents say their policies hated around any ice sheet. Eighteen she just moved to New York City and says that she wants to be her authentic self. That means being honest about the demons that she's battling revealing for the first time that she has an eating disorder. She was the tiny performer. A with that powerhouse voice. Who found reality show fame and just ten years old. And now Jackie eBay and co has transformed from that little girl to an eighteen year old woman. I use. Whose opening up for the first time about the struggles she spaced eighteen in the public eye. I'm is diagnosed with anorexia. But I've been dealing with that since I was fifteen we need you start having those struggles I just started high school again. And I was just really self conscious. Way my stump tank in case hanging eating disorder is like having another things you inside your head. Screaming all the worst things that you could hear about yourself. You're probably your try your stupid your worthless all that stuff. And it's just every time you look in the near you see something that's not there when my eating disorder I have body just more fee as well who's so. And I won't be able to seen. What my reflection actually is because whenever it isn't head is distorting it. How do you deal with it now I guess I'm just a little more vocal about the thoughts that I have wanna have some if I'm struggling. I'll tell my parents I'm having a hard time what do I do. So they're very open and yes an honest with those around you know yes and that's asks me. Two of waiting stopping and recovering from an eating disorder. Body image is not the only struggle is Banco has faced she says she's often targeted by men. Who've meant to harm her do you have any regrets about being in this partly sunny and I. Have no regrets because ever since I was like. Able to think I knew missiles what I was supposed to man and I loved music in this world way too much to give up. So we've given another chance would you do it all the same absolutely nap. I mean there are some things that I would figure out I've had so many crazy experiences I've had people pretend to be priests or say their priests and then. They get back stage hand. On actual there is an instance where a priest asked me to sit on his lap while backstage and I'm so glad I was Smart enough. Say you're not comfortable bats with he dressed like a priest and you can't call out and everything. You ever harmed anyway. I was never harmed. Physically but mentally I developed a lot of fears the vocalist just moved to New York City. And is working on a new album filled with current Broadway hit and I. This Al willingness blew most authentically me album to date. And she's working on here lien what would you tell that tenure so I guess I would tell her you're not alone. Because I was hardest thing for me was constantly feeling alone muddy when a deal with the so publicly. I really want into me. That. Perfect role model food and as time goes on and all of these issues are coming to fronts in the world. I'm starting to realize that blew a perfect world model is also showing that you're not perfect. Because that shows people that they can blow just like you. Cannot perfect. About perfection she is a very private person being so we'll remove a little scary for her. At one point the interview she's like I'm not sure I want to go but she did decide to go there she was to help other people that she wants. Those out there to know it's okay to not be okay. And for her was her parents calling her on an eating disorder and really sitting her down she is getting therapy and she's being very open and honest we're all rooting for her. We are very brave and two shares of publicly.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"The singer, now 18, says she suffered eating disorders and more, but has \"no regrets\" and hopes to be a role model for other young girls. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60694769","title":"Former child star Jackie Evancho opens up about her struggles in the spotlight","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/child-star-jackie-evancho-opens-struggles-spotlight-60694769"}