Chris Evans opens up about 'Avengers: Infinity War'

The star of the new film dishes on what fans can expect live on "GMA."
6:14 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Chris Evans opens up about 'Avengers: Infinity War'
And we're exc and excitement is build for "Avengers: Ty war" reacng a fever month long we've been traing down the avengers sound the world as they cross obeading the word. This morning we'veat N America himself, right here instudio. Please welcome Chris Evans. [ Cheers and applause ] Howre you? How are you doing? Hi, how are you doing. Dogi a high-five. Wh up, man? Good to see you. I have a I a mustache. It's all just -- acknowled it. It's for a reason. Yeah,t's for a re A good reason. Not just a choice. Ye UT Y know you're here for a reasmovie, but you made some headlines you said you were done playi captain America. La pel??clwell, the contract's zodone. We -- a lot of our contracre through. Myself, Downey, Hert all started roughly at the same timend we a through "Avengers 4" it up so at this point, youknow I D xt but, yeah, but by9 that's split we hope that'sit. We hop there's more. We'll see. We'll see. Starting negotia R E' smart. He's good. But thplot of this movie is s??, P 'S obvious top secret and only cast memr had here saidy read the whole thing. That was bedict Cumberbatch. Right. How muche you bee abl to read. They let me read it but you got to get estfussy. The level ofrecy has only increased over the so worried about leaks so you have to put your foot down said give me the -- give me the They let you take it home. I T one you' N supposed to B I took one home. It didn't leak. This I getting me in ble, I'm Su We' been polling the C D Litt said ant mackieas the class clown. Said it was mark Ruffalo. Say? It's Mackey. Rough W goofball but Mackey has lik- he's always at a ten. I've never seen him anything LE heomes on set and everybody all O a sudden wakes up. That new orle background. H loquacious. Would you like to see ? Here you go. Take a look. Should we bow? Yeah, he's a king. Seems L I'may thanking you for something. What a you doing? We don't do that here. It looks so good. Saying it looks goodrom that? Just -- looks so good. You're really selling product. It looks sc with all the different personal. Sure, sure, How Dan bie a straight face. Didn't. Trme, talk to the Russo brothers, y'all get together and ago kids in school and especially on this e,ere's so many gather. It really is hard to rememr thatrenf??e en m??, dir??jase a los professionals and 're here to D a job. Ando, Y got nieces and nephews so playing captain America, does that give escuel points? Oh,ah absolu. Esta mean, I erase theei'm in when I'm actually there G right back down to zero absolutely, yeah. You got the for a reason here on Broadway now. Let's get B mustache. Tell us about the play, "Lobo." Yeah, it's really great. T's -- it's evening I wand itbe. I was looking for a differ approa to what I do and ite por grew up dlaasra. A rl theater door and todot's been Q Fu it's a little it's finally settled into a PLAC that feelsomfortable and the cast is gr actually really good. Norlly say that lightly about things I'm wng onnd it's something I'm proud of a I'm a great time. G being here York. I love it. A goody basket fou T mak feel right here at N, wait minute. He's not going to wea that. Uh-oh. I'm from Bost this I'll take. But you a Boston boy. You kn That was like handing me a patriots hat. It's not happg. Ion't mind the giants. I respect whaou guys done. I mean you broke my heart a coup T but I'm okay with it. 'S the jet that got the real problem with. Ri I'm glad that I'mxcluded man. You, I got respect for. That's not too much. Itake it. Plause ] , We can't wait for this movie. You've been fantastic in T role. Thanks, man. Hopefully this is N T last time you as captaiamera? We'll see. We'll see. What, Y'r a smart man the way you tt out give this man a new and congrats onbbnd mustache, man. Looks you. His she horrible -- you start doin this now. It never looksgood. No If it can be you' close to cool as you Cait. "Avengers: Infinwar" hits theatefriday. We got to thank you, man. Weing thank our friends imax because everyone in the audience, U're going tt tickets to see it. Yeah. U get a ticket and you get a

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The star of the new film dishes on what fans can expect live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54654757","title":"Chris Evans opens up about 'Avengers: Infinity War' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/chris-evans-opens-avengers-infinity-war-54654757"}