Get cozy with your loved one in this double-headed sweater

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim reports on the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
2:52 | 02/10/19

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Transcript for Get cozy with your loved one in this double-headed sweater
Okay. It's time for "Pop news," and Eva's doing double duty. Before you dive in for A.B. Who is out on the west coast, I want to say I have been -- you're pretty new to the show. I have been co-hosting this show for about nine years now and we have done a lot of silly things. This may be my favorite morning yet. It's a good one. Just take a look at this. So if you are still hunting for Valentine's day -- #Twinning. Who doesn't like a Valentine's candy heart? Be mine. I'm yours. There are all kinds of things we can say about this. It's even better when you see them. Oh, yes. "Pop news." Time for "Pop news." Carry on please. This is one of those gifts and I can think of five girlfriends who are thinking of putting this on their husbands. Do they have two husbands? For an Instagram picture. This is one of those kind of moments. Anyways, you can. It's cold in some places. You can share a sweater with your sweetie. There is more body heat going on. I actually feel rob runs hot, ladies and gentlemen. The temps are little high in here. The only thing my wife complains about. You can get double-headed sweaters when you want to get close to someone. Don't ask where our arms are inside the sweater. We haven't figured that out yet. Oh, goodness gracious. Continue. Now it's getting awkward. It's getting awkward? What do you mean it's getting awkward? There is a lot going on. Tell us more. Speaking of people who are actually in love, we'll start with Hailey Baldwin, not Bieber, spileans on how Justin popped the question. She answered "Vogue's" questions on video when she was preparing for the photo shoot setting the record straight. We were on a trip to the Bahamas and we were alone in a house just the two of us. Very special. Did he go the traditional route by asking permission from your dad? Y, he did. That's sweet. He asked her dad. There was talk that he popped the question publicly at a restaurant, but now we know better. They already tied the knot, but are celebrata bigger celebration. The new issue of "Vogue" comes out February 19th. And it was a star-studded surprise for fans taking a Hollywood mansion tour when mark Wahlberg suddenly jumped on board their bus. He made their day. He did all the Instagram pictures and posing. Do you want to see those two again? Oh my gosh. I cannot with them. They're, like, rubbing each other. Stop it. It's the creepiest thing. I always wanted to touch his

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim reports on the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60971691","title":"Get cozy with your loved one in this double-headed sweater","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cozy-loved-double-headed-sweater-60971691"}