Take it from 'Crazy Rich Asians Star' Awkwafina: 'Everything happens for a reason'

From her start as YouTube rapper Awkwafina to starring in 'Crazy Rich Asians,' Nora Lum's childhood is just as entertaining as she is.
4:47 | 08/31/18

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Transcript for Take it from 'Crazy Rich Asians Star' Awkwafina: 'Everything happens for a reason'
Hi I was so he can't. Oh I'm hoping for downton. And I like curvy actress in part is convenient thing I want you shouldn't panic while I'm. Now my guide him while out. So this isn't me had victories originated from there I was getting ready. In the hair and makeup artist she leaned that you Easton resident and it was a kind of confidence and never. I never felt it was such an emotional day I kept crying and SUV advocates wanted. Do you think that's not cry later when I was young I was looking. It's called the things. That happens in an apple and never happened because an easy out it was a woman. You know everything happened. For a reason I think you know my number one involved and I want to inspire. You know young girls felt like he is. And you you know world. Where people like. Things sixty news and find its Q. So I grew up in Forest Hills which is actually. Very majority. Jewish assigned to the wire and needed a young man he would association. Up the block and and I haven't played basketball but I was. The last ones. I I I couldn't hold my town but house so willing happy love. Holding all kind of time is just keep on fun because even though you Alaska and if you've seen here. Later crime. We need a first person and think. I'm very different team I want to tell my my kids self. Not the way adding that the fact that things and I am worried fighting like something is here I didn't hide friendly bill you know. It was the only active and it is no way back in the back but. Like other corporate account for. And I know his way happen. Well. What I know what country. Monitor their life and visited song that I wrote. I think in fifteen minutes in the kitchen table like that department and still it added panic funny. Four. And has outside a time when electricity island pile. I was there and found out what happened why did you do is keep being used keeping scared because. That humility as well we'll help you later if you want when they expected. Pain pleasure good. Upper Fina Pius the developer has 1516 I hit and it always like I'm a lifelong love affair. Found with hip hop and rock moving for me. She represents an argument did not look. We have gone is. And crews can now that and I think that might eventually paid out about the things I learned how to conduct myself included don't windows update and and awful scene and never learned that speech is completely. Just remain missing publishing that India could panic attack north. OK so here are nothing like well. And when things that we island has. And the trumpet really saved us like. I was the first shared them and here is all I have. You know and my band teacher on multiple occasions had coming out like he needs a life and it. He reluctantly went. And our flag how little infant want to help out if any Minneapolis anyway. With the flew into eleven mobile woke up on us I'm so excited break this year. Independent. Yeah can be. And jasmine at that there you won't even really. Ever really. Do you well and high school later. In India are even though you know you you are in the pit one at the. I got glass isn't really do under the timeline out. This is a pick and broke on with my amazing closer China NASA thing they have going now and he needs. Was the first time that IA was on he has my my first actually actual audition. As a percentage and I I actually felt some kind of validation that that need be I didn't. Need to hide behind that you know rap video that you. Showing for now funny people increasingly things I was living my best life this year that is the best year when it is my life. I was so happy I felt at home and I had a family and I I still didn't know then maybe our teller just like all you all on closer I get better. They get better girl.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"From her start as YouTube rapper Awkwafina to starring in 'Crazy Rich Asians,' Nora Lum's childhood is just as entertaining as she is.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57510417","title":"Take it from 'Crazy Rich Asians Star' Awkwafina: 'Everything happens for a reason' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/crazy-rich-asians-star-awkwafina-reason-57510417"}