David Spade on his transition to late-night TV

Comedian David Spade talks his new show, Lights Out With David Spade, which premieres this month.
8:03 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for David Spade on his transition to late-night TV
Our next guest is fantastic as well always making us laugh from ascent now to movies like Joseph dirt and has grown up. He's stepping until late night hosting duties. Toy is welcomed the. Yeah. Okay. His ground hey hey hey bar stools they're yeah. I saudis in the gallery analysts say. Not a big birthday to one. Who. Yeah Eagles. I'll grow you don't Hussein and number. And then it's up there I am guided. And so I have been celebrating with us you got big plans. Now this is day. Beyond TV that I hang out and then it. Run over his stern and then I knew Jimmy found its and now we give me you're gonna dinner after not having fun right on us now guy yeah. I think Anez. Predicts winds near fifty while I'm there isn't as if that you know. It's certainly not what I introduced a package on the bouts throughout you've been watching for awhile right unfortunately and why is it about that you cannot look away. I like everybody it's just sort of fun to watch I mean. She is cute and she's little Ding you which is funny and GE. Everytime I get checked into a different thing about a but it's fun to watch them date married part is less fun to watch than they didn't do it. You know I don't know that doing and then she's got her accidentally just always funny you this that he's been outside. I everything she says it's funny she's thrown those 8018 around the chetniks lounges in the pageants. In mountain but I don't know what's going on lately is that lots about an hour of and then I Zahn doubt about it. Then the next day after read what happened but it looks like. They're heading toward the west in coming up. I don't matter I happen just like every idea to tell the nation a lights out of daylight. Okay. It's a man a week. It's basically the it's all right you know it's it's sort of a panel shows a little like this they sit with three comedians every week I do a quick little monologue and then we talk about what's going on in. Sarah Hollywood or current events or maybe over the sports but. Politics don't like politics yeah I mean there's. A lot doing at this right nine host doing it and they're all doing it better than me and. I just feel like I never talk whether my act my stand up. So I just wanted to talk about us let's start sometimes. Arguments with people watching him he ought to answer when you're at home and I don't love that it is when it keep it the way I've kept it from my shows. I need every fan I'd. No I didn't. Comes the behind the scenes videos. Bodies that he has beats yes that's right the lingo. And pre show rituals like anything that you do before heading out to this. Have. That's drinking. Well I need now. And then. I don't really have an idea it's just mostly fear based with. I I haven't done you know I'm gun shows where I'm on the side of immunized Todd. It takes three of unity the I'm only one so when I came. I mean and does this fire and so when someone comes in and but it's three comedians and hopefully we have a subject we can all. Goof around about and then when he gets the slow we just go to the next one. But it is it is it's a different move then I'm used to AG's blab forever and an ally lock on she's a bit ago and then I taught her. A fourteen minutes in new of that part of a Netflix special. But just let this is me going and then and then in I have to listen a little bit which you know I hate and and I figure they're saying and then throwing newcomers we do pre taped bits. Did a commercial pared its us it's a bit all over the place and then. Days some of the comes from your ass and operates a little money studies at Essen. She's icon of combat. She's young but I'm. I used to be on that show and then I still remember. You know sort of the fun in that doing read throughs in. Trying to find out what's funny but I'll and I'll have some. Old ass and help people it'll be like jury duty for them. Notre Dame as RD coming on. And a Holler at all these people it it'll be fine and then I have something in common we both have daughters and harper Ali Al heartburn that's right Simmons told me that that's great so what does she think about your company. She's a disk. Seeing the. Things you never look past that it Q machine she's like very poker face is me and I don't know why but I guess. Because I'm the dad some boring but if she loves everyone houses show some might have a problem. Thelma and they get sellers but she cracks me up but you know his kids they just make you laugh whatever they it is just yet the show biz team. She doesn't really I'm kinda glad because I don't think it's from the healthiest way to go and how rather than. But we all know there's it's bumps and bruises and it's probably. In less she was really begging to do it out here but she just sort of OK with. Just doing school and having a little funny I like that stay that way as long as you can't and I got her phone and a hunt that 90% over the it's like this. CC DE AD act up and she's I what you're doing your phone entering Iran aren't you've had a six minutes. But she's RD smarter at the following in August the same stuff you keep bringing up bats and now we're gonna throw photo up because it's it's. Not every Monday this is a throwback to when this is Sandler Schneider. It is how that all. My bird walk. Away. Think when you look back and see that's because that Daniela done really well for your selves yeah how we do did you. Rock looks hilarious here they they kid him play and look yeah yeah. Everybody at ciller's there's Tim me fill of those grade that's Schneider on the Ryan his hat on backward. Frank and Ferraro is Tammany on sound check out all I want Real Madrid angry age. NBC page and I would go up there. And when we are yeah oh wow the same exact here Soledad so who has a good really where we cooler we are our future. Okay. Pryor lately have this job. Doesn't have to walk through to get Sam Iraq and then we get fan mail started come so we just after Reid do we have it two hours ago we beasts is called people that. It's called. Yeah it and call me I'm home run to the floor and then I'm out through a man. So we call on his back he's there are no moms like on the. I donated state Kabbah who edited letter you know as letters Baghdad accident on the way that is exactly. Volley and. What you could expect. Tonight on Comedy Central.

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"Comedian David Spade talks his new show, Lights Out With David Spade, which premieres this month. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64482520","title":"David Spade on his transition to late-night TV ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/david-spade-transition-late-night-tv-64482520"}