Demi Lovato recovering from suspected drug overdose

The 25-year-old singer, who has been open about substance abuse in the past, was taken to a Los Angeles hospital.
6:38 | 07/25/18

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Transcript for Demi Lovato recovering from suspected drug overdose
And out a superstar Demi Lovato recovering this morning after a suspected drug overdose in the hospital surrounded by family and friends. And celebrities and fans shared their support ABC flinty Davis is here with more of what do we know. But the latest of of Danny's condition Lindsey good morning Robin she is said to be in stable condition in the hospital this morning a weekend with her family but. Certainly some tense moments yesterday as reports came in about a suspected drug overdose. Her drug addiction is something that she often talks about into the subject of several of her songs. She's known for her true. And some of summer's biggest pop anthems. But this morning Demi Lovato is recovering from a suspected drug overdose in a Los Angeles hospital. Event eleven. That. You know project. Tuesday morning the Los Angeles fire department responded to a medical emergency at the singer's residence look what is representative tells ABC news overnight. Demi is awakened with her family who 10 expressed thanks to everyone for their loved prayers and support. Insiders and people close to Demi Lovato and the situation say. That thinks it kind of been a mess for a while that she is separated from some of her team and that that team had actually been responsible. For helping her. Maintain her sobriety throughout. This three. In the lyrics of her latest single silver me about a seemingly admits to a relapse in June comes. Yeah. This same song she forgot the lyrics to it this performance just two days prior to her hospitalization. Hillary and 25 year old's emotional track comes just three months after she wrote the celebratory post on answer Graham. Today is a very special day for me on officially celebrating six years of sobriety the last and I did an interview this long and is on cocaine. And in 2017. Lovato openly discussed her personal story in the documentary simply complicated. Talking about the first time she relapsed in 2011. And I wasn't ready to get sober and nobody young and I don't like and then Darren Langdon two months Atlantis and using daily earlier this year with her mother by her side pop star spoke to Michael about using her sobriety. To help others. One of the reasons why I say it's over is because I want people to know that it is possible for you to get help and to recover. It's something that's very important that people know. That eat you're able to ask for help these days and people will help the overnight an outpouring of support from fellow entertainers and friends. Arianna grundy writing I love you. And Joseph Jonas tweeting she needs our prayers and support we all know how strong you are Demi. Lovato is scheduled to perform this Friday in Atlantic City but that concert has now been canceled her president of also says that some of the information being reported. Is incorrect in that the families asking for privacy and not speculation they say her health and recovery. His most important right now Robin. It truly is all right Lindsay thank you very much for joining us now secretary pinch you and addiction expert at the host of doctor through mid day live 79 became BC radio. Always good to see you tomorrow on June looking for your your perspective on this so what did you think when you first heard. Wilson's zinni here the family saying that the speculation is probably inaccurate the first thing I thought was the there was a report of heroin Arafat that the comics this she's not had that history with hair when she's had opiates but not heroin. I didn't buy that number one always knows that she was unconscious given our camp which is what the fire department does whenever they come a farm unconscious person. But she's it she's an addict and I thought I the second thought I had was. What a lovely person I mean we don't have known her she is this unbelievably dear person. And she indeed needs our prayers and respect and then my next thought was. This drug addiction it's a chronic illness its mark by relapses this happens it's nothing wrong with this this is. Just part of her course of her illness and its chronic and shall get better she will get well again. This idea Robin that people have that it's something sort of one and done you're going to get treatment there it is her car wash your magically well nothing could be further from the truth. It's not uncommon six years so for. And as adolescents say we're talking the break yup I've had cancer I get cancer can no one blames mean no one looks at me point oh if you relapse with cancer but. With this that there's finger pointing and it's weird to me as though it's emotional thing alive weakness is something which is just actually bizarre. And it's a deadly disease who just like cancer people have to remember that affect your if you haven't overdid it you're more likely to dive that the most cancers so it's a serious illness. But on average on average it takes multiple years and multiple treatments to get one year of sobriety just to get one year. So the fact that she at six years she's been doing she's way ahead of the curve already. I am certain shall get back into the game should get back into her sobriety and she will be far right. There may be other relapse is ahead. That doesn't mean anything that mean she has addiction and by the way she has multiple psychiatric conditions right Jeff bipolar disorder eating disorder makes it more complicated. The other thing it's her core carrier K sort of points out is that even once you treat the addiction. Then you've got to do some of the underlying stuff there's something she has trauma has mood disorder and you can't deal with any of that until your sobriety as well established what do you think not only two to Tammy and her family but others who have a go through a relapse what are the next steps that they need to do to regain that surprised me. Well but lives every American the program everybody famine and Allen on back to their mutual aid society's back your team of sight what mental health professionals just getting going again don't don't back off. Don't cave at the people we lose of the ones that. Drift away from their treatment team and get deeply into their drug drug addiction just get back into the process. This is just how it goes it and then you look at what you know what was going on that might predispose this so next time you're aware of these things happen he said something that was so correct we love her she's a so so he raised so here so if she will she remains in my opinion just this paragon of an example for other people struggling with addiction I'm sure she feels shame and guilt all the stuff no place here now she's continues to be somebody that other people with these conditions can look to for inspiration thank you for that after --

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"The 25-year-old singer, who has been open about substance abuse in the past, was taken to a Los Angeles hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56804686","title":"Demi Lovato recovering from suspected drug overdose","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/demi-lovato-recovering-suspected-drug-overdose-56804686"}