Demi Lovato remains hospitalized after suspected overdose

The pop star is reportedly ready for rehab after she was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago.
2:47 | 08/05/18

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Transcript for Demi Lovato remains hospitalized after suspected overdose
Welcome to "Good America." It has balmost twoee sincdemi lovatwas rushed thhoal after her alleged overdose in hollywoolls. Now we're learning Abt what she plwhen she's released which W C moment, D ABC's wiarr is the hospital in los angelewi hi, will. Reporter: Good morning, Eva D Paula. You'll remember that Lovato has been very op about her battles with substance abuse. Now,s morning R nd her friends all pulling for her toet happy and hea ??? ill be risfrom the ground like a to check into rethis week follr overdose on July 11, engine 97 alr on the scenconscious. Reporter: Arce close thpop star telling "LE" magazine S will go straight to E fasaying thiis her choio gorehab, this is not anything that can be forced. This comes tly treated narcan followingalleged ovse at her me ages. Lovato has remained hospital since, sufferingical complicatis. Sources say demi Lovato is in ugo leave th hoal this weekend that time comes, S'll go immediately into an inpatient fa. 'Msorry I'm sober anymore ??? Reporter: This relapse coming on T heels ovato's hit song "Sober" released last month in W she admitin the son tog with soby. Gh after Lovato checked into this ridential treat facility for women battling addictn, an rience she ared with bin Roberts. I was just kind of shocked to be in such a different environmt. Reporter:ording to E Na institute on drug Abe, 40% to % of peoplwith substance abuse rders experienelapse. Onee common dinators with lonrm recoveris connection to other individuals that a aecovery. Reporter: Nource teg "people"ovato understands the severity of her overdose, adding, she wants to gesober and wants to get help commitment to stay healthy but this is what she wants. So far Lovato's camp not coenting.the are hearg from, especiallyn social media they say they're supporting the fact that she's going to rab and there backing her 100%. Guys, back to you. T a lot of ople rooting for her and the fact she's open about this and this is how reco can go sometimes la a part I ine's setting a good example there. Thanks to will for that reporting. We're pulling foher cover a there's much to Carr. Comi up on "GM" E

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"The pop star is reportedly ready for rehab after she was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57040986","title":"Demi Lovato remains hospitalized after suspected overdose","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/demi-lovato-remains-hospitalized-suspected-overdose-57040986"}