Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union talk new book, 'Shady Baby'

The stars tell "GMA" how their 2-year-old daughter, Kaavia James, inspired their new children's book.
6:21 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union talk new book, 'Shady Baby'
We are excited right now for our next guest Dwyane Wade and Deborah L union way yes from the basketball court to the silver screen. Good world of activism they are a force now. They've written a new children book together called shady Dayton mall about redefining the term shade. Good morning Dewayne good morning every. Look I. Good morning good morning good morning. A beautiful. Beautiful family. And the youngest member of your crook county gets B two years alone. Bush always like this when she didn't know strange in the spotlight I have to admit I'm one of her two million followers on instant Graham. As she also the brand is the head at such a big personality and get real. When when she arrived she writes. Exactly as you're eager now. It's smaller package with a little language but she didn't always finish jury and he did it this. She's all your credit history we expressive and very clear. I don't drink clear about who she didn't want her out our she likes my local. Yeah dad and. The Pentagon to open my. So yeah go. Eight gateway drug got to ask new mood of garbage and get her signature. Shade from. Will minutiae she's so my entire fixed but I think the bigger Hershey. And you know Luis Louis Lucas salute our current trial comes from ma she really looks at everything your mom does it. DC Chara go on and noodles and they hits so. Some motive is thinner now in the news Wimbledon looks created this. Person that everyone has got its chance to follow. Or get a lot of personal moral or you appreciate nurses. And Agnes your mom momma right now should be saying. You're a good man get a good man to give credit to your wife like that and and couldn't quite believe so that answers super. Power and Deborah are you changing the weighing the term shade aren't you. Yeah angles well I think we were all introduced to determine if she Ater currency from lap around her eat each other from ballroom scene. I'm backing a lot of people have negative connotation about she always looked at cedar she's a reaction to something and our daughters she reactions you. Not celebrated hate your sand you know perhaps people are acting boundaries. Are when someone is standing and the television tries to watch and watch. The and he's going to cover reaction. I think a lot of times knowledge minus wash power it skews. You know I had a negative situation and what are is mean many in the GE. Experience. Eight they have made an experienced. Unsettled by kind of shaking would be dead initiated. What is really empowering his usual. Reaction to something. That we don't want it ever went sixty. That got me here for anything out arts and I daddy you're the tracks in the option she EE about. Being a leader is using her authority in power in your crack. Unwritten you know and also how can understand it is celebrating. Counter early and gentle correction. Hope a lot of parental wisdom right there you are doing such good work with the weight Family Foundation sporting so many important causes specially. But he BTQ health and health care issues you know even seen this wave bit of legislation all across the country targeting. Trans youth talk about the conversations you've had at home especially believes I had an and what kind of advice can you give to parents about that. But first solo home religiosity plot won't and I can show talking. Desire for her first child they just start a conversation that started. I'll always be an insult to our community so that's what we've done usually not household who continued their conversations. But if you what we boom year kind of public and it's why and 21 chance to become I'll. For the war or since he's the disc is risking it is not a burden basic human rights. Instill in our own it and we'll try and ultimately is we always trying to lead willow we always tell you try CNET. I'll and so now women acquisition dossier user is not endorses you call. On. HRC someone who not found and are released so to say this morning more. We want to make sure they're not these are dubious piece towards Grand Prix it was always ends. Luge races trying to. You don't pass there who. You know we understand first of all well and everybody understand exactly what they're trying to do you know Archie cheers and I nod to burn unit of real art. We watcher every day watcher developers. Don't. A person in the world and god we don't trust flush not the rule is trying to ask why shouldn't be Kurds. You know there's. Who are res and for us and our household electricity to reach our continually low we understand there and the opportunity inability. Here's a look at our kids will listen you know. Could be that you want to when you don't something we do not because we had. To do so. Voice is very important and what can teach brace now works here is honest and no. The colossal courtroom who only low not always you know trucks are holding beer and people aren't going because it's. The world has a ball and you teach people would it. Lead with him. And now beautifully sad think you both so so very very much and thinking for this beautiful book. Shady baby have a failure migrate these hasn't she sees shady shady it herself and means so much to have the representation. That you all have been able to put forth in so many ways so anyway this title makes you smile are good. Some. Thank you both think you both so much.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"The stars tell \"GMA\" how their 2-year-old daughter, Kaavia James, inspired their new children's book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77752779","title":"Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union talk new book, 'Shady Baby'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dwyane-wade-gabrielle-union-talk-book-shady-baby-77752779"}