Florence Pugh on 'Little Women', working with Greta Gerwig

The actor talks to Peter Travers about the making of "Little Women."
23:48 | 01/03/20

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Transcript for Florence Pugh on 'Little Women', working with Greta Gerwig
His popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now that you need to see. Well not right now after this job. And it's called little women and I know it's been done like this the eighth time. But aren't used here playing Amy in this movie and being brilliant and it. I think he is and I always heated. You have nonsense that he would eat dinner this last when ankle in the job and and the telling my mates and they liked how he played along I hate. Well. It burned the blue cat bunny book and that with the diamond known Phil's situation. All at this and we love you and what did you do want. I didn't that what they do well missing a lot of is Greg. When I fuss math and then giving me this whole speech about how she wanted. Any need to be more than nine she feels like Amy's been misunderstood and she hasn't had come on to explain herself and and she should just horrible things from the book simply credit that's an. You know it's so easy to love Joseph because she represents everything that we wanna be is people she's headstrong stubborn. The guns are on money she's the first woman to kind of do that successfully in. Citing its very easy it's to feel like you wouldn't be that a joke but I feel like an on budget when making a shiny need to have some falcons ticket but when it finally. We'll tell. For those people that have never read little women and now nothing about it seems really impossible to believe that. Who Amy actually it. The one thing people hate a force that she's ambitious. And she knows that she will marry rich I think while cracked has done and I'll Dyson. He she's allowed Cheney to explain why. Which I think is something that has never really beans on the fall. And she seems I I feel like can get the ball from Paul Byrd is telling me is that. She seemed like the pus and then no one wants to be it. And yet she still ends up with a great guy and I think in in this nice and she has tried she has ambitions she's create tens. She wants to be in office Chico's and studies painting. I think that this wonderful moment in her life plan she realizes that she's not amazing she's cute and and so she has to lay down across to essentially. Do what she knows she's always had to do anything we forget that when in an era. It had a lot of choices they didn't own anything made an and that kids that an money if they got married to someone. And really for a woman the most realistic thing that you can do when you can have a successful and enjoyable life is to marry someone rich. And in in this fashioned Amy does exactly that and she explains why she needs to do that. And that's the two perfect view to look it went from little women without you don't McConnell all. I know what's it up and you just go yes naked have been people let's keep that clip but has outlook and. You can't with Mary reach like should be ashamed of that into the education. As long as you love him while I believe we have some power over who we love isn't something that just happens to a person. I think the poets might disagree while I'm not a public. An extra one. And as a woman there's no way for me make my own money. Not enough to earn a living or to support my family. And if I had my own money which I don't that money would belong to my husband the moment we got married and if we had children be would be is not mind. They would be his property so don't sit and tell me that marriage is an economic proposition because again this. May not be for you but it most certainly is from me. Yes yeah I eight man. Quote rock. He has buffalo. Great enemy we don't want that. I thought interview it was a Skype interview when I saw this first screening. And you regret it inserts were talking about it working at Merrill street yes. And credits that something about. How may be that speech wasn't in the script and let it Meryl mentioned something like this and then it had to go in and that is key the key. Yes so basically I feel I didn't notice at the time my way but how weak three Pratt's iPod the story. When Marilyn grants and that acts as a talk about the bone marrow basically says you know know what you understand is explains that and she said to crack that. You know this is what it was like for a woman they didn't own their own money you know that whole speech. And and she apparently sent to correcting you you have to make you audience on the stand that this is what was happening. So immediately do so yes he's collected and viewers need no to that old down and and on the day gave it to me the there's already so mines present acting in an at the county film. And flipped like went in one of my biggest themes that committee's company and the connected just it is Long Beach some like oh my god. And so I basically would go into the corner of the Redmond has the but the crazy ideas like islands of the pump. He tip is just as saying I had doctor the polish yeah you've got like five it is at this fit Brandon meaning measure he. To do that we'll look at you pulled it off. Yes you can see there in my I daisy here I thought my whole life ahead and Hank confidence and control. So unassuming that you're even more brilliant actress then I think. Critical hit double playing viola O did it go at it. As a speech fly with you. This movie is so good paying for a lot of reasons but also the wait grew to grow it does. Allow you to be older as well so that we see what's going on with their math test and see Amy getting all. I banks that we see how growing up. Weeks we see image sharing we see. Being opinion and I think we'll schism and that is so you completely correct there's every single parent that in films they'll have their own story. Even if they're in two or three scenes they they they don't and a few token you'll feel like they have a life they have history have things to say. I think cracked it just did exactly that she made a story about all these four assistants. And and and all of the things at a one to from life the little things that they couldn't have because of life. And how the greatest that it for the four of you to get to know each other. Well I seen miss majority of hustles because I was outlook to insure that detonate something. But. They think they I was filming midsummer I was running around the field with a bun in temple behind. They yen LIE I was filming that the las. Whole section of the film when the filming and lost week. And they rule in Boston from passing to and I was he had little fan that I was missing now on this. Raise special friendship time there but I came back consulted right in and that just me or just funny mother Kyle's when he wasn't on. Pick up. When they have to pump was no pointing at you and thing. Sense that one eyewitness and adds that he reached rains. We don't know what to fly kept on sending himself fees from set and they had no idea why I was wearing a practically Christmas putting covenants I'll. Larry can feed its. And I it was just like this lately fear filled contest way. That movie is still good. Mid summer just as. This in parry asked her just know what you do is pretty badly on that together but then again. You have this role I wouldn't call it a small thing. Because first what you living from the beginning with the herbal for acts online that you have to be absorbing and letting out that it. I mean I think when one enrolled plus came about on this and I read it is amazing I'm really wants the economy had seen around a tree and I knew that I wanted to be apart of something that this guy was making with his he's a special belly cracks and they have a really. Interesting voice and and when you see that kind of luck. I mean ponson not quantity out of it so I read midsummer madness. The comment any way most say. Grief like apple pain and I was genuinely worried that the whole crux of the script is the fact that she's. Hanging on by huffing and piles on to. And I she's she's about to have a break down any moment during the film and I feel like tightness come close or seen anything like. I think I won't need taking it IEM. I needed to do things in a different way and he needed to be completely exposed. And he did it and he was happy minute but boy was exhausting and nom. She hatched carries a lot of a lot of weights that Carrington. I'm thinking the first time I saw you in a movie wasn't that summer it was lady Macbeth and I which some people still think that Shakespeare but it's not won't think none at all had they not. Yes but it was an arranged marriage that your tax from Chris it doesn't quite working in wrought a dark side. In the lot actually listen yeah who yeah what he's used at the I don't know what hey what's funny is that. Those kid. Dates not far away from one month and the whole plot of blatant act as a fact she gets old with a piece of land and he gets sold to the mountain. And shields or not they have to get my right to him and not a life. And we're talking about a similar thing across the pond. Yet laid at bats. I mean what an. I company when its tendency is listening is not shakes there it wouldn't think that it's about like nick a life that's. Yes you need to look. I knew that but people's I am I I don't then it's good feeling all of these things since today. I want more Florence definitely. What I mean it that out a changed woman who really let's get up. And kills a few people if she doesn't. I just wonder why the casting people saw him that this is bad enough he can do it. Not and what happened and brute strength of being able to let all of these I see there's some kind of degree of mixed Julianne maybe lines as those I mean isn't Mitch mischief yes I mean as Amy isn't wickedness of Tennessee in this misuse of but she did to when he with evidence he's getting young way you with things. So what was this like from viewers growing up. Not here not this week he viewed the accident. I'm until now I know. Is people of surprise to midsummer and that the women and Marek now. And from far away. Half well listen I. My life I grew up and oxman. And there is a wonderful and we all are as loud as one another and we like performing and singing and bouncing in and saying. My mom was it's nonsense was on teaching and my dad has grown up in restaurants and this is a restaurant so I've been on the Seagram and restaurants and have been. Behind the bomb making coffee instead of that he said. You know what I'm going to get him going right back at Indiana one to meet to take on the press and I think you know my parents have been. I support from the cat Kovalev correct me will we you'll want to be in this industry and we alone might nicest. Studies voice she's incredibly intense in the healing how Eisen and what waste husband and singing awards wonderful stuff about a dozen and I errant missiles in the industry. And my youngest sister is sixteen in. And the valley as a in my mom's tremendously personal behind him because it has already semen it. Already too it's your community into pieces and that yet. So why was that first time. What was who would those people that said and they Lawrence. Well my last and the child was the full innings and it was a complete need freakish. Wait to get in the industry. And with this blind came. Audition was gunning between occidental on the because they was shooting in an an old school in oxygen. And they needed to fill the school with that essentially kills they needed as many bills as possible cause it was about a school drama. Harrell and school yet gun as well. And so they sent this television around an embryo was talking about it for months and I've been watching my brother in this industry and need to deal additions and how you read the hypothetical back and usually they give it to some big heinous I remember thinking like. This isn't how Watson had been watching his brother and I know how it wants and there's no point in handing in that tape. And on the las say that is this he handed an amendment my mom saying did you do that tape was like. What yeah and animal in anyone that like that's not how this what I think really old costs some famous plus an opt everyone's sent in the red tape we'll know better. Issues like and in one gonna get it but he should do the tape because I don't think at a on the market has hit. As if I think you know you wanna do is one days and you as well just given a so we gave it and I had like he had something that's the ups. And I sent in the tape and then come Monday Michael Mina to say that the deck and went to meet me. And it was just one of those freakish right time right place. And ankle that job and mine met. Beautiful people in the industry that have really helped me along because of that went. Soon will be just having Florence few film festival. Will they just because now you're doomed black widow I know I don't onsite one can say about it. Isaiah Ike iasis like think it's two Natasha Romanoff Scarlett Johansson Karen that they you know in a Panova and K children directed that. I think that hump Rachel Weisz. He asked for this is high and I think from the tech. Eight of the C novel films a super exciting anyway but a film that is. Essentially about two women piecing each on the back together again it was so impressive. And Kate shall and UA think is an amazing rights and making a marvel film indicate children way. Was just unbelievable and we we want said from I don't even know that we finished in October. And it was just to complete Matt Rollins and down. We've made some really special in the role and unique and painful and for me it means I'll let the teacher on the route from the charts if you back toast. Yeah that's right let's dropped and it was like Mike at this story you know management each nine I learned stop and look like it. It's a ridiculous. Out of it and that's what we're gonna so why is good. Life is a law life and it has a lot life is a long life is busy and one odds and I've met some feasible people can have some time now. Time for just Torrington look at what happened. And that lack at I think it's easy to keep ongoing because that's I think in on an on each as acts as you just you very worried about being still. And I I think I need to just have amendments that. Taken in for an image and smell the roses as my dad cents. What do you do when you're not working what is on my ran. You might grant is so cool cool granny pack a name's pat any pact yet and she is a old people may be she's 85 she's like. Really fit and healthy she goes walking hiking all the times does hiking than this which on these statements in an innings in the to a tallest mountains in England. And she's just like sought to cool ladies I got talent. You see your movies and that if she sees opportunities yet. She wants midsummer and the end she kind of pat me on the nature. I didn't know what was coming along but not with mom. There. I know. And I don't know what it was my N. My grandparents that if you want and it I would say to that. I loved it. Like egg Uganda who. Well I want to give you a couple of questions from the Internet for an out of pocket they want to know about you. Eight need to I can't think that maybe you can. Hey K did. It's true. He. Yes that you have the very day eight yeah yeah. I'm sorry admits that they did not really. You are phenomenal and everything went out. I'll bet it's like you're grand. But I can't forget you performance oh yes in the little drummer girl what was the best part of playing strongly. One abuzz published portions that many theories yet if you know I can count god he could punch unload. And while the past well the past pot with about. Johnny was 1 evening week to shoot the Paulson on and haven't been opened the film crew I don't think I think I don't I'm worried if I missed it is identity as a and we live at for the whole night looting and night she and that was just fourteen of us on the possible on walking around. All these rulings on it was a magical and it was the scene less Alex's Paxson got Ian Eiffel enough. So we editing this incredibly romantic and beautiful thing and I was just hopping amongst all these Bruins win at feet. And it was just one of the most like. Fill me king is not full series making that we just that order and all night long and we watch the sunrise. On the Acropolis and Alec wants is happening. And why it's happening. And I couldn't believe that and then it was real and we would because usually when you read and a script I liked that gonna take that out. I gonna take that I use that usually about a week before these massive things happen the producer comes up Tina's. Only and we have a new edition of script and you get ready get. They then walked to the Acropolis and then it goes don't don't the the and what it did a cat to not changing I was like it it will change some went house to accomplish that we act we do it. Unbelievable yeah I out of the best thing about playing time. Right OK well let's get another one from. Omer reached CEO underscore an SS twenty yes cope how was the experience working in indie films with great directors and now the work in the MC yeah. More fracture would net loss accidents that take that away from. You're part of the agency I am under the MCA and insolent YU haul. Have you watched every single one of these no original but I can't she did on what quite a few of them. When I was a teen age Alan. There's nothing like an at fixing the hair coming to save the day right. That article every moment I ain't no different that the department and yes whopping eight like Antonin Bunton. And what's it like okay. I'm a. And always went well with great. And direct his whether there an indie films or in thick films I think one of the PC's about working in this film was that we had. A beautiful indeed direct. Lucky ones such a big scale site comical best of both welts but yet there's nothing like it. Being a pop of this new found money and and just that she is scientific issue it mechanics of it at the finally and it comes women. This something I'm so impressed by is the stunt team behind these films say that it's like he's he's magical people have run away with this office. Unveil that to teach you everything you want to not. Well indeed the you've done all this you've done you know with Dwayne Johnson the rock you know and it wrecks like I know what was where I that come I don't need rest either quick lead and came and islands that they need it changed wrestling actually sit just fine I can do this while Nellie did Nancy and I got a role look. I'm in the Stephen have backed as a means I'm again Newsnight and just seeing you do realize we will be actually doing you know that fight at the end and I say yeah me. Thinking in green screen you'll stunt double what ABBA. He was like another note in two months time you'll going to be on Monday night Roy the end and you'll go to Russell in front of 20000 people who like. I had no knowledge of asking hey I didn't have a miss Philippines. So yeah I have the rocks at cats but I can you write I did have the delay in that kind of wild and that was a Mecca film when he did it was Hughes. That yes I'm I'm still impressed by son's I think that's wine impressed by some because the price movements on the I understand it now. When all this awards talk that's around you now in the women's is that. Q in any way that state on god put that in another box now known until I think I intensity appreciates it. I mean. Oh when any conversation about any award doesn't matter if it's that they get to the smallest it's lovely thing means that people like Iowa and it means that people think that you'll luck. As would the enough of an award like. That's a wonderful thing. I don't let it worry me because and it sweetie do it for rewards they did it because I wanna meet and what with beautiful people and I mention silly. And green popcorn you know whenever you not agree. Unknown pain. Instead the first time in itself as we don't know we ended song all the time and it turned down. Here. Well that you write songs you sing songs into an ambulance ask everybody for us. It's all about them a voice I don't care I don't uses I'm the director. I all of this was happening. I do say they ended. And Angela and in and he can't. And paying. Guys hanging rat above news. Now lag Brees is seen to this. Views. It's. Saying me and sickened nineteen. Do you mean then that her name love me. So mom pass that was just wonder. And for the publicity to be sold at eight I one saint. I don't really I would really well for awhile I didn't know it. Musical acting was gonna go fuss and and acting in Tustin. And music has stayed at this pinpoint which is slightly don't think we'll see there's so many worlds to conquer you know that you have time I would love women but it's a different beast this accompanied an industry and I. Any to give it some time. I think you have the time that you mad I can't do it you're giving yourself I like our office. You know so I think it's great that that happened. And thank you for being added that it would be wonderful idea what I'm not attend a thoughtful of web access. Everybody pleaded.

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