'Game of Thrones' earns record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations for its final season

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:40 | 07/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Game of Thrones' earns record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations for its final season
Good morning to you guys. We begin with TV news. The nominees for this year's prime time Emmy awards announced Tuesday. And topping the list, shocker, Amy, "Game of thrones." Winter has come and gone but have earned a record-breaking 32 nominations including best drama series, best actor kit Harington and Emilia Clarke for best actress. Julia louis-dreyfus nominated once again for outstanding actress in a comedy for the final season of "Veep." If she wins it would be her ninth Emmy award for acting and probably will. Groundbreaking series "Pose" nominated for six awards including outstanding drama series and outstanding lead actor for Billy porter. One that did not make the cut, Oscar winner Julia Roberts expected to be nominated to are her work in "Home coming" posting this screen shot that shows her, George Clooney and Emma stone as being snubbed. Roberts righting, well, I'm in exceptional company at least. The primetime Emmy awards take place on September 22nd. And Disney's live action adaptation of "The little mermaid" may have landed another big fish. We know Halle Bailey will play Ariel and several names have been thrown around for Ursula. It does look this morning like we have found our prince. According to "Variety," one direction Harry styles is in serious talk. Good choice. Great choice. Serious talks to play prince Eric in the story about the mermaid would falls in love with a human. In the original the handsome prince doesn't sing. This casting news would indicate that rob Marshall who is directing may change that this time around. Styles was reportedly up for the role of Elvis down to the wire. We told you about that yesterday. It went to Austin butler so that frees styles up for this one. Production on "The little mermaid" starts early next year. Exciting. Wonder who Ursula will be. Also, don't have a cow, just cuddle one. According to "The New York Times" brushing, petting or talking to a beautiful bovine is similar to equine or horse therapy but perhaps even better because cows love to lie down, allowing patients to join them on the ground. This is from "The New York Times." Don't look at me like that. It's all about fostering trust and empathy with the cows and your own emotions. "The times" says there's a mountain horse farm in Na, New York that, offers this service, $75 for one hour that will surely moo-ve you. Had to control myself. Udderly ridiculous, no. If you heard it in "Pop news," it can't be udderly ridiculous. Finally this is far from that. I know you guys teased this we sure love it. A Texas woman who just beat she could not contain herself and with good reince. Patients can ring the cancer-free bell at the end of their treatment so Darla was so excited, yeah, you saw it right there. She broke the bell, people. Yeah. Good for her. She broke the bell. Way to go, Darla.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64385464","title":"'Game of Thrones' earns record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations for its final season","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/game-thrones-earns-record-breaking-32-emmy-nominations-64385464"}