GaryVee shares life advice with ‘GMA’ viewers

The social media mogul, entrepreneur and internet personality answers questions from viewers and followers as part of the “Reinvent U” series.
8:41 | 09/18/20

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Transcript for GaryVee shares life advice with ‘GMA’ viewers
our reinvent you is a time for the moment hundreds of fans and viewers have been waiting for this morning. Look at just some of them in our zoom wall. They're so excited because business guru Gary vee is joining us to school us on finding success. We've had thousands of posts and questions flooding in over the past week. Let's get to the first live zoom question. It's about money and Enrique, good morning to you, my friend. What's your question for Gary? Hi, everyone, I'm a high school senior and most of my friends do not know about financial literacy because it's not taught in school. What do first step for becoming -- for learning about financial literacy? Enrique, very simple. Two quick thing, one, it's called Google. You can literally learn it there. Ask your questions, hit enter, get results and, number two and always remember this, save more money than you spend. Save more money than you spend. Yeah, that's good advice. A little harder than most people imagine it will be but definitely worth it to try. Next up we have a question from Michele on Instagram. I don't get it when you say you have to brand yourself. I thought the company I worked for was the name of the brand. I'm 61. I work for a beauty company. At the end I do try to give them each a tip. Is that branding myself? Look, branding yourself comes in multiple ways. You've got Tesla doing commercials but then you have Elon Musk out there branding and that brings value to Tesla. Everybody is watching. It's just reputation. Don't worry about it. Yes, the company can market but you can market as well. And Jason on Twitter had this question for you, Gary. His question S. What is the best way to tell if you're being patient or if you're being ineffective at what you're doing? Listen, brother, I think the reality is that ultimately you actually know. People love lying to themselves. You actually know if you're being patient or if you're being lazy, but ask 15 to 20 people around you, make them feel safe to tell you the truth and that will usually give you an indication. Ask the peoe that are closest because they're watching as well. Be honest with yourself. I like that. Let's take a live question from a couple of entrepreneurs, Liz and Vincent. Your question for Gary? Hey, my name is Vince. I'm a restaurant owner and Liz is a food blogger. Our question for you as our businesses have grown we've had the exciting opportunity to bring on new team members so what advice do you have for us, especially in times like today to be really good, effective leaders, of course, lead with empathy but how can we best show up for oureams today? The number one mistake that managers and bosses make is think that people work for them. So you two need to really take a step back and listen. Use your ear, not your mouth. Listen to them, do they need more work/life balance? Would an extra dollar an hour change their life? Do they want more responsibility? Most leaders, most owners are audacious and selfish. It's just the sad fact. But the ones that listen and realize they work for them instead of them working for you really excel, listen, listen, listen. Do what they want, not what you want them to want. That's the key. Do what they want. Not what you want them to want. Wow. Great advice and, Justin, a high school senior, has this question. Can you give me motivating words to help me stop fearing risks and to stop overthinking about my decisions? Thank you. You're welcome. I'm going to say something that a lot of people really need to hear. You're not that special. Actually understanding -- this is a weird one, but once you realize your incision, all of a sudden you realize and this is about humility, Michael, all of a sudden you realize that you don't have to worry about everybody's opinion because you're living one life and living it on other people's opinions is really, really, really a path to unhappiness, live your life. Do the right things but also realize it's not that serious. It's the high school zit rule. Everybody was worried about their zit but by the time they got to high school everybody else in high school was worried about their own zit. Not yours. You're straight to the point about what people need to hear. Paul on Twitter has a question about maximizing your potential. Could you share strategies that anybody can employ to create hype on social media? Michael, first of all, the idea of hype is already the problem. If you're looking for something quick, short, viral, you're always going to lose. This is a game of consistent output. You're an all-time athlete but now an all--tv -- you put in a ton of work. All the things people didn't see on the field. Everything people see on TV, you put in a lot of work. There wasn't some random thing that you did that made you get day in and day out and that's the answer for hype. I know you love the jets. I won't hold that against you. The one thing you do, you preach but, listen, you love this. This is what you love so you're actually doing what you feel like almost you're not working. I saw you say that in our piece earlier this. Is not work for you. For me it's process. You know this again based on your two careers, if you don't like the actual process, if you don't like the process of it you're going to lose -- everybody got into entrepreneurship and personal brand and social media in the last decade because everybody wanted to make money, get everything is flexing on the gram of their boats and clothes. That to me is completely, completely a waste of time and usually an indication to for me I enjoy the ups and the downs, the good plays and the bad plays. I'm in it for the process not what the process buys me or allows me to look like I'm And I have a question for you, during this time with the covid-19, the pandemic, have you had to make any adjustments in a way that you've conducted your business? 100%. I'm a touchy-feely immigrant like be in meetings, have 50 people around me. My whole world got flipped upside down. Thank god -- I cannot believe the advancements of technology. We can be connected through technology. Right now as you know people love to demonize technology and social networks and we are in this pocket of looking for the negative. This goes back, Michael, to the gap. For me all the people that are connected, the fact that people are talking to their grandma that they wouldn't be able to see at all during this if it was 30 years ago with no internet, we are looking for the negative, in life, Michael, you find what you're looking for and unfortunately people are looking for negative. I see a ton of positive. I had to adjust all for the good. Looking on the bright side of things. We have one more question. Speaking of technology, Jason, he is live on zoom and, Jason, what's your question for Gary. Hi, Gary. Right now I'm in the process of transitioning my career paths and I've gone back to school, gotten education, pumped, excited, ready to go but the issue I'm face something that I don't have enough professional work experience. And the catch-22 of it I can't get a job without the work experience but I can't get work experience without getting the job. How could you suggest I overcome that barrier? Jason, I'm dying to know how many people you've asked for a job or how many jobs you applied for. All you need is one yes, brother. When people talk to me about, Gary, I don't have experience and I can't get this job. How many jobs have you applied to. They're like, six, I'm like, six? You want to be happy. You want to live your dream? You want to be fulfilled and you applied to six places? Everybody watching that wants a job in the field can apply to 600 places on linkedin today, Michael. If you want it, you're going to do that. If you want to complain bit, you're going to do the complaining. So keep going and don't give up. Gary, we can't thank you enough for your advice. Joan, I'm sorry we didn't get to you on zoom right there. But for more with Gary vee head to "Gma's" Facebook page where Gary will be answering even more viewer questions live. Okay?

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"The social media mogul, entrepreneur and internet personality answers questions from viewers and followers as part of the “Reinvent U” series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73093769","title":"GaryVee shares life advice with ‘GMA’ viewers","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/garyvee-shares-life-advice-gma-viewers-73093769"}