George Clooney on his new film 'The Midnight Sky' and life in quarantine

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his return to the big screen in the film "The Midnight Sky."
21:16 | 12/18/20

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Transcript for George Clooney on his new film 'The Midnight Sky' and life in quarantine
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie out right now that you've got to see. Called the midnight sky which yesterday George Clooney directly co produced and stars and I don't know what the order will find out some other time. This is the second time you've done so by now you're probably just impossible. I'm art and I'm hard to live with and yeah. We can all the I don't everywhere. Eight as a spat everywhere. But you know you've done a movie that. Would you call it science fiction or you call it something else it really is about people who are alone when the danced base not many people are there five. You know and you're down there in the Arctic with this little girl and there's not much but it's still a movie about connection in time where we can't make any. It's like reading our get outsider are bubbles so what inspired you to do. Well initially. I liked the idea of talking you know. Story about. What man is capable of doing to mankind you know and and that's just destroy it. You know you and I grew up in the same. Basic era where as you know we'd figured at some point. There are being exchanged between the Soviet Union the United States and we'd all gone you know yes duck and cover drills you know I was. So we need bomblets fought yeah wasn't if but when you know. We lived with movies like. Fail safe for. Oh or you know on the beach when we referenced in this film. With the idea that you know it's not impossible in you know those all those elements are still possible there's other ways we could do it blow all the atmosphere. You know we base some of the shots of outside earth on. Satellite shots of the burning of California you know so there's a lot of ways we could sort of blow. And so I thought that was a resilient she Gordon talking about. We wrapped in February shooting. And then we started go to work in it and the other world which is you know the the post production world and shut down it. Go home and suddenly it became really clear. That. That that's that this world that we were and it suddenly was about our inability to. Be near the people we loved and talk to people and be close of the people we love. And unfortunately became less and less of a fiction you know on the you know other people when she is right away they're gonna look at a year now you know I've heard. You route that. Did you sell you can stop at some point I don't let go. As its own and ran out. Of I started it in the summer and just let ago you know the guys who live in the Arctic most of have a beer just days so. That made sense and then lose low weight because he's dying. Which wasn't fun. It's easy to like 35 you know as an actor. I'll be sixty this year it's not so easy you know. It's not as easy as it used to beat the dual. But that's where you can eat it can be yours for Christmas so he could have been saying that. The kids with the policies might dollar aid. But my son loved it. And I would go to work. And I find like he's about half a popsicle sticks stuck in my beard that he liked stuff did it yeah pounds so I was. I was happier rid of it quite. It was. When you do a movie like this swing each am going to make a movie that is that they like to use the word quickest phobia. And yet it's not a whole what's going. I don't repeat it says we're social route we can't really come back many it. I was like the idea of redemption. Notices and really this is a story about. You know regret. Its and and deep regret and how badly and how toxic activity. And how deeply it you one needs redemption. And if you get redemption on matters sort of what other things are going on in the world that's a big important part of this and there is openness there is the idea that. You know. You know we may not all get out of it you know alive but will get out of it is. Humankind intact and some you know that that the fight this does this struggle that we're doing. On earth is worth it you know and I think it that's always important to happen. In the back your mind you know as opposed to. Up on the beach where it's just like. Well we're fluid and that's it and to our. Good but even though we're the end of the world it's goodbye. But I didn't. Day you bar in the Arctic winds this Ichiro girl. And they're they aren't space. David yellow felicity Jones dean endless years. Trial chancellor Tiffany and their five person crew there and basically you're trying to communicate with each other and you are. Your message that there initially is. Sure you want to come back here. Well yeah I think all along his messages. This isn't gonna work here you know when you blew it. And if that place at a that he's discovered years ago is livable you should go started yet to a better. And and I knew I or other loved although. Some of the messages and items and entertaining script you know I thought it was a good twisted the and it has a good. There's good. Juan you know for me as an actor it's are also. It's easier to play gothic. Who has very few likable qualities if you have a kid. You know he likes kids. So. You can get away with things is as character and I liked the ability. Well today changing a year on immediately while the other three year old twins you know I am Nan and Asian guar. This horrible really father figure. Who is basically wondering what to do with child and let's let kids I'm wondering what did you really. Yeah. Things do change yes. Your opinion about exchanges you're you're much more conscious about. Other people in your life than yourself. A nice thing. No nothing that anyone who as children doesn't know but you know it's all new to everyone who doesn't and so yes you do change. I think you know in general news. The idea of our responsibility. To the next generation in the generations after that album. Becomes more and Dafoe is ego while they really are gonna have you know that this. This is the first time that life expectancies are not on up and you know the kind of things that you look at world. You know maybe we should. Here with let's who we should be working harder at the things that the legacies. Kids. One sure you're discussing that with twins. Yes yes I am. Italian. You know out you're out in my designs are good my kids are fluent. But. No you don't we I'm doing a lot of dragons love tacos reedy. Which I hate it because a movie and I really do. Pulling. An anti hero BioWare I did a couple of journalists cargoes. I'm trying to think what those kids could watch your viewers fantastic mr. fox it. That you watch Batman and Robin at theaters and opera laughed but I'll Georgia contractually. 23 anniversary. Of a movie that basically brought audiences and critics together and I. Literally we actually were able to do what we can't do in this country and I will say this I think honestly if you think it. All the red states all the Blue States. This brings them together. Unifies. And in one thing that eight. It's back. Sheep goats rain that at least in honor the anniversary. If you want to. You your home you're angry you're eighteen year you wanna you know you're sick of being on. Sturm moved in just ask them to be dealer ate the movie. You're watching children's movies you'd be content. A different person hopefully to better which your twins. LR Alexander is most like year. And it looks exactly like. I mean I had pictures of and he and I at the same age. And it's really shocking and so you know he's you know and both of them are doing prank authority which makes me. The mystery theater watching my son put new talents who is diaper and pretend that these groups and so. Is making sure we noise and out anti stuff from you to encourage. Oh I taught you know that's not know certain desert. Eastern vary. Elaborate schemes this is not on three Euro loses this week somebody real. 45 Euro and. See you've been asked already so watt. Is your daughter are more like a mom. We're going on here don't know you know they're they're both like a mall and the fact that they're. Incredibly intelligent they're released marketed and. So it that way I think they're you know is dating get out from their old. And but yeah I mean they're funny they're very different I think one thing it's a real lesson in parenting is that. You know you can do with twins because it's apples apples you know and you look at him Ugoh. They are completely different people and they've been raised by the same parents at the same time and as he really realize that they're kind of born with what they're they are and then strategy guide them through life and that's where you. Once length light for you now in quarantine. Where no human Amal are all as active people right now. And and you do what you do I mean you could do you could finish. Midnight sky you know billion screening room editing room and doing it. You're an actor is well you know U duke and she's human rights lawyer how do you deal with this resume. Well it's not as easy obviously and it's not. Outreach to each attitude. And fundraising that we do it and there's a lot of those kind of things but. On you know if you think about it in terms of what. The world is going through right now. You know we have our health we have a home and I'm not. Oh I don't outward up putting food on the table. You know. We hear that incredibly fortunate position in which so. I look at that is there's a lot of difficulties for all of us it for us personally I missed my parents missed be with my mom and dad and he can't see them in this arm. You can zoom with them but they don't really dig all of that all the technology and you know. Endeavors resume as. I would look like this. Are. Barnett. And tell your parents do. Able and very hurt announcing yeah. Limits and has them animal illnesses are badly in all all of those reasons but. You know this is the position we're in there's some light into the world to get through this together. Well he had a puppy Taylor. There. Got let's say Bernard puppy. Like that. Hundred pounds O one N and she's only. Six months old and she supports. But she still are says she runs actually. I don't don't don't don't. You wouldn't bode well it every morning you can answers that don't own guns running I. Agent not John brown and silica. The Jetsons. It's it's true but this is a life changing experience. Or you isn't father and husband. As well as cell maker and it's doing all these things. Do you feel changed by are you going to be different person the next thing you do. I suppose the only thing that's that really changes is that everyone will appreciate our. How deep league we need to be. In touch with one another out how much we ms. I missed dinners with my friends and how much you miss around. People. Or yeah I think I think world I don't think anyone is that you know what what will be looked at years from now. He's gonna be the mass sort of PG EST trauma this happens at the world you know everyone is gonna have this thing. Whether. They've lost someone or you know someone very close or. Whether it's just the idea of our inability to be near people loss of jobs loss of careers all of these things are at this huge impact on us. For years to count. And it's gonna take time to get through that they get time to get people back on their feet. Financially and actor. All join together and doing whatever we can to do that you know it's this is gonna. You need leadership that says we can do this together and and let's get let's get two minutes whether it will be. He with this movie most reaching out. Despite the fact that you think everything's all it's a movie that says each you get out of our pets we really do need to do LC. You know to me was always about the idea that. We are all. In one where and other always seeking some form of redemption and lives you know that these and we didn't do these regions. And how desperately we need. Wash over at note people. Who were older than myself who have lived with deep regret. In their lives and I have to say it is cancerous. You know as you get older it doesn't get better it gets worse. You know I don't try that. Why did not you know why didn't do that job why denied stand up for the person questioned why did I say that exited and it. Really rich you as UN and the only version that saves that is some form of redemption and solution so there's that I think it was a thing as a common threads and mature he. Do you feel regret. Course but I don't feel regrets on the level. That a lot of people I know. No luck some that you know to be Leno who worked so at he has all people. Because they're not foundational regrets I don't have. You know when I was twenty. You know it's cutting tobacco. Three. Thirds. And I went to my dad and I'm gonna drive this beat up Carlo. 2000 miles driving Californians Okobi and my dad is a the odds are so against you in and I said then. I don't wanna be six years old and a wake up at six usual Wednesday you know. I think I could've done. I'd rather go their fail and then at least. I'm back in Kentucky as well I tried edges and it didn't work out. Like it she's up from sixty now because now about sixty. But the idea of the sort of foundational. Regrets. I don't I have things which had done better and things I'd wish I'd said or spoken out for. They don't have the deep ones you know I would think other than Batman and Robin you wouldn't. Know you know I don't take your funny. And this is absolutely true. Arm without Batman and Robin I couldn't gotten to out of site which was the next. Act and that wouldn't have gotten meets at three kings next on war O brother. I learned lessons in that in doing that film about. That that I was going to be I was no longer an actor getting a job and acting job I was gonna be held responsible but films themselves. So I had to pick better scripts not just. You know I get the plane back but you know the work that is it was and you've learned from from your mistakes. And I learned a lot from now as well and. But you also shoes when you're going to do something especially when you're directing it is well or the last time I diesels last year that he 22 you know it wasn't you as the star of what what. Did the last time I saw you in a movie that you reduce arms like money marks are so that's like. Years ago. Yeah. Do you miss easy working those muscles. You do in a bit. You know. Things changed here and ID you know. Somebody asked me the other day rooms and it's how you're gonna it's what you're trying to do now here DeLeon and he's now. You know character pieces on labels don't wanna do. That it'll be is what happens when you get older. The car exchange and and so. I look at them and say well. I look at careers that I really respected and people who. Aged well in cinema Newman aged well. He really realized. At a certain point that it's time to be a character actor and so the verdict is a character actor even though it still Paul known. And end this and I know you've been. Did you know you were talking to me today working on this song we're gonna you don't. I have several arms I want some of your urgently needs your puppy actors you're and a grocer. Jack on the bigger it probably isn't the most. To do art. Okay she's dealing in nothing but it goodbye. I also meant and low here what it is it teaching me out with but I just want a little music from. Well I think they will do. You're not again. UP uses. Whenever you. Feel appropriate like it it's your birthday. Religion. Stanley. Birthdays are. Yeah. Yet that we sing at every birthday and we see two other people let their birthdays and and it's not the normal happy birthdays. It was written by. A woman and it was a big star in new roof lines in Cincinnati. I think in the 1940s and early it's been a big part of the family percent so we never sing at Bieber. Posting this to you bet you can use it when it's your birthday and say. All George is called me up and sang at Bieber. It is daddies and forever so when we need your birthday. June. Says can be going to be or. Well you know limited. And it goes like this. So they say it's your birthday that's what we've been told when a wonderful birthday here and other year old. On UK they'll be candles all colors it's true and the whole world is city. Happy birthday to you. You to fall at Oakland the time capsule. Shia leader juror she sold my house. I hope you your family everybody stays safe and strong and that we all get together again soon and seeing old solves. At a bar somewhere. And and anybody watching just hang in world. Again.

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