'GMA' anchors celebrate Halloween with 80s TV-themed costumes

Robin Roberts dressed as Dominique Deveraux, Ginger Zee as a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle," George Stephanopoulos as Alex P. Keaton, and the rest of the "GMA" family paid tribute to the 80s.
9:15 | 10/31/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' anchors celebrate Halloween with 80s TV-themed costumes
Ask your doctor about taltz. Get your all access '80s tour. Welcome aboard. Back to the '80s. I love the '80s. Best decade ever. ??? Oh I wanna dance with somebody ??? Fashion of the antidepressants 80s was loud. You can't have a Normal sweatshirt. You have to have a shoulder. Everything was over the top. The bigger the fro, the bigger the go. Leg warmers on the legs, arms, around the head. Mullets weren't just for hockey players but for hot guys. Announcer: It was the decade that brought us cell phones. Yeah, hi. And this thing. Rubik's cube. I don't think I've ever completed one. I used to think there was a code. That was easy. Piece of cake. Announcer: But on this tour it's all about one thing. The TV shows. ?????? The '80s was the best TV on the planet. Now you get to relive it all. It's going to be a wild ride. Are you ready? To meet the stars we love. And will never forget. ??? Color me ??? Announcer: Welcome back to "Gma." Our all access tour starts right now. ??? I know who you are ??? ?????? ??? I know where you're coming from ??? ??? call me 12340e9 -- ??? ??? call me ??? ??? you can call me any day or night ??? ??? call me ??? Hey, happy Halloween and welcome to studio 44 for "Gma's" all access tour to the '80s. I'm Sam champion but for the rest of my life call my Blake blaze. All right, I'll be taking you on the ride of a lifetime through some of the most iconic television sets of the decade. You never know who we might find along the way so make sure you have your ticket handy, buckle up and, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the ride. All right. First we're approving stage 1 here at the studio 44. Now, I wonder which show tapes here and what star we might run into here. Now, here's a clue. She's a diva from Denver who settles fog for less than fabulous and has to issue going toe-to-toe with Alexis. If that doesn't take you back in time nothing can so, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one and only Dominique deveraux from "Dynasty." You are fabulous. Fabulous. Work it. Work that magic, Dominique. Oh, man. All right, next we might want to call time-out over at stage 2 since our next celeb is such a preppy heartthrob but weren't sure he would make it because of all the screaming fans all the way from bay side high. I wonder if Mr. Belding knows he's here. It's Zack Morris from "Saved by the bell." ?????? All right. Is everybody enjoying the tour on the tour bus jets a funky '80s ride, ladies and gentlemen, but let's keep it moving. All about love and marriage over at stage 3. Our next guest is a lady, well, really whose hair is as big as her spandex is tight. Ladies and gentlemen, she loves to shop and mess with that husband, Al, she's married with children, come on out, Peggy Bundy. ??? Like a horse and carriage ??? ??? this I tell you brother ??? ??? you can't have one without the other ??? ??? love and marriage ??? Rock 'N' roll hair. All right, now what we've all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen, step on board for something exciting and new. Come aboard our next guest is expecting you. He's the captain who always sets a course for adventure. It's "Love boat's" captain Merrill stubing dropping anchor right here this morning. ??? It's attracting you ??? I love you, captain stubing. I love you. "The love boat." ??? We'll be making another run ??? Hey, it looks like he has some of the crew with him too. Here's cruise director, Julie and your favorite bartender, Isaac the bartender. ?????? Isaac, you're killing me. All right. Are you guys having fun, everybody on the bus having fun. Totally tubular, basically radical. All right, here bego. It's the hottest ticket in town. The '80s tour. You never know who you'll see so head over to the next stage, wait, are those claws or just a really bad manicure? I'm not sure but it must be our next star. He is a real ren nance reptile and likes battling. He's obsessed with pizza, straight from the teenage mutant ninja turtles, michelangelo. ?????? Hey, michelangelo, those toes are something or flipper or whatever it is. Listen, that song could only mean unthing. This show stars a conservative buttoned up dreamboat who loves spending time in the kitchen debating with his parents but knows nothing is more important than family ties. Here's Alex P. Keaton. Hey, Alex, what's in the briefcase? All right. And here's the moment you've been waiting for because I pity the fool who doesn't know this next show. If you have a problem and no one else can help you all you have to do is call his team, it's the a team. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Mr. T. I pity the fool. I pity the fool. I pity that fool. I pity the fool. I pity the fool. That's amazing. I love when it comes together. This '80s tour is truly all access and totally tubular. Look at this amazing lineup we have for you. Alex Keaton. From "Family ties," michelangelo, the teenage mutant ninja turtles, "Married with children," Peggy Bundy, the fabulous Dominique deveraux from "Dynasty." Mr. T from the "A team" and Dominique deveraux from "Dynasty." Captain stubing from the crew of "The love boat" and Zack Morris from "Saved by the bell." Michael Bennett has something a little special for us, michelangelo. I do. Thank you very much. Hey, Mr. T, C

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{"id":58872517,"title":"'GMA' anchors celebrate Halloween with 80s TV-themed costumes","duration":"9:15","description":"Robin Roberts dressed as Dominique Deveraux, Ginger Zee as a \"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,\" George Stephanopoulos as Alex P. Keaton, and the rest of the \"GMA\" family paid tribute to the 80s.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/gma-anchors-celebrate-halloween-80s-tv-themed-costumes-58872517","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}