'Grey's Anatomy' cast members on what it means to be Black women in Hollywood

Kelly McCreary and Chandra Wilson spoke with 'Grey’s Anatomy' executive producer Zoanne Clack about navigating the entertainment industry as Black women.
27:00 | 02/28/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Grey's Anatomy' cast members on what it means to be Black women in Hollywood
Want to say hello to these two women who regularly enter a lot of your living room it's Sandra Wilson who plays doctor Miranda Bailey chief. Marie and the Bailey. And Kelley mccreery grace and doctor Maggie pierce. Let's just start off with discussing the seeing an episode seventy you know. I don't want her to suffer from this alzheimer's. It's horrific. Disease and I want her to be free. But at a local fit to be the reason I don't want her to be just another black woman's statistic in this pandemic count. Acrobat that that came from my experience is and my friend's story is. Well I would love for you guys that Tony sticks out. Are you will about growing up as some things yum. Give didn't. Actor in it when you are given script and you see. Houston while rates. Active are right there are certainly it's actually. Because the subject matter of being vehicle. For people to use company. In the morning yet. Comparing. And Phoenix. It's. The facility. To be able team. Give conversations. And then maybe they are right I don't know. Still. It's these are congress. We added eighteen the scene heating to the concerns. Aren't needed to want to know. Act perspectives from spray planes. Pretty all the work we did in that episode outlet that moment also the characters and thinking how. He was that he. Analysts. T. What is very likely he will not necessarily. Look very likely. I don't know what. The only eat or few. Black. Girls. CEO. You know an increase in Asia is growing. Anti aids you know I think about. My. I have that there. Hardest I didn't Michelle Obama is that the coming. Where she talks about Powell you know. Her if not for her my hair. Incher in. Each year see me sure see you know what is right. You. Know. Her classroom she. It how is. Separate. And ease. Rights groups it is. And and he. And CEO. OK. And the case. Our. Me or those groups. Sure. Yeah yeah. Now that it. And and you from now operating at sea in which he Italy. You know for Haiti. Where. It is office. The only he or she. Isn't somebody else yours. Eighth. She. I. If it's a hole here and PE. CU. Eaton buyer. And similar. Well lose Lee. Some hiring school but Renton but I think this school is more your speed he engine I don't know must be police. Try harder and do battered just to be considered rich or to be considered at all. How they under. To me. The reason I really want to write that scene is because. Seventeen seasons these women have not gotten together and we've not been able to just talk about our journey. And I felt like Hainan after the racial reckoning happens. I mean you know it's always happening after other people. Realize what's happening there seem to be a lot of sharing on social media. And a lot of my friends and colleagues and people I grown up with her sharing their stories. And you could just see how someone Hayward to your stories. And I was like this is collective being that no one has been saying. And no one has been talking about people need to know like we're just kind of we are used to it and we are in our existence. But other people don't know an airman we have this tiny college. Winger Adam. I was in a black dance group and I I invite when my white friends to come. And she afterwards she was like I really loved it when it's so weird being money only white people are not always just stuck Whitney. And and I played so little its young now I know the micro aggression that she didn't even knows who is doing but it was like. Every single day. I walk into a classroom. Where I am the only black person I want indeed happen furious I am the only black percent. Why is that sex. Phenomenon for yeah oh yeah now. I think that have been part of the reckoning. There were court right that's been happening in in 20/20. It is when we talk about privilege. And acting to reconcile with the active. You you have like white are living proof that even had. Different. When you wake up in the morning the white. You look at vineyard you're looking at here they along YE you know you you go on about today you get out on the right. But Fuller you know for black wake up look and act at the minute I stepped outside and we have always done and needs to. I'd really celebrate ourselves. Because we have never had to help the people that they rates we have the. Why youth. Kind of revolutionary. Political tool would he say you know hitting people who. Just. Happy. Then he called collar. In the positions that the you. And interest to each one you. You know last seen won and who is. I.'s actual. That we. Had gotten hold this. The characters' stories over the years hats and just Spencer and hair T. And culture shifting. Cash. As humans on the back and I think they used if you think closer. I'm not so today we. What are crying for more advanced conversations like the ones. We're happy now. And without fear of showing sides of it may not be popular. This item that may not even you decide and we agree with them that's your house and frank in their rooms and is just to make sure that. Little. Really say this but yet that's that's valid to. Like you are talking about what the scene about earning that scene he like we've earned. Our police and talking about this now you tally three week push the boundaries. Seventeen years and our show progressed past culture has changed hands as the years have gone on in the Eagles have come. We are pushing the boundaries again. It's just complete its evolution that it's pushing forward a moving. And you know well. Now it's. Is it enough to just have those characters be those characters. Or are we going to identify with their experience really interesting to me and I think a lot of people. Am. That it's. You know in the pilot it's the only person who was. Given you raising description really was I am the character Murray and who was described. Is a tiny blonde curls with underestimate. But you stole the role with your aunts and because you were given that chain. And then Kelly. You're playing a mix Norman pitcher not like that typical white skinned. Like I actress. Thing is that he you know both my parents and lack of money. I had I. I am evil scheme. In enemy tanks and what else in the money as Decker action. You. And you wonder you know. And bring the Google and eat right before and he years wise. I'm mixed girl. I shall act it. Most of the auditions and work more makes girls I'm black women. And action was legally in. It makes these are rules that wouldn't be able to audition for and block possibly compassion and dinner that's sort of I feel like we're an anchor but at the same time to let that last night immigrants. Who. They can privileges that I gain job. Us. He's. Now. Because it was. You write whatever. One. Likes. You. So this you know Schiller and you know black and you know features with what happened when I was never. Like in the chorus. The benefit. And I wasn't going to be. Not. So I would just. Goal in four EC. Cents say I know that the role that this let me show you. Okay all. He. Let it. So I'm never. Did the work. It's. Yet houses like doesn't I know you're looking for her but here yes. I didn't talk about how do you believe the industry is changing hopefully for the better. So a lot. Material. Historically. Comes to black actresses that. Are written by a folks that are black. Really. Speak problem. It's respectively then doesn't mean that. The holy people can write a black folks and black folks and I think that I'll make my responsibility. Right and an active hate. You and say okay season that he wouldn't go. Let me and that stuff that's missing I just don't spend a lot of time. But things about. Seen me I turned me here to see. Then maybe you know I have been predominantly white spaces. And so everywhere. One means equal eyes. You know not gonna T you know culture equal experience. But I am bare and acts black people in black rain and so. And hangs you know I think this isn't some. Ludicrous it's here rightly that he beat character. Let me or reading what are you there each is black and. You know and skinny. Isn't necessary and could be more. Yeah. I don't learned I am. Certain I haven't had many more and more you know. That in. And yet. He was changing and when I didn't feel it is reflected in industry. This story. Story differently tell them from our perspective just arm and I me I have I see how you know. I created that an increase in nutrition can eight you know stories from our perspective in my cultural back. Let me ask. What I want to see more and do you think that their ties. And more and more and more space opening up for creators. And storytellers. I didn't. Up color. Specifically black storytellers Condit in and do things their way and when it also. Is at. That we can chimney stuff to. Well and and you know I back. Car is three. EEB. Volume. Cop and creativity. ESP. All that. Yours. It. Is. Part of yours and me. I. EE. Coal or art again. Eight. Ha ha and jeans AT and you. They're all good. It. Since it was nothing in the meantime there are looking and there is pockets. Create community east. Eight. Now with. For me in. East. An obvious forms where people are eating meat. Is that there. And me. Hair and patents patents. Share Ian is out. Our. Culture and our relationship to you mainstream culture and just and just. It. From Houston I grew up with my mop. Constantly waiting to be out to me and I remember like in 77. Because when it was what facts story. The tour came to town and that was one person. Deck that day. And I was one of those people that was like I think unlimited solidarity one down and what it's going to be but like I was right there Watson paying when everybody else and went the world came and welcome the end of the world at some point out just wait and audition but when she finally did come to great it was as a director and her first episode. What's the episode at their mind so I. Basically. Admit daddy. With her coming shadowed me. And I didn't need anything I didn't need an audition. At I didn't. It in it was something that. Had never occurred to me that that would have been the circumstances. That. That relationship with pat like I didn't need to do not kick boxing and do. Was just being here and see what's coming in to watch me and that what's crazy. You're talking about the mirror and look at yourself in the meal I think I have to face the Rosenblatt on and I remember conversation. That I have each on that even for a month and was born and it is about raising your son. And telling and he couldn't hang out with his white friends and he had to impose compose differences and I think even. From your girls. You know it's like a whole new ball game so even as successful celebrities. You still go through life as black women with husbands and sons and fathers. Can you talk about your. Your connection to this country as a black woman and how comp. Repeated it is an instinct that I happen to him. If he ever like he was stopped from doing things or it could. Never. Never wanted to put eight. But me watching this saying it my. You know we see little white noise block down the neighborhood. If my son was in the middle. The it. It might be that it's going to be different experience. And I'm not ready for him to be in its fifty. Because is gone a cop you know at some I don't want to be in that position. And I didn't worry that equipment girls you know regular you know mile well yeah does I just want to train her. That's the that really felt different. You know being an. Exit its or at some supper. He. That we still have to come with. He. Even went neatly at the top what hurts. But. That. Because somewhere in acting and seeking since. Taking away your ability just be he. Because to me you we care of the world. So hey I perpetuating. That Morgan. What's this I am being responsible. Up. Congress. Who's doing. The world or me for getting you prepared for war. He. And there. Civil rights movement. And hands. And now they're living. He left color me yeah. For me and this this tension between my personal experience. It personally Easter. Wit every Alan eat at. OE. You know my community eat how is there any. Any class. Difficulties. Aching pain and achieving the American dream that is supposed suppose to be accessible. And yeah. Are our re eating they history in this country he could BP I'm. It it will eat out several acts it would be saying this. Without us you know balancing act and how it did certain truths. Those people or situations. And and you know. That fact has done it sent to harm to shoot in an area. What we even think possible for. And so I know I eat you know the more and more and more. I eighty. Read it out stuck it out what's really eat you know what that struggled greatly when Atlantis which continues to eat for. That more attention healing and in my relationship this country complicated is that sweet and this is I think so it is entirely. T. Built this place you know and yes I don't even know NIC eat. I don't know what my ancestors were in I don't know your genes I don't know. That I have been completely erased. Yes. But you know that they into word persevered and eighty. Struggled. Yes yes and VVD. Eight and bring her where to bill this thing. For him and he acts. We Easton home. You know we are are injured in this struggle between now and angst and act. Is. He thinking. Didn't. Bill. In this country for that meant for us. But to write it would be as saying at all only adequate it's done. It's finally done it would be nice to see it that history class you know. You know common problem. Let's say CCE. Oh 1619. You know he intensely. It's still hasn't been out since we have an. And now the civil rights movement didn't in. There with the year with having to be. You know to work to get there. Is. No really ripped them. How we've been here along. And titled because we did you. The free labor how. The country to grow. Economically internationally that we did with it was in state CE you're. Back yet. Confuse you right now we have a path we don't we don't have anybody. We don't you know Africa is really big way it happened we don't have to be arts that is wrong way. Here businesses. This is each. Had to be all day. Right hell hole Lee going forward in an. Eden. The lesson that it's a little bit that folks know. We are and you wrong. This is. The. There's fun. Next generation and he gives me some hope. Given that. Now we see something else in the news like every day. How do you guys keep your mental health in check and what gives you hope that. Paint. Com and it Gorton. I mean not obviously is her ear her cell you know this. The is. But right rules young falcons acts. People who should let. You know the air. They are processing. History eat them in this in the context that this you know. You know their contact at Patton I think that they. Are. Oh. They eat half hour. Science and easy. Going to eat sleep and crops. To eat that for me should you arts institute activism in issue one. And and aren't that's completely integrated into the Iraq. The biggest place a hole for me right now I want to believe that people are listening and people paying attention there there was a time will win. It was necessary to yell and then I got to appoint this summer where I think you know what no let me. That would back and listen and hear one year every. And and as long as we keep our minds open enough to hear. Even if we don't understand what this entity into the can bid in there somewhere and weekend we can. He'll things that we can even some of us you know rocket. Right. He comes from from being able to listen. Hopefully you know Italy aren't so it is giving people who now we great mad at me is that. I addressing our humanity and acknowledging. Us as. In our experienced and and living our lives as women. And black people. Antley earth hour giving. Inspiration. But the young people because there's drug and people that. Over and I don't lie and by the people who. Need to hear well you know leaned in some way to an art show without doing and Larry in its has been so agree to it. Oh. You own an alternate La.

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{"duration":"27:00","description":"Kelly McCreary and Chandra Wilson spoke with 'Grey’s Anatomy' executive producer Zoanne Clack about navigating the entertainment industry as Black women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76122198","title":"'Grey's Anatomy' cast members on what it means to be Black women in Hollywood","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/greys-anatomy-cast-members-means-black-women-hollywood-76122198"}