An inside look with the cast of 'Jumanji'

Correspondent Adrienne Bankert shares an inside look into the film with the cast
3:25 | 12/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for An inside look with the cast of 'Jumanji'
Well, "Jumanji" is back and we got an inside look at "Jumanji: The next level." Kevin hart, Dwayne Johnson and the rest of that megastar cast sat down with Adrienne Bankert to dish about all the fun they had making the new movie. Take a look. Reporter: "Jumanji" is back and bigger than ever. Who is jumanji? Is that Barbara's boy? Reporter: The megastar cast returns for "The next level". Are we in Florida? Reporter: This time they've added acting royalty Danny Devito and Danny glover and awkwafina packed with surprising twists, death-defying action and roll on the floor comedy. Where is Bethany? She's right here. She says, oh, my god, like I'm a total horse. Yes, that's Bethany. That's the beautiful thing about having a great cast with great chemistry. We're trying to elevate each other. Reporter: It's the first major release for hart following his near fatal car crash. Coming off the recovery, I think the thing on your mind is just the fact that you're still here. You're blessed for another day to be around and to share those days with your loved ones. Reporter: The dynamic duo of hart and Johnson say their style of slapstick is based on true friendship. He's Mr. Animal guy. Always wants to be the strong guy. No. Hey, what is that. All jokes aside, it comes from love. I love him. I know he loves me. We are like brothers and we admire and respect each other. Respectful and funny is all you know what. You got to be kidding me. Jack, when you do a sequel sometimes there's a lot put on you to deliver just as well as you did the last time. I was trepidatious because I was thinking, uh-oh, are we going to hit the same level as we did the first time? As soon as I read the script I was like, this is even better than the first one and I was stoked for my new challenges. Reporter: Challenges like stunts involving the entire cast. When it comes to jumping off of things, oh, my god. You should see it. It's like -- it's just -- it's There was one day, though, where I remember going back and forth with my friend, Karen, on a very simple jump. It was just a small jump. He made fun of me so badly. It was from said step to mat. But that said step was a moving target. It was just a jump. Well, awkwafina, congratulations to you joining the crew. Thank you. Thank you. When I came on I was looking at them as a group, as a fan girl and, you know, they're a great family to be a part of. There's a family message here. Right? What would you say that message is for somebody watching because it really was a touching few moments. Devito says this quote in the movie that I think resonates not only with audiences who have seen it but it's also like the anchor, anchor of our movie and he says, life is a gift and sometimes we forget that. Reporter: Hard-core fans will notice a few Easter eggs, hidden tributes to the original film starring the late robin Williams. Jumanji. Reporter: But what they won't get is Jack Black's yet to be recorded theme song. I'm sorry. I always sing in the shower. Jumanji it's the jungle inside your soul Reporter: For "Good morning America," Adrienne Bankert, ABC news, Cabo, Mexico. They should really put that on an album. It sounds like when whit sings. No. Jack Black, much better.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Correspondent Adrienne Bankert shares an inside look into the film with the cast","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67734029","title":"An inside look with the cast of 'Jumanji'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/inside-cast-jumanji-67734029"}