Jason George reveals if his brother was a ‘good date’ at the SAG Awards

The “Station 19” star also talks the show’s crossover event with “Grey’s Anatomy.”
3:44 | 01/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason George reveals if his brother was a ‘good date’ at the SAG Awards
Ben Warren on both "Grey's anatomy" and "Station 19," tonight the two shows are meeting in a special crossover event on ABC. You are a busy man. Oh, it's going down tonight. I want to talk to you about something that went down last week in the S.A.G. Awards. I know you get to go every year because you're on the committee. I'm technically a producer of the S.A.G. Award. That's fantastic. What a gig. A great honor to put that together. It seems like that's the party where the actors are so happy to be there. It's the best because everybody relaxes, it's just family. It's just actors who know how to do this thing so everybody -- the first year I went Frances mcdormand was saying come see my play down the street. You had a special date. My wife is a poet and left me to go to Cuba for an arts exchange so I needed a date so I took my brother. This dude. Look at that. Did he have the best time? No, no, okay, even if he wasn't my brother he would be my best friend but he's ridiculous. I turned around and he's talking to mayor garcetti, that's what you do. Strike up a conversation. I turned my back. He's talking to Leonardo Dicaprio. He's talking to Leo Dicaprio. Don't you love a date like that. You never have to worry about him. But I mean I'm one of the producers of this thing. Yeah. And he rolls in, they stop everybody to show your ticket. But if you're walking with Leonardo Dicaprio, nobody stops you at all. I get a hand in my chest but, yeah, okay, never mind. He sounds awesome. He is a great guy. Blue we love you so much on ten years you've been part of the "Grey's" family as Ben Warren. First "Grey's anatomy," now "Station 19." We need to know where do your loyalties lie? It's an impossible question. It's like saying do you like your wife or your mom better? It's an impossible question because there's a family you grew up and the family you helped make so, you know, I can't -- on any given day it depends who made me stay up to 3:00 A.M. Last. We shoot late. You do. I remember that. I want to show everybody what's going on. The thing -- you poor people, there's so many dramas on this show. One tragedy, one amazing situation after another. It's shondaland. We love her. So this picks up right where "Grey's" left off. I want to share. A car crashes into a bar. Your character -- Like you do. And several others are in this bar. Oh, my lord. Here you go. Okay, you're in the bar. He -- he's trapped in a burning bar. There's nothing burning. How bad is the car situation. I have to give you to Warren. Warren? No fire threat but the structure integrity of the front wall has been compromised and the rear exit is blocked and have six injured, some dire. Get here now. It's going down. Action. Action everywhere. Ben Warren, he's also now apparently an architect. Right. Is there anything this man can't do? Your character Ben went from anesthesiologist to surgeon, now firefighter. Now firefighter. What's next for Ben? I got to say the writers are pretty has and came up with an idea, they keep finding ways to do a new thing that makes it look like all that have was Ben goes on a journey this year and finds a way to bring the firefighting and medical piece together in a way that actually makes it all make sense. It's kind of what he was meant to be doing so excited for people it see it. A great tease. We're so excited. Jason, always good to have you. You do a great job in all of your shows and the S.A.G. Awards. Everything, check Jason out, two-hour "Station 19"/"grey's

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The “Station 19” star also talks the show’s crossover event with “Grey’s Anatomy.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68475371","title":"Jason George reveals if his brother was a ‘good date’ at the SAG Awards","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jason-george-reveals-brother-good-date-sag-awards-68475371"}