Jason Segel talks about new film, ‘Our Friend’

Segel plays the friend of a couple in the film whose lives are changed by a cancer diagnosis.
4:56 | 01/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Segel talks about new film, ‘Our Friend’
We're also excited to bring in our next guest, Jason Segel and loved him in everything from "The muppets." How are you? We're doing well. Happy birthday. It was on Monday, big happy birthday to you from us. How did you celebrate? Well, not much really you can do, is there? I walked around and then I had a fried chicken sandwich then I went to sleep. It was very much like all the other days this year. Fried chicken sandwich. Done, done. You just made me hungry listening to that, man. Yeah. One thing you're able to do, got a movie out. Our friend in this movie, it's one couple's life changed by a cancer diagnosis. You play the friend who drops everything and you move in to help them out and help them through a tough time. I'm curious, do you have a friend like this? Yeah, I do, actually my best friend is still the same best friend I had since I was 12 years old, his name is Brian. He's actually a doctor on the front covid lines in New Haven, Connecticut. He would be there in a heartbeat. More the movie, the experience of doing it made me really reckon with -- I picture myself to be a great friend like I would be there in a heartbeat but then I also really, oh, I don't know my friend's kid's name so that's not the same thing so slowly I've been trying over this year to make those two people one person, become more of the friend that I think I am. We all can be a better friend and this movie is based 0en a true story and we're going to take a look at a clip right now. Here's "Our friend." So they know we're here. Say something. Tell them -- I'm going to. I'm thinking of what -- Say words. There's people here. It don't -- There's people here. It doesn't matter what you say. Hey. Now I think they are thinking we're weird. We were here before you. We'll go away soon if you want to wait. Jason, I cannot wait to see this movie. I was reading a review that said you have given the performance of the year in this movie but this is something of a different kind. Wow. Yeah, it's in "The wall Street journal" if you haven't seen it. It's great. But this is kind of a different role for you. What drew you to it? Well, I thought what was really remarkable as sort of trying for the human spirit kind of thing is that Matt Teague who wrote the article and the movie and lost his wife to this disease, he went through the hardest thing someone is going to go through in their life and somehow emerged after grieving being able to frame it as a story of friendship and that was really amazing to me because I mean that's what life is all about is trying to make she's things we go through manageable and learn from them and so I think that there's something really special about the movie. It is honest and heartbreaking but it's also uplifting and I thought that that would be a fun thing to help bring to life. Yeah, there's a good lesson in that for all of us. It is Friday so want to flash back a little bit all the way back to the beginning of your career. So I can't believe this is true when I read this. It's been 20 years since "Freaks and geeks" premiered. Why do you think people are still completely so obsessed and in love with this movie? First of all, that 20 years is making me feel uncomfortable. I've noticed people who I think are my age are calling me Mr. Segel. I hate it. But I do think that "Freaks and geeks" came -- it was a little before its time. It was really painfully honest about how uncomfortable high school is in a time when TV was more escapist and people would glamorize everything so this show is -- that's what it feels like to be in high school for most of us, I think. You feel awkward and uncomfortable like you were invited by mistake. That is the truth and, you know, finally before you go your TV wife Alice Hannigan will be here. Whatuestion do you think we should ask her? Oh, wow. Well, I think that probably like the rest of America, you guys would like to know what her favorite memory of me is. My man. Well played. Well played. Great question. Hey, Jason, thank you so much for joining us. We always appreciate having you on the show. Always a pleasure. Thanks for bringing joy to the world whether we need it. This is "Our friend." It is in theaters and on demand today. Make sure you check it out, everybody.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Segel plays the friend of a couple in the film whose lives are changed by a cancer diagnosis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75422449","title":"Jason Segel talks about new film, ‘Our Friend’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jason-segel-talks-film-friend-75422449"}