Jason Sudeikis on whether he’ll return to ‘SNL’ as Joe Biden

The "Ted Lasso" star talks his new show, life in quarantine, and going viral for punching Baby Yoda on “The Mandalorian.”
5:29 | 08/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Sudeikis on whether he’ll return to ‘SNL’ as Joe Biden
minutes, but first we have our next guest who's made us laugh so much on "Snl" "Horrible bosses," "We're the Millers" now starring in a new show, "Ted lasso." Let's say good morning to Jason sudeikis. You know where we have to start. We have to start with you and Maya, of course, she, Maya Rudolph playing kamala Harris, you, of course, have been playing Joe Biden. You all did this on "Saturday night live." Now, everybody is talking about a possible reunion between you two in some way. How is your Biden impression? Are you up to date? I'm getting there. You know, once I pop in those fake teeth, they have me wear, then that's when it really takes over. I think any television where Maya Rudolph is on it more is good for America. And, of course, Maya Rudolph there, can you give us a quick Biden, just a little Biden this morning? No. No, it costs too much. No, I'm -- He doesn't have his title in. Not for free. Lorne says don't do what you do well for free. He's the one that bring me. How are things going in quarantine? You've got two little kids. I hear they are really loving "Hamilton" right about now. Yeah, I mean, you know, thank you for lin-manuel Miranda, you know, that's modern-day version of "Schoolhouse rock" right there. Yeah, I had no idea my kids had the capacity to, you know, drop bars like that. Very impressive. Helping them with articulation. They're learning about American history and, so, yeah, we're doing great over here. Well, that's definitely good to hear. Jason, we want to talk about the show here because you play an American football coach who then goes to England to coach soccer. Your name is Ted lasso. There's so many different things here that we can key on, but I need to ask you playing this role do you know anything about soccer? How is your knowledge these days? Very shallow. Very shallow knowledge but a deep, deep appreciation for it. Yeah, everything I've learned about soccer has been by the virtue of having friends that know a lot more then being kind enough to share with me then playing FIFA, you know, online. FIFA, of course. Against friends, exactly. My kids are learning about history from, you know, Broadway musicals and I'm learning about soccer strategy from video games. We're doing great over here. Well, also's take a look at you, Jason, in action. We've got a clip. How do you take your tea? Well, usually I take it right back to the counter because someone's made a horrible mistake but when it Rome, right? Yeah. Look at that. Okay. Mm-mm. Uh-huh. Well? You know, I always figure that tea was just going to taste like hot brown water and you know what, I was right. Yeah, it's horrible. No thank you. Welcome to England. So we know how Ted feels about tea. Are you a tea or coffee guy, Jason? Oh, I goat down with both. No, doing the show, you know, writing, producing, acting on it I would say that cav fee should be a co-producer. Yes, I concur. We do the early mornings and like our coffee here as well. Your early mornings and our late nights at "Snl," it became quite the fuel. The same fuel they used in the '70s on that show. If you believe everything you read and hear. Of course. Dropping bombs in early morning television. We have to ask about some controversy, though. You did appear in "The mandalorian." You played a stormtrooper and you punched little baby yoda in the face. The internet went wild. Have you fully recovered yet from the abuse you took? Yes, I mean I think the karmic swingback is our little girl Daisy just being, you know, in full threenager mode. That was something that got, you know, that I realized well after the fact that Olivia told me I was trending on Twitter the morning of the episode showing up and I was initially kind of surprised and then I was, you know, worried as anyone would be in this day and age like, why, why am I -- when she reminded me, oh, right, because I had done it so many months before I completely forgot. Yeah, it's -- you know, it's nothing I approve of. I think, you know, that's just me playing a role. Just a role. Just a role. You know, again, you know, it's just like the teeth. You put on a mask and turn to the dark side a little bit. Before we let you go I want to ask how your mom is doing. She's my travel agent and I haven't been doing a lot of traveling so I haven't been talking to her that much. How is she doing? She's doing well. Yeah, my folks are doing great. They're holed up in Kansas City. They've already watched the first three episodes of "Ted lasso" on apple. You know, I think they watched them last night so, yeah, they're hanging in there. That's awesome. Send her my love and thank you, Jason, for making us laugh this morning. We certainly appreciate it. Absolutely. We can't wait to watch more of you. The first three episodes we know his parents watched but you can too available of "Ted lasso" on apple TV plus with new episodes premiering on Fridays. Thanks again, Jason. Absolutely, thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"The \"Ted Lasso\" star talks his new show, life in quarantine, and going viral for punching Baby Yoda on “The Mandalorian.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72370891","title":"Jason Sudeikis on whether he’ll return to ‘SNL’ as Joe Biden","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jason-sudeikis-hell-return-snl-joe-biden-72370891"}