Jed Wyatt opens up about the shocking 'Bachelorette' finale

Wyatt shares his side of the story after all the drama from the season finale left Bachelor Nation reeling.
5:42 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Jed Wyatt opens up about the shocking 'Bachelorette' finale
Everybody does before rescuing. Definitely, rescue, everybody. "Gma" cover story, Jed from "The bachelorette" is here live to tell his side of the story after that shocking finale, Hannah breaking off their engagement after discovering his big secret. We're going to talk to Jed in a moment but first here's a look at his "Bachelorette" journey roll on over with me honey Reporter: His guitar and voice made him fall hard. I'm falling in love with you. Reporter: Jed fighting for her heart from the start. Pulling off a power move straight from the big screen. His say anything window serenade tricking Hannah. I'll be your mister right girl Reporter: The thing is he wasn't Mr. Right. Right after the ring, a bombshell. Hannah finding out Jed had a girlfriend all along. I don't love you like that anymore. So this is over. Yes. Reporter: We heard from Hannah. It's hard to watch it back but, you know, it just made me stronger. Reporter: Now it's time to hear from Jed. And Jed is joining us now. Jed, thank you so much for joining us, man. Thanks for having me. What a wild ride this season was especially for you. And a lot of people wondering why were you not honest with Hannah from the beginning? You know, I was really overwhelmed with how much I actually did fall in love with her and I was fearful to lose her and I was acting really more out of fear than my actual love for her and, you know, that's my mistake but that's kind of what happened. And I'm sure you knew you were busted when Hannah sent you the article but did anybody give you a heads-up? Did you anticipate that that was coming? You know, we had discussed that situation prior to the article and then we discussed it, you know, the day before the article actually came out so we had touched a lot of bases on it but still, you know, I was fearful and held out on some of the details that in turn caused us to end. And you were very apologetic on Tuesday night. Seemed very sincere about it. Did you have to do some soul searching to get to that point? You know, it was one of those things that I knew how sorry I was, I knew how much I loved her and how her happiness was in my best interest and, you know, would have been easy to turn away and not even show up to "After the final rose" and I just wanted to be there for her so that she could have her closure and so that not only in her eyes but in the eyes of everyone else, you know, let everyone know that I am sorry, especially her. Did you get your closure out of all this? It's -- I do have closure now knowing, you know, that she has moved on, but it still hurts because I love her and I do want the best for her but ultimately I have to just move on. Now we saw the finale and when you guys got back together but have you talked to her since? I have not. No. Any plans or intentions to reach out at any point? I'm sure we'll reconnect on some -- in some way. We're on decent terms with each other and we can, you know, still be friends, I hope, and that's all I could ask for. We saw the end of your engagement but saw something unexpected from Hannah. She asked Tyler out on a date. Right. How did you feel about that? You know, I had a feeling something was up and I couldn't really put a finger on it when I was there that day. I know there was a lot of nerves and a lot of tension, but, you know, her happiness is my best interest. I want her to be happy and Tyler is one of my friends. He's a great guy and, you know, if that's what is supposed to be then I support that. The thing about you -- you're on a show like this. All your business is out there and everybody finds everything about you. Everybody is going, there goes that Jed guy singing his way down the street. So how have you -- how have you and your family faced some of the backlash that has come your way. I think that's been one of the hardest parts of all this is kind of seeing how it affected my family and knowing it's not their fault. They didn't sign up for this. All the family, the other guy, Hannah's family, no one really signs up for this and it's been hard to see them, you know, try to work through everything and to try to, you know, help them get through all this because it's hard for everyone and -- but, you know, time will carry us through this and with god and everything, I'm praying that, you know, this will all pass and that it's healing for them. I'm just curious, what would you have done differently and does this change your approach to new relationships? Oh, absolutely. I really -- all my actions towards Hannah, all my emotions were as authentic and real as it could be but I wish I had been more detailed and open to her earlier on and absolutely will affect how I am as a person, you know, this whole show really opened my eyes to a lot 6 things and changed me in a lot of ways and with my newfound perspective I hope to move forward and be a better man. We'll keep our eyes open for what you got next. Thanks for coming here and answering these questions. Thanks for doing that. Cecilia, we go over to you.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Wyatt shares his side of the story after all the drama from the season finale left Bachelor Nation reeling. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64703275","title":"Jed Wyatt opens up about the shocking 'Bachelorette' finale ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jed-wyatt-opens-shocking-bachelorette-finale-64703275"}