Jennifer Garner on new sweet potato pie flavor that gives back to hungry kids

The actress and ambassador for Save the Children is launching the recipe on Giving Tuesday for a good cause.
5:29 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner on new sweet potato pie flavor that gives back to hungry kids
Back on "Gma," one of our favorite and most talented guest, a business woman, ambassador for save the children and the actress we loved in roles like "Alias" and "13 going on 30." Let's say good morning to Jennifer garner. Good morning, Jennifer. Hi. How are you? Hey, you guys. Hey. I wish I were there with you. We do as well. We're doing great and so happy to have you in this capacity if this is what it takes. We're 24 days away from Christmas and we know you love to cook. What's your favorite thing to bake for Christmas? Oh, I mean, Christmas, are you kidding me? You just go off. Well, I mean obviously we'll bake cookies for Santa and that will be sugar cookies that are decorated but it'll also be just my family's old favorite old gingersnap recipe because they smell like Christmas. You know, you have your traditional holiday recipes from your family and one of them was the inspiration for the new evidenduct from once upon a farm. Tell us about that. Okay, so my grandma exi always, always made sweet potato pudding and the flavors just taste like Thanksgiving but we have it Thanksgiving, Christmas, new year's day, all fall long and once upon a farm I re-created the flavors with Cassandra Curtis, one of our co-founders and but we left out the sugar because we're in no sugar company so we have sweet potatoes, coconut milk, pumpkin spice and vanilla and the most exciting thing we're sharing proceeds with save the children. Today is the day. Giving Tuesday we're kicking off our partnership finally at long last with the organization I've worked "For life" so long save the children helping kids in rural America. And I love that. You're not just kicking off a new flavor but launching it for a good cause. As you said it is giving Tuesday. But you just don't have your name on the company. You actually get out there and you work the family farm. So when did you learn to drive a tractor? Well, I grew up with my cousin Brian taking me for rides on this family farm where my mom grew up in a tractor and I've always just, you know when you just have a place that just makes you happy, this farm is that place and as you can see, the tractor is my favorite place to be. My uncle Robert and my aunt Janet after 40 years of being a plumber I asked uncle Robert, hey, I have this company now and we would love if you would become a bio dynamic or began ink farmer so sure enough he did and he's just the best out there he and aunt Janet working the fields and this year we grew sweet potatoes to go into our sweet potato pie. Yes, and you know, we have one here. Robin -- She's almost done with her pack right now. It's good. It's really good. I haven't tried it yet. It's like a sweet potato. Michael, I know you won't be able to resist it. No, I'm not going to be able to resist it and you'll help me for Christmas. Now I'll hand out thes you walk through the door, here's your meal. You know, you know what I love about you, the way you do everything, this family farm, you have your and I know last time you were here, a while back, you said that you had a yes day for your kids. That no matter what they asked, you had to say yes. But I hear you're now turning that into ray movie. There are rules, first of all, Michael, don't go bananas and let them think they can have whatever they want, 50 dogs and -- we did, we shot the movie. It is coming out next year and I could not be more excited. Edgar Ramirez plays my husband, Jenna Ortega and Julia -- we have the most amazing cast, the best kids. It's just the sweetest most heartfelt fun kind of wish fulfillment movie ever. You know you have been doing that, and providing that. People if they don'tollow you on social media, Jennifer, you're uplifting. You're funny, especially when on the farm and things like that how have you been able to be this beacon of light to give them a little hope and fun? Oh, my gosh, robin. You're the best. I mean by the way, if you don't follow robin, follow robin for a morning prayer and motivational moment together. I just -- I love it. I really rely on you, robin. But, gosh, I don't know. I don't post all the time. Only when something actually really inspires me to be creative. But you just -- whatever feels fun and light and funny, I'm all for it. And that's what it is. It's so organic. Oh, Michael, would you lay off of that? I mean you're about to -- I'm happy you're talking so I could eat. That's what it is. Keep going. But still she's so organic, much like this. That's what really comes through, your authenticity. Thank you, guys. Jennifer, we appreciate you and thank you for breakfast. When is fantastic and you can get Jennifer garner's recipe for her family's holiday sweet potato pudding on and to learn more check out once upon a farm Let's go back to ginger.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"The actress and ambassador for Save the Children is launching the recipe on Giving Tuesday for a good cause. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74476085","title":"Jennifer Garner on new sweet potato pie flavor that gives back to hungry kids","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennifer-garner-sweet-potato-pie-flavor-back-hungry-74476085"}