'Jeopardy!' phenom scores 23rd victory

James Holzhauer is closing in on Ken Jennings' record for highest-winning champion, but Jennings describes Holzauer's winning streak as "something special."
2:47 | 05/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Jeopardy!' phenom scores 23rd victory
Back now with that "Jeopardy" phenom, James Holzhauer back from a two-week break back to winning. 23rd victory. Will he catch Ken Jennings? That is the big question. Jennings has something to say about it. Even those who don't regularly watch "Jeopardy" know his name because James Holzhauer is on fire. If he continues to average about 77,000 bucks a show, he'll best Ken Jennings' record in just ten more games. James. What is a puggle. Correct. Reporter: Jockeying his way to the top again. His response was correct. Reporter: For the 23rd consecutive time James Holzhauer walking away champ. This time winning nearly $90,000. How long will it take him to reach 2 million? Reporter: He has been more than happy to explain exactly how he steamrolls his challengers. Just kind of lucky in a way that the buzzer technique I practiced turned out to be such a successful one. Reporter: Now past challengers are speaking out about facing the champ incluing competitor Claudia Walters who lost by more than $100,000. 118,816. Reporter: She believes only one person is capable of stopping Holzhauer's dominating run. It's going to actually take James taking himself out. He's going to have to make a mistake on doubles and go all in before we see him lose. You know what's funny is seeing all these media depictions of me as an intellectual. Reporter: Holzhauer has earned his share of critics. Calling him everything from unfair to a menace but Ken Jennings is not among them. I used to be Mr. "Jeopardy" but no longer. Reporter: Despite Holzhauer closing in on Jennings' record for highest winning champion set 15 years ago his predecessors says he admires how the reigning champ is changing the game by aggressively wagering and playing the board from the bottom up. 11,914. Reporter: In a "Washington post" op-ed he confessed I I may hold a bunch of "Jeopardy" records but at heart I'm just a fan of the show and this streak is something special. So $1.7 million. 23 games. Jasmine says in addition to his strategy, she says he has superior buzzer skills. That helps him. I was on celebrity jeopardy one time. I was bad. It was the buzzer. When -- It was the buzzer? It was like -- But it is true. You've got to time it just so but you also have to know the answers. Come on, give the guy some credit. He's good. He would end up beating Ken Jennings' record in about half the amount of games. The buzzer, robin is sticking

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"James Holzhauer is closing in on Ken Jennings' record for highest-winning champion, but Jennings describes Holzauer's winning streak as \"something special.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63169383","title":"'Jeopardy!' phenom scores 23rd victory","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jeopardy-phenom-scores-23rd-victory-63169383"}