'Avengers' Jeremy Renner talks teaching his daughter Hawkeye's skills

The star of one of the most anticipated movies ever discusses what fans can expect, live on "GMA."
5:03 | 04/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Avengers' Jeremy Renner talks teaching his daughter Hawkeye's skills
one of the avengers back as hawkeye in "Avengers: Endgame." Please welcome Jeremy Renner. Oh. Hello. Hi. How are you? Good to see you. Thanks for coming. How are you, brother. Hello. What's up, guys? Awesome. Well, hello. Great to see you. You give them a lot of coffee. They're good. Did you see the Beyonce dance challenge? I did see that. You got some Beyonce dance moves. I don't think I could do that sober, no. Which of your avengers stars do you think would do well at that challenge? Evans. Chris Evans. Interesting. I would not have guessed him. Yeah, yeah, you probably -- yeah. Got the moves. I thought Hemsworth for sure. I think the muscles get in True. Helps with the dexterity. So what was it like to get -- to have the honor at the Chinese theater to have your -- Yeah, that was really, really we were all pretty ex-haulsed from the press tour and then the premiere the night before but we all managed to kind of duct tape ourselves together and put our hands and feet in concrete and sign the thing. I remember my first time going to Los Angeles when I moved there like 26 years ago and seeing r2-d2 and all these things, right? It's hard to sort of quantify. It's surreal. It was great, wonderful honor. Congratulations. I got to do it with some really wonderful friends. So you saw the movie for the first time, full movie on Monday night. Yeah, yeah, I saw -- was it last night? God. Two nights ago. Two nights ago? So what's the headline of your review? Marvelous. Don't spoil the endgame. You have a career in pr. What's it been like for you? I know you've been nonstop promoting it and can't say anything. How do you do it? I got to do a lot of the press with Paul Ruud who I know is actually -- He's coming Friday. He's coming Friday. And I think I have a six-pack because of laughing with him. Funniest people I know and so we make up other things and made up the movie 50-year-old virgins and talked about that movie. Doesn't really exist. It will next year. So you guys making a spoof -- is this on something else. What should we ask him on Friday? He's here in my pocket, man. I take him everywhere I go. You can ask him yourself. You know, yeah, just tell him I love him. We are always texting each other how much we love each other because press can be daunting so especially with things we can't speak about but had a good time and even for the poor interviewers they really can't ask any questions. We just had a good laugh. We're so happy it's out now to have a normal conversation. Neither of you were in "Avengers: Infinity war." Yeah. Is that how you bonded -- 50-year-old virgins. We were on vacation. Playing ping-pong. Who knows but that's -- we had -- it was our decision to be in that, "Endgame." Your daughter is 6. My daughter just turned 6, yeah. Does she have any idea dad is a superhero? She knows that I'm on her pajamas. And then I have a bow and arrow but she's not -- she's seen me in costume on set but has no idea but I teach her archery but I don't know what -- Wow. In the backyard. -- She thinks about me. You're on her pajamas. Hands in concrete an on my daughter's pajamas so winning, winning, right? Want to see more of hawkeye. In "Endgame." Beyond that I think I read somewhere maybe television, miniseries? I don't read so I don't know. Oh, no, so you're doing it again. You are back to no answers. I'm telling you. Thank you for coming in. "Avengers: Endgame" hits

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The star of one of the most anticipated movies ever discusses what fans can expect, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62594061","title":"'Avengers' Jeremy Renner talks teaching his daughter Hawkeye's skills","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jeremy-renner-dishes-avengers-endgame-62594061"}