Stars of 'Tag' were inspired by the real-life story behind the movie

Jeremy Renner and Leslie Bibb talk about their off-screen friendship and how he broke both arms on the second day of filming their new movie, "Tag."
7:27 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for Stars of 'Tag' were inspired by the real-life story behind the movie
Our next guest starred in the upcoming comedy "Tag" earn spired by arue story of a group of friends playing the same game of tag for 23 years. We'll give warm welcome to Jeremy Renner and Leslie bibb because, tag, they are it. ??? I can make your hands clap ??? Hi. Hi. You look so bright and flowery. Good T see you. You too. You too. Thank you guys for joining us, man. Good morning. Good morning, America. Oh, yes. Very nicely done. We screwed it up last time. B it was funny. Good. I worked out in the end. And, boy, what a movie, "Tag." This I the first time you guys ve worked together. Yeah. You guys have known each other for a long time. Very long time. Like 10 or 11 years. 10 or 11 year. Yeah, he was there the first night I met Sam. Yeah, yeah. I don't K if we want to go into that. H met me that night and had a ne for me because I was like -- Museum girl. I said to Sam let's go to a museum so he was like who is museum girl? So I became museum girl Kind of like a brotrly/sisterly relationship. I love this gal like a S you want to love and- And what? Want to love andhen kind of T love sometim. You know. It's a complicated relathip brother and sister and I have a lot of sisters and this did like another one. Very complicated. All right. You just made me hold my breath. Here's what happens. We're in a wedding -- I'm in a wedding dress, I'm sweating from erything, and he's sitting there like, ok and woo's about to say our vows and loves to go like trachea punch and I'm like, I'm going to murder you. I'm sweating. What are you doing? So that's what he was a like picks on me constantly. No, I love you. So sweet. Now, go brush your teeth. See. So complicated. I can see what this was like hind the scenes now making this movie. Jeremy, you play hawkeye I "Aveers." Yes. There's that. Hawkeye playing tag. T might be a little more dangerous, so,leslie, you were in the "Ir man" vies. Think any O your co-stars could join the franchise jz. WHA do you think? Like annger plang tag. Yes. The hulk. Tt's true. He would smash you. And you're done. Nobody could win. The game would be over. You would just die. I do actually feel like granted my character's name is Susan and I'm marry Jeremy's acter, his name is Jerry and I'm so -- Why do you make it so complicated? I'm telling these people the plot of the movie. So but I feel like I'mo ride or die my character is I feel Yo could actuay beat the hulk becaus Jerry, your character would be better thanhe hulk. That's nice to sa His character has never been tagged in the movie. Because he's very fast and he is very fast in real life. In real life. He' quick. He's really like -- The matrix. Granting everything this morning. I know, Jeremy, you work wit so many talented people includingleslie. Is there anyone in particular that you would love to work with that you haven't worked with already. Like a dead or alive thg? Yeah. Why Y making it so complicated? Yes, yes. I think godzilla, I would likeoork with godzilla. I think he wld bring a lot to the table. LE shshakespearin the spark. With all this fun I'm dying see a clip of the mie so let's take a look. Let's watch it. ?????? Ooh. Go, go, go, go. Hey. He's got fl loss of consciousness. Excuse me, everyone. Everything is fine. This is all just a game. You are quick. Hs very quick. Eslie, when you first read the script and knowing it was a true story I have to get your initial reaction to it. I love the chacter I play of Susan. She's -- I don't know. I thought it was so funny. The script is absurd. Is absurd but here's what's amazing. We went to returner's house last week, the night before the premiere and he had all the tag guys and there's actually ten of them and they were all there and this crazy thing just watching them, they truly love each other and they're as crazy as the story seems there's something wonder about the ten guys that commito one Mon a year to play thisame for 30 years. They're still playg. They're still playing it. Since they were 9 years old. It's all based on a true story and actually when they were at my house they all got a little teary because it was the first time in a decade that'll ten got together in the same room. Yeah. Because usually -- Yeah, exactly. And by the way, their wives are on it. Their wives take part in it. It's a family affair. That sounds cool but what 'T cool I heard there are a loof stts. You broke both arm. That wasn't cool. Well, yes. How did you do that. I took a comedy after all these action movies to break my arms and it's on the second day of shooting, as well which was quite unfortunate. Knowing especiallyecause I had to shoot "Avengers" after that and so I went to -- broke -- I definitely fell -- felt like I got a helmet sting falling 20 feet with my arm, hang on let me do thetunt again and did it and I'm like, yeah, I got to go to the hospital to check it out. That's T. Broke it here and broke it here and then got cast on and went back to work and finished the day. Right back towork. He S right back to work but th's like -- I tooting your horn right now. That -- I didn't know I had a horn but. Honk, ho, honk. Are you a bicycle or something? Honk, honk. Honk, honk. That would shut down a lot of movies. Yeah. It would shut -- everyone was like I'm out of a job and this little nugget came back to work. Yeah. You little nugget. I'll tell you what. I Thi you guys need another movie together. I think you nd another movie togher and need to show up every wee do that I personally would love to see that. Leslie, Jeremy, hey, thank you guys. This honestly, this is a lot of fun. It is "Tag." That is the movie. It is in theaters thisriday.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"Jeremy Renner and Leslie Bibb talk about their off-screen friendship and how he broke both arms on the second day of filming their new movie, \"Tag.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55834539","title":"Stars of 'Tag' were inspired by the real-life story behind the movie","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jeremy-renner-leslie-bibb-open-tag-55834539"}