John Cena talks about his new children's book, 'Elbow Grease: Fast Friends'

The WWE superstar's book is the third installment of his series.
5:53 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for John Cena talks about his new children's book, 'Elbow Grease: Fast Friends'
What is perfect our next guest, a man of many talents, John Cena is a WWE superstar, actor, best-selling author and can bench press over 400 pounds. His new children's book, "Elbow grease" fast friends is out now. Good to see. You thank you so much for having me back. Great to see you virtually but still great to see you. Either way it's always great. That was your WWE walkout song. The time is now 15 years later. Do you still love it when you hear it or kind of over it, sick of it? It's been about 20 years and I've heard that music every night multiple times and I never get sick of it. It is fantastic that people have embraced it whether to make a meme or just for a WWE event or the excitement it brings people. I never get sick of it. Such a good sport about that. "Suicide squad" sequel, a lot of people are excited about this. You'll play a peacemaker in the sequel. I know there is a lot of mystery, is there just one thing, John, you can tell us about it? Oh, yeah, I'll state the obvious. James Gunn, the root of all the excitement is about. The cast has so many big names and can look for so many spectacular performances but that world is so excited because of James. He has a proven track record for creating wonderful narrative and telling exciting stories and taking bold chances. When you hear that he is attached everybody gets excited. We saw a clip of you in your looks amazing. You know the part of a superhero. You had to train to be a superhero in the movie. What's tougher training to be a WWE superstar or training to be a superhero? Well, physically the training for both is equal because I never change the way I live. I kind of train to be as healthy and strong as I can be given the confines of a 24-hour day. Much more difficult to be a WWE superstar because in a time before covid I would step in and a giant group of people would tell me I suck so that takes you a thick skin you have to develop that you don't get on the set of "Suicide squad." You say you never change the way you live as in never change? Come on. I know you eat healthy. Obviously you're working out but don't you have at least one cheat food? You know what, I should retract that statement because I believe we should always evolve. I'm constantly changing but I try to develop consistency because long-term health and wellness is a consistency is the root of that. I love cookies. I'm like the cookie monster. Yesterday I may have had over my limit of cookies but that's my go-to food. You know, you're always finding creative ways to stay positive and encourage your fans to never give up. How do you keep that up and keep telling yourself that. The give-back of energy that we as WWE performers. You get the same thing, socially interactive with people watching the program. Their attitude and energy can help you and support you especially during down times and I've always said WWE is my family and heavily leaned on the WWE universe and they lean back on me and share that energy and never give up philosophy, a lot is rooted in their energy. Let's talk about your children's book, "Elbow grease" fast friends. Third installment. What made you choose to go from wrestler to children book's author. In WWE a lot of kids and families were watching me specifically and attached to those words "Never give up" so as my career dwindles I wanted to continue to send that message but just like I do in WWE. I don't hit people over the head with it pun infepded so we have this wonderful world of crazy large monster trucks that have a great time in their demolition derby but underlying themes of perseverance, self-worth, managing emotion, confronting fears, all that have is in the book for the reader to take away if they choose. It is not forced. What's there is a wonderful cool story about monster trucks wrecking stuff. And a family of monster trucks at that. There is a word -- I've read -- a big hit. Gumption. You use that a lot. When you introduce young readers to a clever new word like gumption, they ask what is it and that begins a conversation about perseverance and grit which is an essential topic that needs to be discussed if you have any long-term success in life. We follow you on social media as well. Your inspiring messages you put out, you know, do you have a morning mantra for us this You know what, this morning, just because of recent events I would venture to say that let us not forget that the purpose of any political race is to provide security, guidance and lay the foundation of future prosperity for the human race, all of us so my thoughts are to provoke conversation and hope that provokes conversation in a riveting morning conversation thank you so much for having me. Ah. Such a renaissance man. The man with everything. Thank you so much. I have to get my life together. Ponder that. "Elbow grease" fast friends is out now. Thank you so much, John. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"The WWE superstar's book is the third installment of his series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73334084","title":"John Cena talks about his new children's book, 'Elbow Grease: Fast Friends'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/john-cena-talks-childrens-book-elbow-grease-fast-73334084"}