John C. Reilly dishes on 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'

The actor and comedian opens up about what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated animated sequel.
5:40 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for John C. Reilly dishes on 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'
Our next guest is incredibly talented. He's an actor who's done more than 80 movies from "Chicago" and "Games of New York" to "Talladega nights," shake and bake, "Stepbrothers" and "Ralph breaks the internet," please welcome John C. Reilly. ??? Go this feeling ??? Nice to meet you. Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing? How are you doing? That was impressive too. They said you have to break dance. I guess they were talking about the previous guest. I'm not sure. You got some moves there. Yeah, well, thank you. I heard, Michael, you were moonwalking on the street not long ago. Every once in a while I'll bust a move. Every once in a while but I'm not doing that I need to learn that. I like that. But I love this looming larger than life behind you right there. Good old Ralph. Now, we can tell that you -- you love your hats, so what hat would be appropriate for him? What hat would be appropriate for good old Ralph? Let's take a look. This one is hideous. We'll get rid of that one. That one maybe. There you go. That's a nice touch. Yeah. That's close. I mean, there. There we go. You got it to fit. You weren't giving up your hat. I could give him my hat. No, love your style. But love these movie, by the way. Most actors say they love doing animated movies because they go into the booth and be as comfortable as they want to be in pajamas. We have video of you. I mean, like what am I going to do all day? Come on. Are you kidding? You sleep in, you do no work then you go to tappers with me every night. I've literally just described paradise. But I loved my game. Sweet echo, check this out. Cacaw, cacaw! You are so well dressed. You are so well dressed in the booth. No sweatpants. I know, sometimes when you have the right to wear sweatpants you go for a three-piece suit instead, what can I say? It made Sara very happy and she's so sweet. It got to be this running joke I would show up way overdressed for our recordings sessions and, yeah, it's a good thing to make Sara happy. She's a sweet girl. She is a sweet girl and I love her voice. Fun to see you in the booth. A lot of types with we talk to actors about animated features they're in the booth alone but you really wanted that connection with your other actors. Yeah, I figured if we're going to work with someone that's fun and creative as Sarah Silverman like why not have them in the room with you. A lot of times -- yeah. A lot of times -- yeah, a lot of times actors going for animated movies are just alone playing someone's best friend but never lay eyes on them and I thought, we ought to be in the room together so we can find stuff and improvise and, yeah, Sarah and I definitely did that a lot for this movie so I think it has an extra soulful quality because we're looking at each other. And you riffed. Oh, yeah, we riffed like crazy. Want to see a little bit? "Ralph breaks the internet." Here it is. "Ralph breaks the internet." 350. 1,000. 1,000. We now have a bid of 1,000. Way to go, kid. That is a huge number. Thank you. Check this out. 15,000! 15,000. Do I hear 15,500? 15-5er. 16. 17. 23. 25. 27 and one. And sold for 17,001 to the barefoot hobo in the broken overalls. Ah. Yeah, Ralph doesn't quite understand the concept of auctions and like what it means -- what these numbers mean. He thinks you just say news and gets the thing then he realizes you have to pay for it and have to figure out how to go into the internet and get this part for Penelope's game but what it's about is the friendship between these two and what it means to be a good friend and what happens when friends change and evolve, how do you be a good friend to somebody even when it means they might spend less time with you, so it's got a real sweet beating heart, this movie. Ah. You've done over 80 movies and your range is incredible. I agree. Yes. But this surprisingly this is the only sequel you've ever done. I know. Well, I was in "Anchorman 2" but I wasn't in "Anchorman 1." So technically -- if one of the greats. Everything that you've done, is there one movie you make a sequel to of all -- I know what you want to say. "Stepbrothers." Yes. Would you, could you? Yeah, if possible. It requires the cooperation of a few other people but I would love to do another one of those, yeah. We would love to see that, man. We got one of them. We got one of them. We got one and we'll hold out for the other but until then keep on just making movies. We love when you do it. John C. Reilly in "Ralph breaks the internet" and it hits theaters own November 21st. Make sure you check it out, everybody.

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{"id":59028856,"title":"John C. Reilly dishes on 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'","duration":"5:40","description":"The actor and comedian opens up about what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated animated sequel. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/john-reilly-dishes-ralph-breaks-internet-59028856","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}