John Turturro talks 'Gloria Bell', Julianne Moore and his long career

The actor appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and shares why taking on his newest role was a no-brainer.
20:43 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for John Turturro talks 'Gloria Bell', Julianne Moore and his long career
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where I tell you. What's happening at the movies and there's a movie now local school worry about. Which I really like it tremendously. And in good measure because of the two lead performances Julian Moore and my guess today. John to turow. They play fewer divorced people who I would say maybe aren't meant for each other. But should be in some fundamental way I would agree with that that wasn't what got here got hit that's about. But you describe who disguised. Wiped. I think I was interested in doing the movie first of all because I want to where would you land facility. The original film and Sebastian but little did. To it was a wonderful film. You don't really see films about people. In the middle of their lives and now trying to you know connect again. But I think in her case she's. She's really brazen and how she tries and he's. Really tries to escape. This dysfunctional relationship which he's. Somewhat separated from but not enough. And you see you newly divorced yeah me you know how divorce is easy just separated him you know. Somewhere woman till he's not divorce that'll. But I I think what's interesting about the character and the way the director Sebastian described in this that he keeps trying. And failing and trying and he has something. Great in front of him as a wonderful opportunity if someone. Like many people sometimes they can't. I'm war themselves from the dysfunctional relationship guild. Had the he's got there in the kids and everything and so. You see this. Relationship on and a walk on and off on and off and should she is a family to and and she's not a perfect person but she's really willing. She wants it. She's had over a decade being divorced that's so she learned to basically live with. Her relationship with her children. An ex husband but when you put it you make. I feel for him and some wet plot and runs away from that. Stanley thing he's at that's not his family being without saying goodbye because he. Listening to annex has been talk about until wedding pictures. When that people permitted I don't think. Torres advances they imagine themselves to be. You know you can be which someone you know for a long time and so this person we were lovers. Doesn't matter if you're twenty sometimes fifty. I thought security organ. Thing about older people may mean they have path. Have a big path. And you know sometimes you can you're going to come into contact with them. You know and but it's still possible you know for someone. Two. To enjoy life and then some people don't think they deserve. To. Well you have a line that's about that I didn't think this would ever happen for me. That's very touching. But this because I've and we both talked about this setting up this scene that we're going to show is you having a confrontation. With. Julian haulers character about. Leaving her right you know let me these are the first right so let's look at that Colette leave us. I really need you to listen to me. And do happy to be so there's an awful lot. I was introducing you to my family. I brought it to my son's birthday party and you have the nerve does just saying affair wasn't an easy situation. I searched for your eyes again and again. And in exists. We will in we were remote eating public anyhow it. Make me sick. I threw well I don't know how you could do something like that to me. Grow a pair. Grow appear. I agree with would Gloria. You know when people connect with other people. They're putting their ten. On themselves. And some. Much of light sometimes we're stock and our own level mobile and I think this movie X was what it is to connect and then. And then you can continue that and develop it you know that that grow war you know breaking away and he needs. Kind of fried Giles that way and I think he has something that's. You know potentially wonderful. Ten. It is moments you have to really root for them as a couple for the film to work and I think as like. I think Sebastien has gotten so Jacoby and you know approach to things that people try you know and but they're really flawed you know that they're in love with someone but they never say it. They never act on it you know social but it is very simple dialogue. Penalties could this complexity. A feelings. And emotion and you know. Like I said it before. Someone like Beckett says you know you. You fail you know try again and it failed better but its like that so much of life. That way. That. Not being afraid of failure and I think. Because then you don't. You know second guess yourself some time. Is that a white two are akin to you as an actor taking on another role I I could argue putting yourself out there again yeah yeah. I mean I I'd there are. Things I feel like I've. You know succeeded to the best of my ability with an amount of time I had. There are times doesn't work sometimes the film doesn't work sometimes your choice doesn't work. You don't know. But when you were working poor working together. The personable back and forth. And unions agree. Partner that way and so was Sebastian. Then you're. It's a creative environment. But you never know how to directors could treat you were whenever and sometimes I can be really protective it first. To. Because trust Eisen friendship and relationship. Is burned in Newton you operate so you never know that's kind of the the joy of it a lot to act as we'll tell you now preparing. I got this great job and as it inches closer to doing it. They didn't like. You know stage fright you're like oh my god what's gonna happen until you get into it and doing it but it depends. Who you're doing it when it you've worked with some filmmakers certainly. Likely how many likely I don't know but I Don like four big roles and then watches more rules it made nine movies -- rose work with. Four times and then I play would be fined them in the executive produce film laments cigarettes so. There are people I would've loved for just goes the Robert Redford you know. And many meaning of the directors. We're we're not moretti that you will you want to work with the second time sometimes you get that opportunity. And sometimes you don't directors that once is enough you know but that is not that often I'm usually more careful. About that but. Just some people really love they like other people. And some people don't mean they have something in her head. And they want you to be the instrument. To. Captured that in its in your head but that's how it is. What an actor can bring to something. I can do what you want but how I do it. It is should be the actor's choice would you give them a range. When you do but there is there's no such thing as John Turturro performance in a way well there is well thank you in terms I'm. I'm speaking if you is that Jesus in the big will act but that's something that's five minutes I've got to do a lot. Five minute but you do do a lot Judy that that everybody that's ever seen it remembers him and I attacked while it's also how the public has put together well. Yet the Coen Brothers are pretty pretty they can they can put something together and he walked playing or slash patter. And then you could be in quiz show for Robert Redford where your plane a moral guy herb stempel who. Is on a quiz show and is being pushed aside for somebody that supposedly more photogenic you know there are some. Actors. I'm from the fear yeah I was training to be. Beautifully and I've done Beckett and chuck carver of them. I join a country in the deep blue yeah and so. You know mighty. Goal. There's always two to view a transformative. The transforming actor and uninterested in doing different things on mom doing the night of that's a different job that's a different challenge to sustain something for almost ten hours would. You're big you're not only your sustaining it and you're what you're doing this many theories that but there also these other factors that you as a human being here this was. James Gandolfini was supposed to be and that they had dinner for one day Wednesday at one he was gone he wasn't. Just another really great actor he was a friend of yours he has in romance and. Yeah that's I mean jamming is someone I really love and who is an extra incentive to me to do them because he's someone I. I really. Madness. As. As a performer as a friend. The very special guy he and his sensitivity about now is really special so I. I kept it in my mind of finding that character joins don't know on my home but he was an extra incentive to me but I've always liked. You know challenges. Want to keep. Challenging myself stretch of myself. How critical are you review I'm true I'm very I'm I've edited myself. And I can tell you when I like what I do. I know what I'd like think I look right in the role column photograph but I am I'm. Certain things or review every case and you know I'm doing an accent to this I told this is good that's no good that's too much. Lot of times you see yourself. Being muscular in your approach and you realize okay. Now I can let go in and I can be simpler but keep the pace and keep it. It was trip truly on the continent so this is what. I. I can see you when I've accomplished something or when I happen soon. And so that's because often when I'm talking to actors and I hear. Then talk A it's. Performances. That people recognize the most but I'm interest in asking you in like three or four roles that you've done we you learn something about you. While I learned. I learned. The report which bite and stories and I've learned you know as these don't give me different opportunities like it used different aspects of myself. But when after the board think I was asked him to work different just corrosion. On adaptation of privileges. Like putting with the troops. And I was involved with it for five years I've read every book finally. Lost awaited duel with things but more than anything from validity in his seminal. And really essential author to read from the last century very relevant what's going on world today but I don't really talk much. And I learned. The power of stillness delicacy. Lowering the tape one book that I was doing but it was a sequel to the first book so was the first book that I two. Almost memorized or in body in my mind. And it was a great experience as an actor because. I still think it's one of the best things I've ever done and I learned a lot. What to show what and how. Powerful. Gentleness. And delicacy it is because I early on. Five corners and reason. You know people want to be would be explosive. Emotional a violent and that's correct. That's great but I you'll saloon the other the other side of that and that I thought was that was a big changing point in my life. Because I there was this great. Director that exposed to me a lot of things about Italian culture specially Neapolitan. As he was Neapolitan. So I learn you know working with him. I. I learned where it would Robert Redford. Would uninteresting. Idiosyncratic. Guy he was and how there's a character actor and started him you know a real character actor. And and he directed. That I've enjoyed has like. Pushed me but in a gentle way not in you know group way I don't. I don't think I could do something someone's. You know. If they're pushing me and you don't feel that there's some kind of kindness. What I've worked with. A lot of different directors and sometimes great directors but the film didn't work sometimes the good work. Early on my career worked with but Billy Friedkin and Michael should be you know when they were really like generals. So. I learned what I liked and when I didn't like this I think. Who often you're not as an actor in control of all I'm about how I I know how to protect myself and that's somewhat when this of them I don't like I put a stop to this. You know we don't want me to do it than alcohol. I think you have to be able to say. To someone. To express your opinion without a year of being. Ex communicated you know it and that that's the big we can't serve an actor because it's so hard to get a job initially. They people don't want to be fired. What you what the acted to bring their impulses. There are guess you have to not care sometimes when it means that much to you that if you get fired so be it if you don't happen is we'll have to eat that we where do you come from. That has me you who you walk I know you they might carrying I think my parents my parrot. It's really cared about my mother. You know issues. In no music but she was addressed maker she was really. Rear area very competent person very count the person she's in now will she get a chance to do everything. She wasn't overly ambitious adequate school fault it was a builder. And they really cared about what they did you know whether it was on the building be. Skyscraper or a house or alteration. He. You put himself into it so I put myself into something that night and I feel like I know the best things I've ever done is went way. Everything's been focused when I feel like. There's a sense of freedom. That I can give someone something like that surprised them even the director who rode you know. And I think you. You have to kind of events we know this is what makes me. You. Wise yeah and it's shouldn't be at the expense of the other person. But it should be. You know in in support of what you're going war. You may have some fights along the way but they can do. They can be good place that I've read these and how did blue ridge. You know what was the Ludwig Koch white it was able to achieve they spoke to his co writer forget the gentleman's name. And he said basically what to do was they destroyed each other's ideas. Respectfully. Until they can Kabul with the most. Surprising solution. Through what they were right I think in the perfect world that's really what you're going for it is to surprise you rule it and feel it. Oh it hit me yet I don't I don't you know thinking god yeah. And when you work with. We've really and I work with this one. Oh runner on lot of plays he was my teacher you know and he's. He's that pushed me. You know when I didn't carry origin or did in game two points were won all strangle them but he keeps pushing me to see. How far we could go together. And he. Got me to do things that I thought I couldn't do I'm listening to you and the heat the joy they eat cake in just describing the experience one you know what to do it is good. Who do you mind answering a couple questions now from the Internet. We see what they wanna know from you politic child job. You're simply great and everything you do big movie small movie stunts that he didn't do it all transformers you can go to that the timeless I don't know I have a favorite character you don't I feel like. That's you know there are things that I've had real. You know people enjoyed and I felt like while I was doing something. Warwick a quick sketch artists you know. That's about he had yet Finnish fans yeah. It was was based on a inspired by your character I play in the plate and boy Floyd knew that but. I can't say that is one. There are so many things that I could each thing is that's the thing you most in love with at that moment and usually. You know or I can't I kept it like it or we'll see some jobs. Or more in depth it's like a vote on the plumber and some jobs. I'm more of an electrician. I OK I thought I I I separate car out plumbing Johnson about the plumbing and electricity and I should think confident that my father was a carpenter. Yeah I mean I think that's all part of who did it. A candidate to build a what their favorite. Well no I think sometimes they do have paper maybe you know sometimes I do but. You know I think any work done and you did all the carpentry and the plumbing what he did something in the after all those that would I deserve credit and direct I'm pretty via the night out it is. As a carrot I would revisit the picking that is great Ari one more we can in the U one more. Our beloved west sider bookstore has been saved do you have special memories of Hugh yeah that was released narrow and hard to shoot play. It's it's a wonderful store on the big. Bookstore. Lover and book lover's soul. I'm really happy you know. And did say look at that all right well this is the first time we've been on the shows the I don't know we and install. Pencil and fill. And I know that you you have songs in your heart. Or maybe even a Neapolitan song. The vote out but it's just this that bit of something that almighty god how come on. Your ideal that some fearless yeah and if I have duties is all it can be any song. You can get caught EA if you want to Kanye yeah he can to what every vineyard caught up a. Oh come up up job. Well what is are you wow that is you've released well I did you know. The man without love you know let's you. Did whether. Sought to brand. Moon is them with. Awful for the period thank you thank you thank you to touch to talk to you.

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{"duration":"20:43","description":"The actor appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and shares why taking on his newest role was a no-brainer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61689073","title":"John Turturro talks 'Gloria Bell', Julianne Moore and his long career","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/john-turturro-talks-gloria-bell-julianne-moore-long-61689073"}