'Tag' stars Jon Hamm and Ed Helms thought new movie premise was 'too absurd'

The co-stars said they had a blast on set making the real-life story into a movie, which they thought was "too absurd" to be fiction.
7:54 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for 'Tag' stars Jon Hamm and Ed Helms thought new movie premise was 'too absurd'
Our next guest starred in a new comedy "Tag" inspired B real-life group of friends who have been playing the same game of tag for 23 years. Please give a warm welcome to Ed Helms and Jon hamm. Come on out, fellas. Hello. How are you? Hello, Ed. Great to see you. Got to work around a lot here. Welcome, fellas. Welcome. Thank you. This is a high sofa. It is. What is going on here? We were literally just debating the sofa and those cushions before you came out here. Yesterday sitting in your places were Leslie bibb and Jeremy Renner. Co-stars in the movie. Sorry about that. Sorry about that. But they were so funny yesterday which made me think was it hard for you guys to get through this movie and these scenes without laughing and -- We did have an all-star group of people, of funny people on this show and a lot of the scenes were five and six of us at a time so we were all there and goofing and improving and having a good time and it was -- I ruined a lot of takes. I just -- I just -- I giggle. I can't help it. That is a giggle. That is a profound giggler. And wasted a lot of film. That would be your superpower would be giggling, right? Right. I might as well be good at something. The movie is "Tag" because you're playing tag for basically two decades. If you had a game to play for two decades which game would it be? Banana grams. Banana grams. A little crossword. That is the most unlikely applause I think I've ever heard. Give it up for banana grams. There it goes. Why are you so good at that game. I don't know. Words just -- they come, you know, like I'm wordy. I'm giggly and wordy. I don't know what tell you. You're the whole package. I watched it last night. It is hilarious and just thinking about these grown guys running around playing this game. You said that you have something similar in real life as far as a game that you've kept playing. Yeah, so, yeah the movie is point friends based on a true story and it's kept themming to as friends and so I have something kind of like that in my life which is a band that I'm in, the lonesome trio, these are my buddies that I've known since I was 16, 17 years old. There it is. Ah. Wow. The lonesome trio. So that's sort of like my tag, I guess, if you will. Okay, and speaking of that, okay, so Jeremy Renner's character, he's the one, he's the all-time champ. Yeah. With your co-stars who would be the least likely to be tagged and the first one tagged. Look, we do have to mention Jeremy has never been tagged in the movie because it's written that way. Like we're not -- we're not allowed to tag him. I could get that guy. You know me. I'm a relatively athletic -- I can catch Jeremy Renner. I'm twice as tall as he is and I have longer arms. I like your chances. No, you know, it's -- we just had such a good time making this movie and we really -- I thought we did a really nice kind of honoring of these guys because we got to meet these guys, the real guys who came down to visit on the set and they were just giddy at the fact that this ridiculous tradition that they've had going on for over three decades has been made into a movie. They were just kind of like you guys are doing this? Like really. We started this kind of as a weird thing and didn't know when to stop but -- Now it's a movie. It's great because at the end of the movie you get to see them. Nice touch. There's a big kind of reveal at the end of the actual thing which we kind of dramatized in the movie but mostly, you know, when you meet these actual guys, you realize that it's the thing that kind of has cemented their friendship for so long and it's really kind of lovely. It's just a really nice kind of warm-hearted story about friends and that's what attracted both of us to the project. I don't think you can make this movie unless it's real because it's too absurd of a premise. It's just too ridiculous. I mean if you told me that this was an idea for a movie, I'd be like, no one will believe it. When you got the script -- Yes. Called jenga. I would do that. Yeah. Let's pitch it That's the next one coming out. Jenga. Here's a clip from "Tag." Trap him and tag him in the face and yet in my heart of hearts pretty sure it's not going to work. His attempts to face me fail because he lacks confidence. Ooh. Yes. This is the moment I've been waiting for, I'm going to be the one who tags Jerry. Callahan will become distracted by his own arrogant thoughts. Which I will exploit. You can't give it all away. Come on. It is a comedy but it's a lot of action and Jeremy was here yesterday and broke both arms but said I came back to work. He was really proud of himself. Ed, for you anything in this action comedy you did that you're really proud of. I think I'm most proud of the fact that I didn't break any arms. Wait, the non-avenger is fine. Oh! Jeremy Renner -- No pulled hamstring, no twisted ankles. We're fine. Which is why there's a lot of -- I don't know where this started but a lot of buzz about me being the next action star. Really? Yeah, like a marvel superhero or mission impossible. They have a character in mind for Ed's guy. Yeah, well, obviously Jeremy Renner is hawkeye. I might be hawk guy. Right? Just a guy that's super into hawks. Ornithologist. A lot of facts. He has no powers like, per se, but he's really knowledgeable about -- Super good at banana grams. Plays banjo. He plays banjo. Yeah. And what about you? What would yours be? Mine weirdly enough because, you know, Jeremy is obviously hawkeye. I guess there's all this buzz about Ed being hawk guy and my character was going to be just called hot guy. Oh. Wow. In character. Really just because he's constantly like -- Warm. I just run a temperature. Like go to 101. Nothing like weird and fatal just like I run a temp. But they're talking about a three-fer, me, Ed and Jeremy. Hawkeye, hawk guy and hot guy. It is funny but you're right. It has a lot of heart to it. I wasn't expecting that. It's got a lot of heart about friendship. It's beautiful. Hawk guy, hot guy, thank you guys for joining us, man. Everybody at home, you can go see "Tag." It's in theaters this Friday.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"The co-stars said they had a blast on set making the real-life story into a movie, which they thought was \"too absurd\" to be fiction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55860094","title":"'Tag' stars Jon Hamm and Ed Helms thought new movie premise was 'too absurd'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jon-hamm-ed-helms-open-tag-55860094"}