Does Julia Louis-Dreyfus love or hate Valentine’s Day?

The “Veep” actress stars with Will Ferrrell in the comedy “Downhill,” about a family ski trip in the Swiss Alps gone wrong.
7:22 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Does Julia Louis-Dreyfus love or hate Valentine’s Day?
We got a wonderful guest we want to bring out. She is an 11-emmy award winning, titan of comedy and one our favorite people of all time. Sure is. Made us laugh on "Seinfeld" and "Veep" starring in "Downhill" with will Ferrell. Please welcome Julia louis-dreyfus. Keep from you Hi, George. Hi. How are you? Good to see you. Mwah. How are you? Thank you. Thank you. Wow! Ain't no mountain high enough How about that engagement? That is so exciting. Congratulations. Wherever you are. Hanging out in the back. Yay. Nice. We want to talk about your movie in a second but first it's Valentine's day. It is. And a lot of people -- Why am I not wearing pick or red? I'm curious about you. Some people love this holiday. Some people not so much. You and your husband Brad, where are you? Maybe in the not so much category. Apologies to everybody celebrating today. I don't know. I think it's like -- although I'm always very happy to eat the chocolate or eat the chocolate that I give him. But I always feel like it's a lot of pressure. You must be romantic. You must have sex with your partner. You know. Today. Today is the day. So I'd rather not be told what to do in that department. Right? Yeah. Let's talk about your movie. Yeah. Let's talk about it. It's called "Downhill." You say it's a movie about when good people make bad choices. Well, yes, bad decisions. Yeah, it's about an American family on a vacation in Austria and the premise is that they're sitting outside and we shot this thing in the alps, by the way, and they're sitting outside on a mountaintop having their lunch and there is a huge bang and they look up and there's an avalanche very, very far off in the distance and everybody is watching and taking pictures and all of a sudden this avalanche gets closer and closer and closer and people are started to get concerned and then it seems as if it's almost upon them and then coming towards them and almost upon them and the mom played by myself grabs the two kids and the husband played by will Ferrell grabs his cell phone and runs in the opposite direction. Happy Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's day. What a wonderful way to celebrate this holiday. Man. And so -- and the movie is about everything that happens after that moment. You can imagine the unraveling of the sweater at that point. We have a little to show. The scene where one of your sons is trying to go down the mountain. Oh, yeah. Oh, gosh. He's just playing it up. Honey, honestly it's just a you've got to let it go. No, I know. The more you make of it. The more we give attention to it. Then it becomes -- More of a thing, yeah, exactly. Got it. Oh, you got to be kidding me. Way to go, you're like a rocket. I was really surprised to hear will say he was here a couple of days ago and this is the first time you had met making this movie. How bizarre is that? I know, because we have all these friends in common and we sort of had parallel tracks to certain extent in our lives and we've never met before. Was the chemistry instant when you first met. It absolutely was. I mean, he is the most -- you know, in addition to being supremely talented he's really the most affable, charming, regular human being and we got along immediately. I can't tell you how much I like him. He's a great, great guy and he's superb in the movie. He said you're a pretty good boss too. You produced this movie as well. Five-year project. What was it like to finally see it up there? Well, it's an utter sort of thrill, dream come true. It's the result of a lot of hard work, not just mine but plenty of people connected to the film. It took a long time to get going and, you know, shooting in the alps in always think Ya, that's -- can you imagine how much, you know, that's a lot of organization but we were all so thrilled to do it and I'm just -- I feel very fortunate for sure. I really do. The movie you talked earlier about a vacation going wrong. You and your husband Brad have two son. We do. Have you ever had a vacation that went wrong. Oh, nothing has ever gone wrong, ever. Ever, ever. Yeah, we've had a few -- we've had a few mishaps -- oh, look, there's everybody. Yeah, we've had some things go awry. You know, like I don't know, what, vomiting on airplanes and, yeah. What's that look? I haven't had that one yet. I have had boys -- you know, stomach flu that hits midflight. That kind of thing. We were once actually we were once in believe it or not in Peru in the rain forest, I'll make this very quick but we're walking along and all of a sudden my husband -- I look at him and on the back of his white here there is a tarantula this big, I swear to you and I just screamed, oh, my god, there is a tarantula on your back and he was like the hulk. He just took his t-shirt and went arrrgh. He ripped it half. I'm not kidding you. You fell in love all over again. We had sex right then. Well, I'm going to transition from that. You always have your hands inry lot of projects. I'm getting myself in trouble here. God. You're in Pixar's upcoming movie "Onward." Yeah. It's rated G. Rated G. Thanks for clarifying. What else are you working on right nowy. Is that not enough? That's not enough. Yeah, that -- this movie, I'm working over at apple now. I just made a deal with them so I'm working on that. And I don't know. I'm going to leave this morning and try to get some more jobs while I'm at it. Well, the more of you we see the happier we will be. Ah, thank you. Julia, thank you so much. I'm sweating under my suit after this interview. "Downhill" is in theaters. Make sure you check it out.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"The “Veep” actress stars with Will Ferrrell in the comedy “Downhill,” about a family ski trip in the Swiss Alps gone wrong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68983256","title":"Does Julia Louis-Dreyfus love or hate Valentine’s Day?","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/julia-louis-dreyfus-love-hate-valentines-day-68983256"}