Justin Verlander reveals how Kate Upton saved him

The Houston Astros star said his supermodel wife helped pull him out of depression four years ago.
2:33 | 08/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Verlander reveals how Kate Upton saved him
Thousand to our "Gma" C story. World series verlanr opening uis secret battle with his now wife Kate U heldim pull through it. Abc'diane medo is here this beautiful story. Ging to Y so, couples like this seem iteasy, right he is a star tcher. She is a supermodel but Justin verlanr now says jt as he was starting his relationship th Kate ton, H a really dark time in his lifndd of leaving she saved him. They're the golden ce who seem to have it just Ver the world es pcher for the hston astrosed to katepton, one of the most mous Ms inhe wldut this morning Verlander is reveing to Bacher report at the sunny surface the world I not like jumping off a edge. I was depressed and kind of just upse at the W. That's because jt as they were starting relationship Verlander starting suffe es and mor injurie T his groin, his aominal muscle and hip muscles. Verlanderescribes it was a hot mess and as his body deteriorated so did his game booed him offheld and cia mediaecame atless stream ofit wh people saying mbe get to rehnd get back on the hill. You know that' what're getting paid for. At 31 he thought Carr was ov but upt W strain criticism. She had been lning rod for criticsttacked on sl Dia for bei fat, Upton said someone attacked I knew I was living my life a heahy Y, those comments mean nothin she taught verlanderhe importance of knongr own body anded T a doctor and Verlander says she puldugh. She was someone I could talk somebodyld with worries about my career,orries can I make it, worries about at I'moing through to get back. Uptonayswas all Abo instincts. As a wom Y learn to always queson everyth everyone telling U. My industry, my perspective of gs, we end on anyone. Everything is responsibility. Now back on top of his game Verlander says simply about his wife, was what I needed.with those hardships behind them Justin and Kate are T on a new adventure, the couple unced just month Ty E N expectingir first D. Excitedboutthat. Need to read that whole report in It's fascinating how he describeseeing Thi new doctor and how she finally him recove fromhese injuries. It was not at all WHA H ex All right.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The Houston Astros star said his supermodel wife helped pull him out of depression four years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57131415","title":"Justin Verlander reveals how Kate Upton saved him","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/justin-verlander-reveals-kate-upton-saved-57131415"}