Ken Jeong talks fatherhood, comedy and 'Crazy Rich Asians'

The comedian talks about his new special, "You Complete Me, Ho" -- named in honor of his wife, Tran Ho -- and reveals whether his daughters will ever be allowed to see "The Hangover."
3:00 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for Ken Jeong talks fatherhood, comedy and 'Crazy Rich Asians'
Now, we have a very funny guest. We'll bring to the table, you know him from "Crazy rich Asians," "The hangover" and his show. Now he has a new stand-up comedy special on Netflix. Hmm, can't wait to talk to him about that. Please welcome Ken Jeong. Love it. Thank you, guys. Thank you. Thank you. I love that. That's my signature move. Go move. That's my go to move, what's up, America. I'll tell you what's up. It's thursdayback Thursday and dug up your high school journal. High school -- so we want to show some pictures. What were you thinking? Can we put the pictures up from his high school? You're in a tree. What are you doing in that tree? What, what. I look like the ugiest koala bear ever. I'm in the wilderness in Sydney, Australia. No, I was -- that was my senior year in high school and I was actually a member of the student council and said let's do something wacky. Let' Ken in a tree. I did not know you guys were showing that. That's amazing. That's amazing. We will redeem that picture because we have a second one. You were outstanding senior. Outstanding senior. There you go, Ken. Yeah, in dog terms this is like least valuable pug, you know what I mean. Oh, no. You are the most valuable. Everything you've been in you have taken over the show, man. You've done movies, TV and now your first Netflix special. Yeah. Thank you. What's the name of the special? You can't say it? You can't say it, Strahan. I can't if I want a job tomorrow. Me and you ain't right. It's called "Ken Jeong, you complete me, hoe." It's named after my wife. My wife, no joke, Vietnamese doctor last name ho so I married a ho. She came up with the name. Yes, it's very true. My wife actually came up with the name for the show. It's based on an old joke I did and it was her idea to call it you complete me, ho so blame the ho, Yo. So, do your daughters have the same sense of humor as the mom -- They do. Like I married my wife because we literally both love -- we have an identical love for comedy. I think that trickled down to our kids like Alexa and the other one -- amazing. We're so close. Zoe. Thank you, robin. Zoe, love of my life. And we are -- look. With a koala. We're actually with a koala. We were in Australia last November. Oh, my goodness. Oh. But they really do have -- they have a great sense of humor and I really do think that exemplify in our family to live, love and laugh and we really take that to heart. Just to try to have a sense of humor about ourself no matter where we are in life. I probably shouldn't admit it but my daughter Harper saw "The hangover" when she was 11. What? Wow, that's great parenting, George. Wow. Wow. Dad of the year. Hmm. So you gave me your answer. Your daughters have not seen "The hangover." My daughters have not seen it nor will they ever. To them it's an audio book. They're not going to see nothing. Uh-huh. When they're like, daddy -- it wasn't me. It wasn't me. Will they see the special? Well, no, nothing -- they won't see that one neither. No, they won't -- it's a little bit not safe for work, this special and, you know, but it is -- I mean if I bleep out certain things but I do think, you know, it really is the act in many ways is a kind of a love letter to my wife and she's -- she's a breast cancer survivor, ten years cancer-free and still cancer-free and, you know, yeah, and in all seriousness, you know, and she's also in the special as well and so I really wrote and that's at the end I talk about her, her successful fight against cancer and I do lace it with some jokes just to keep the pace going in a stand-up situation and humor is good. But it really -- I actually wrote the ending of this first and in many ways this see involved into a love letter to my wife. Ah. Can we have a clean -- Speak about your dad in a special. We can show that one. I tell you, man, to be hangover rich and famous as an Asian kid. Asian parent, they don't know how to govern that. My dad went from father to freeloader just like that. You know. Slippery. As a kid he was like you better get me good grades. After "The hangover" you better get me S class Mercedes. You do not hole back. You do not hole back. John who directed the special also "Crazy rich Asians" did that, as well. Yes. Thank you. It looks like you had so much fun filming that. "Crazy rich Asians," and to quote John it's thought a movie, it's a movement to have this representation, you know, Asian -- the first all asian-american cast in a Hollywood studio film in 25 years since "The joy luck club," the imwhack was not lost on us, toe the commercial success, I look at that movie as paying it forward to my kids. If they want to get -- want to be in entertainment, there is like strong role models like female role models such as Constance Wu and to me this movie is bigger than all of us. Many of them will be presenters at the oscars which we love that. Absolutely. A sequel? Oh, yes. Would you be in it? I would love to. I'd be -- We would love it. Yeah, yeah, sequel. I mean, I would cater it, you know what I mean. I would do a lot of different things. Whatever they would want, we're all a huge family now and that's -- Great to hear that. You will not be catering. You'll be in the movie. Okay. Ken's comedy special available on Netflix. Tell everybody the name of it. "You complete me, ho." Just want you to know and

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The comedian talks about his new special, \"You Complete Me, Ho\" -- named in honor of his wife, Tran Ho -- and reveals whether his daughters will ever be allowed to see \"The Hangover.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61209686","title":"Ken Jeong talks fatherhood, comedy and 'Crazy Rich Asians' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ken-jeong-talks-netflix-comedy-special-61209686"}