Kevin Hart 'pays back' Tiffany Haddish

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:49 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Kevin Hart 'pays back' Tiffany Haddish
begin with aal owo comedy T, look who is bouncing now, robin Roberts ahe little matter of $300. So Tiffany had tls the story how Kevin H leaneder 300 bucks 13 yearsgo ting to make it living out of her and how much thattle loan helped kick start herife and her career so ever sin hasbeenrying to repay, in fact, check out this video R ambushing him on the set of their upcoming movie "Night school" trying to make rn there. So hart poste ts video Instagram and also posted not saying, nope, not acceptit and he wasoing T put the money in one of Tiffany's wig caps. Tiffany saw that post and then orded herself cheg bag. Het is. Re you seou Kevin? Am ioing T have to fight you to give Y thisback? Don'ke meoll up on your momma and D it in her E. Oh, so the saga continues. Keep those videos coming. We lov these two. What a sweet story. Butlets you kno mething S small you can do for mebody, what can turn into. Such a different such an impact supply want you to write one of yoursings a that, so thoughtful. I gotuch greesponses this week about T posive messages. I screen shot them. We'r talng about robin on instagraays pe thoughts of the day. Instead oorrying what could ha B gfulhat is. Alleek moving and like robi Roberts -- Channeling your robin rorts. We continue "Pop news" N th lin-manuel Miranda, a quadruple threat. We know he can E, write, now we will O how well he can direct. That's right the "Hamilton" creator is seto make his direct electoral debut on featu fm "Tick, tick boom." Ove the title. Autobiographical musical written by jonatha larn who created the Broadway show "Rent." The sty of an inspiring theaterompose story waits tables to make Mon dream big of writing the next big American musical. You can see why lin-manl is attracted to it. In fact he starred in the off Broadway version of the musical and said a huge impact on him persona there's a theme here today. He will be joined in T making of the screen version by none other than Ron hard a Brian grazer. Youay tick, tick, boom. We have T a blockbuster. To have2%f his talent. Ju 2% O it. I cannot wait to see th that's coming and thenlso I "Pop news," the Hollywood reporter surveyed nearly a thousand eertainment insiders create S list of the 25 favoriillains of L time. Everybody has theirchces. So many evil genius, cold-blood killers. We wilfocus on J a few. Coming in atumber the wicked witch of the St course. From "The wizard O oz" terrifies child and those flying monkey She still terrifies me. The stacks from "The land of the mber O, hanl lecter, savage character "Silence of the lamb" I'm having a friend for inner. Fava beans. Camera, ee to see? I'maving a find dinner. And then number one, you GU it, darth vader, of course I mean,he breath alone, come on. Luke. Yes, that breath. Hein the bath befor he walks in ace anyway, those are your top T but we're giving you a special shoutout toeveryone's evil fashionista, priestly made the LI, "Devil wearsprada." See them in the new issue of "The hold reporter" on stands right now. This one foryou, berts, who likes chica? Raise your hand. Bi Y love them. Yeah,ea A little bit. They provide deliveryervice T usually not like . At one of their restaurts I San Antone fan griin delivered a baby in the Chick-fil-A bathroom and the newborn is already reaping the rewa turprise appearance. The company is guarant the baby free Chick-fil-A for , a guaranteed job startingtheage of 14 should she want it. At 14 Yeah. A little time start them young, got to get themng young. The owners are planning and havelreadyffered to host her T hday party, where? At You were en fuego. I'mng to park. Park. I am, thaou very ease keep posting wonderful national things. Good-bye, body. Ck, tick, boom.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56710290","title":"Kevin Hart 'pays back' Tiffany Haddish","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kevin-hart-pays-back-tiffany-haddish-56710290"}