Kieran Culkin talks 'Succession,' family and fatherhood

Culkin talks to Peter Travers about starring in the Emmy-nominated drama, "Succession."
18:07 | 09/27/19

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Transcript for Kieran Culkin talks 'Succession,' family and fatherhood
I'd confess this before and fix session on HBO is my favorite it's my favorite years few people that are full of game at round you think if something else you know because. This is it and it really rare thinks he's too is actually. Care if she didn't want cool so. I'm thrilled to have Kieran Culkin right here in this chair. The flip if you had a couple people from the shelling mr. Haniyeh. You're right Brian. Nick Brown for armed. If I had my where have your report. Should just bring along or work their way AM weekly mail order are such that etc. I would WP the you know we're angry I don't care if you're the one who had the Golden Globe. It's true did you -- difficulty of Chase's yet they were also mean from the east they held me down in. Kicked me in the. When I just wondering how that happens when. Your arms show and then somebody gets singled out they did not mention it. Or Judith Kaye contract he shouldn't only LC congratulations and then comes taken off the box like who hasn't study at 6 PME. Eight. All right Jeremy strong are my congratulations. But they could see it in a certain way because. You know. None of that. None of that none of that ship nobody candidate that's just good things happen greatest happy. Yet there's like nominations that come in great if they don't agree mostly doing their job great point that. I agree with what they did do it I think everybody's having a really great time doing it. And it's also the condition that just feels really collaborative feels like everybody's making this thing so when something like that happens. Like that is the Golden Globe thing happened it really didn't feel like it was a me thing it felt like oh cool to show got nothing. And well I think that's me try to be like I didn't get an Emmy nomination but it cup I kind of did it. Because we alternate it yet but we all did its. All of there you know youth sounded like you had years of therapy and said that it was just day. Up. I'm still searching for good therapists. Opt ground you know what you all are from. One of the most dysfunctional families on television this is definitely the ruling is of the Coke and other Connerly an era they'll get candidates getting out I don't know you've been the best judge I don't know who is worse what's a functional family. I don't know why they might like this Vegas haven't seen yet I didn't. Building. Now there'll be might have moments of function but we don't. And I think with this you know it's a bit like Adam they're not more or less that's kind of with all there. Power and money and all that stuff they're still. Like the rest of us now. Equally as. A note that you could say inning. And just and I went want it off back UK mentioning it yet. It sounds rhythmic and melodic and blinking coming from your lips yet just incredible but. I need the money you due diligence and to set this up beat you know there are still some people. That hadn't seen. What I don't talk. So I think they haven't seen their behind that season one but now. Season to com's. Season when he'd gotten you know a lot of tension but now people are watching it more. It's got five Emmy nominations including best Ceres. So I'm sure your heads are even more huge and yet illegally low in than ever before where amazingly the biggest thing ever and game of what. People he won three even recognize now as Roman. You have gotten a few of those. And mostly people call me. That's actually happened a lot and it's not it's like I feel like I'm went compliment was feel like you know Wallace Shawn being people yelling inconceivable at him and walked on the street when things and they're like the first one idea that a threat. Like. Right yeah. That's so whatever gear. I know adding that the show I mean I'd probably end reelect I don't know but that is the guy here is I saw somebody mistake someone four year. I really and split Rory sits it was for could have been Rory and I don't think so yeah I would've known and hit. There's. The succession and I thought again when the great compliments. Would be new and in her don't handle well I feel like basic and you relate now it's. Then that advocate with you it is Goudie it did when I ask you and your handicap me is that it's into the mind when he. Look at it. Were any. But his insults are just golden they're just wonderful when Roman says something. It's pretty great just no filter whatever comes to the brain and he added they weren't handled the good brother who is going through so many traumas and and he's in rehab and everything is happening in mutinies analogy can handle him. It looked at do you help them to create these there's like a case they they write it in its. Pretty horrible some of the things the romance is saying than some of the other writers they start during alternative lines up there and to mine mine I think they would deny this but they get a little competitive with each other about like who can come of the most horrible thing and then I kind of like wanna plating Damon like throwing money and horrible things that I can say from looking at what the guy you know I'm he's dressed and stuff the sometimes. I don't like to let like I'm insulting the actor I don't like to let them know when it's mine when it there's sometimes if it's too insulting them like that wasn't mean that was. It could use this in this well let me eagles' Trent me yell or ride along. Because I have so many questions and I don't want to beat you inside baseball just because. The show's not about me but should be shifting what I am listed in yourselves but yes it shouldn't but in an don't know lap but we should see. A clip of view. So let it he is here in bulk and in think that since he isn't him. So you're at that defusing the bomb you tapped. And I recommend it yes. Precisely say he gets it he sees. We're just here for a routine health check. It's all offices where's this coming from it's not coming from us no one lightly dancing around us it's coming from had dad's worried about you. OK I mean come on you know how is he doesn't get it is sold the plant out in the Philippines manufacturing Xerox machines being shrewd. And right now. Right now his giant cyclops eye is looking in this direction and he's feeling like maybe not a giant pile. So now here AM to inquire in the -- latest terms possible. Don't want. Look at that look at your idea to just sit on the. I can provide that up there cool probably emulated glove in on the water. It. Does that thought that it was that went right up there they didn't bat an hanging there and it's interesting because but those of you haven't watched it yet. It did peep the kids in this. Hamlet if Weatherford it is an empire I guess that is all want to take daddy's place. Sure what's the case you can make Rome do. I think in a way he's sort of the most like his dad. Which. You know I think. That a lot of times makes really quick decisions and surges goes of this got some times and can be a real pain in the ass and kind of scary and I think Grumman has that thing where sometimes it. You know you get his attention he's gonna revenue and Camille Little scary so I don't know I think there's an case for him and I do think you know he's somebody Smart I think he knows had a basically the situation to his advantage and of his advantages the company's then. You know hearing you have. This could I mean everybody remembers you and your brother home alone we've seen that in that was that's child actors you know but I remember you. Most from AB goes ban. And I saw that maybe I love the whole movie but what you didn't it was just amazing thing Williams seemed. To disappear yes. What I mean a thing is like what 2002. To yet competitive. Then where is it. Yes and what did you tell you. Dropped off the map make kind of did like a bit of a freak out that movie came out 1020. And I kinda remembered there like some projects lighting up that. Were I was suddenly being offered instead of auditioning for and that was the strange thing and I can't remember who but somebody use the word career. And how it all I have a career. A promise up late twenties I and in doing it for like fourteen years and they never once made that decision for myself. Alec I don't I never in question that this is something I wanna do and I kinda slipped out and I think. You know that's. Hadn't learned a lot of people around that age kind of freak out about what they want to do with their lives knew I was just already kind of doing it but. Having Nancy creek at the same time but you're living it I mean because Macaulay ice started at. Mean your family writes we actually also our number on the same thing Tapia but. His success in whom on what like. I think the thing with that to his wimpy. I've always said that like if you get to witness or experience. Fame like that second hand you would never pursue it. I don't think that's a nice thing like that's not exactly nice thing that happened Emmett the agents knocking. It wasn't nice for intellect walked on the street people like chase and stuff you know that was in that Newton. So. And if some sort of. Figuring this out now in real time media makers are trying to end it yeah I am when I'm charge any time after the break and but it's a little daylight that I think if I started to find it and they go back down think about it when I was 20% of mining that's up to be little successful and things were coming net probably have been in a panic like that let's roll this back when he trying to get some control over it. Could they've seen it. It completely out of control like a child what was happening in your fans you brought that up before. Who was saying. To all of you you she'd act he should be in Loma high bother with. There was an actor before thinking actually comes from a family of actors or performers of some kind. Certainly you know class family type thing I think him and his three siblings welded from the summit baskets. And then. If I'm remembering correctly and sometimes again information wrongly but he. Ours from neighbors ran. Or that stage manages of the Peter nearby in the neighborhood so I think it. Got to point is like oh we need it for showing neighbors got seven of them Neiman sex and an age and he got me here take at all here yet. Amen my bottom and kind of pushed that and he liked that he had shots of us in like. It was like Rupert park in new York and sent us on additions in the south and in. It actually kind of happened pretty quickly you -- guard by the family experience no I just think it's like not a good relationship with dad. No doubt that but not not not for that reason he wasn't that good personal pearl but for that that kind of stuff I think that was OK I think. At least my experience I actually can't really talk about what the siblings and I think funny is growing up with and the seven in. Also must have living in the same place but having very different experiences that has been lying. Was maybe a little less complicated for like a kid doing it and also what you mention the movie being enamored with the writer director burst your Latin he'd like. Really. He really worked with me and almost it was sometimes a top stories about how hard he doesn't mean it's incredible eating but he was actually just. Really trying to help me out because I have a lot of like child actor sort of ticks and like. Habits that he's telling me if I see you doing that. I'm gonna call you out and as a please you don't know you know bees are easy cans when I go it but the punchline doing or just like he did say he he. Hate kid actors and he was like I hate when they do light comedy show you Alan feeling or something that he's make fun of it a lot. And whenever he would see me doing it sometimes the middle taking yell at me like that's Nickelodeon go back you don't look at things like that back like any really acting he was kind of like it was like means but it felt like it was like boot camp. But there like. But he took me very seriously. As an actor treated me very seriously and we worked on stuff together it was the first time because of the eighteen baton before that I can't actor doing stuff. And from that point I was like oh this is different this isn't just stand on your mark in senior line like Egypt as a kid this was like. Doing scene work and trying to understand money you're saying stuff and then from theirs they're doing the year mrs. All that stuff was just completely different but I'm glad I did the stuff as the head because it taught me. Quite a few things in an earmark in you know. Don't step on people's lines and we'll have because this comfort and act but I think what you're saying it get too comfortable you're not the only you should always be changing I think like it it's not just kid actor in the near an adult and well I think it use aggregate. Comfortable in what it is doing due process that you probably. Lost the point of it I think you always learning from the people working I just want to make an a couple of things. They you've done the Scott Pilgrim which I think he's not really under read it. Movie and heard season Antalya could be a model my hasn't asked. On the piano yet he never had just that's until I never did and that I think these tests to be but I couldn't get that. Nieces and to keep that thing. They wrote a member Whitney wrote in. It was in the script that and a mustache and when they took the job I remember saying to them. Like a can't can't really grow a mustache so I thought and that they were gonna write it out but instead they actually just got like a wiggle of fake mustache to all the money. Then they glued this thing on an island. All you mean. Mustache can grow out of I could have done that now runs at nearly every other ticket put down and right and Coakley getting minutes later he wanted to really terrible months that I could've done that again. So we always have questions from the outside world a pensioner too. Which means. That clear reached in Belle says what is your favorite one liner that your character says I'd succession. How many of its value on it was my favorite but didn't make the ship out that it is one where where will. And the first halves of the second season Willis as like if you want might change as I think south seems cool. And they wrote me twelve or so different lines and each ticket at -- different line. And the one. That didn't make it was. Is I think Selz in school in this and oh I didn't realize you were taking contributions from the floor want to be called value waxes my. He thinks I. Think. It if it looked right at that music and is it lacked my duty think that he dozen men. It again. And it's anything shoulder shaking. Again outtakes show is going to be made art one more we have one more. There it is Monica Marx's congrats on the big what's the most surprising. Parenting advice you've received so far. Oh my goodness. The most surprising yeah that's the question it's you don't get. Much of the surprising everyone says the same thing it's all the same don't kill debate yet late you're you're gonna wanna. Now that'd be advice get allotment my favorite advice and again it sometimes like. Don't take anyone's advice. All of them but that's kind of like you're out like Irene was doing that that once it got am I got this. Our like you're like I don't arts programs yet there. Might eighty showed up. This is just the good attitude you have not what Roman I don't even wanna think and as a father but I hope. You're gonna it's not like dividends and I really hopes oh yes pat believe me. And we care this is the very first time you've been on Asia and though I hope you're back constantly but the show always intense law. Okay listen to them what's on me and it is no I needed I would do it with give my new. But it's just that loopy look at Brian Cox he just confined silence. And in love again today you get incredible rate used in an eagle numbers in Canada animal production to mean mine oh my goodness he did a lot I don't need to hold I just knew that it wouldn't want this thing to do. I'm. The song in your head. Can't make I think it's simple okay nursery route opening. For my child get me my child academy. Milk milk limb in need round the corner pledges made. In a Pratt mean I really am I couldn't you know a lot. Nobody. With the there and think action or any office ever done knowing them they'll have little hope you know I like it when it isn't listening in the with a one. Now that would that would make his acting on that Obama op radio's Mike acting I really like. Here say. I don't know it was like you I don't ever make. Is active call me I couldn't hug that.

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