Kristin Chenoweth prepping a new generation of rising stars

Chenoweth appears 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about her role in the comedy series 'Trial & Error.'
18:38 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Kristin Chenoweth prepping a new generation of rising stars
I duet costs very. In protecting him very they're very he would strive to reach a top. Look keep it clean and I well. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you with pop and in the culture and the real today. To welcome for the first time on this show Chris Gent with. Who is done so many things and always terrific but now. She's playing an accused murderous and you know trial in there he's into. You have to watch death and I'm looking at you on senior. He diminished it from there they I don't know quite what you're capable but. And would it. What did what's so. She. I look at you just talked to coordinate that do something. Needs he's. You know why I want to play this Slovenia capped what she she is likely be Nia. What is that they. Oh oh that's passed like east of east and South Carolina. She's the first laid me now and she has day and the last I think town for sound and years and when I was looking at how I wanna play area she's accused man has been watching courses. You know for her cellphone rang she comes into the courtroom and this is what Wang writer had me she answered of the Koran which it says all right. Can't really get that. Yes he may be me and it does he now just how there's eight people world that we now that. The world just revolves around and they don't even seen it just is the way they. And I definitely want to aspect come now I want and keep this whole her son. And he intentionally and make it different side to her he's characters herself. As. Asked drop our writer Aaron. Hill just relax change kind acting apple watching Peter. Don't outlook really. Paint Obama this is like that you eighteen if you're like Bob Walters you know in reverse. It. I'm not I I look at hair and his life. That's right if you're going around talking to himself I don't know that haven't. That secret the half but I that it might get them all. Farmington where he can land and he had bad loan. So had you watched season one with John that got so that you knew what does set up of this while. Think that's my passion that he. Little twisted its twisted it's not what's territory and. People think you're view it's just been so weak but I'm beginning to know the truth but just in the few short and we've had a keen and let us we hit it. It's an act and they say these characters missed air pollutants and let I can't do X very. Didn't protect him buried in very he would strengthen pretty that time. Look think it's clean. Well yeah I can't think I got all Herat if it kind of car. I guess is that link between the singer's I don't know how you go through life with them like down the I am. And they come along are you now on Nadal. And mine. OK and looked out. First acts as may send me. Care year end. With an. He needs for the and they need it because I know very wet that I know what planet. An. It. And you haven't regretted it. Outlining. The shallots well. I just she's a it. But. And you needn't get to think they're if you didn't you accused murder. That do get to burst and saw. That means at one point. Metre. What hair. Are you can't. Get Filipino you know rom and my pleased at how that it's Wednesday and her. I didn't do it every day at bracket I'd do it sure that's basically Atlanta worked on what you're duped and that ensure a I didn't do it. Well you know since this is the first time we're talking. You know and I can tell red I'm law on its just perfect fit to heat there. But. It was back right in Broken Arrow oak just broken I'll go home and I remember it. Because people you watched that you can watch coming home that concept that you viewed live actually being that he he. Hostile act thirteen and it built on of course we in happening like Atlanta fein can't not. And finally they've found this beautiful state of the art facility Chile. And modeled sort of after Walt Disney on my take fourteen hundreds heats. Now that's by the province has come through there and act you know certain action and campaign aimed at crystal's performing arts center. At first I thought on T done it happening. You name it to me but apparently not enough and that how anyone knew that Anheuser that means it and I mean. So we started this summer arts came up and I just had a few weeks back and it was our fourth your next year's big number five. It's at it's called probably bit he. Advocate. It's not that way cannon saying it's time get praise he called Broadway. That he auditioned need it actually had post 50000 hits on this pastor at about forty. 45 act and you put them through that's exactly what creates it hell ha ha light rock you went out and. Like values. He Broadway hasn't go for details blues. Yeah. I wanna be either one of you fly on the wall why can't act and not to. Can possibly be in it because there but we. Let it. But it was cool like three years this key. Because because I saw that with the very personal concert and also it was you singing every kind of thing that you did. Which can be opera or. I don't know. He hair. Involved there with apple upon this rock. All night. Just that as my favorite thing well that was so good eaten in the again and I think Mack why hair and that high and high school choir. And seeing me and they will all Wear their. And I just wanted and a concert. A new Clean Air Act around town hall pending home he passed me. Home bank has me and asked me means you know I'm a firm plan seen on the tonight at. I mean help fathers and daughters and a night had. Sat and sat around and they let me imagine hearing as as high and it went Abington ivory and just I mean I was teaching and tour was and I help historian. Immensely hindered some long time. Delay. Means public. Cycle that ask me and it can contact. Me. I give it. I that that that's gonna happen at the boot camp but it away you don't get it Carney what they pulled. It's as it happened you know enough talking about them like that you're dot house and when we you conscious of the fact that you wore. My. Accurately your conscience. Now and I don't know we've had never come but we couldn't do what their what ever happened. And I. Cool thing that was the right decision friend and me. Ang Amtrak. Didn't now let's attack and the way that's just countless. Send an adult you know hacking and compelling that we. You asked to turn around against them at an Atlanta east room when he had a pattern. When terrorists and I think that's at real me greatly her that they are not considering you know after eighteen acting Pasqua. There's a reason no one and I like family saying senior you know or let it happen and we're incentive that. Off it is not only assists and dropped calls in and fit and I did you come back and the aliens who are foot eleven and I'm going. And they keep notes and it's not an edge. But yet a mall there so happens though win. It do you did you search for your birth parents did you make. Did you go out looking for them. I never thought Atkinson hired team that has adults. Can pull me its own. I just alleys when there's an app and it means and that and that it looked at. Yeah and pat had an accident on ten years Dan and I had a tool to meet and at me and I think people but rather private that I am necklace that ends well it just so what happened but it happened. It really completed and Terry me. You speak your mind than matter what happens I remember when you were doing promises promises. And that these three guys that Sean Hayes can't possibly. Because he's gay he can't play straight character and you Letterman. And during the interview Greg acts and everything. I now whenever you press them. I never ending but it's too if it out in this world where anything you do when it comes back to. That's right you just have let's I didn't mean to think that. I have. Wasn't happening Philly Philly and you always that way where you were a kid their broken now did you say. I'm gonna say what it wants. Act it's just as a person's name Hannah Christian person. That you described yourself once it did rape and he's the head. I am a liberal nonjudgmental. Creek. Except that it. And I'm not judging anybody. And I'm not in part at. Constantly. Selling. I just sort of graduated from my. We can't just let happen. Hard isn't a simple thing but aren't they. Bowl. Or whatever and we're out just gong can hit ago when you lead us. I just. This time she can't why shook his hand. At that it's right but now it's all good and urged that thing if you did and I loved that. Now I look at. Because you feel. Something for somebody but in my position somebody that watched Q do. You know what I see you mean yet you want to hear any from prison days is. Daisies you've been on could lead to an estimate that something that you are on stage or in content. That's something may happen it's as if in an audience you have your I am all of acts. It hurt you're watching and listening and something's gonna happen. And we better watch. Yet it at what happened with me apple announced. Is in contact with what I mean if you're an artist and year exceptional. Exceptional listen. I mean it's addicts here shortly after he went at me sad to see me at Alice would chat channel. And honestly you know we're artists we keep things France I have to keep things from which it and and thinkpad and act ashe's. I get as we should be silent he is artists to have a song. Our role attached to me how Abner had dozens and when he's Munis. Chenault and acting as went out fat. I think it's tells me went ski. When you do something like wicket in hand. People don't just like him and showing that panicked he get its act. So would be able Wikipedia the same thing with the demons. They it's like saying this show you haven't done and in decades if. Foreign bull fourteen years. And yet they remember it so last everybody says what's probably note goes away you the people that were there remember it there but not if. No. Not really I had at one. At all there's an item and show up for nine months but at us as long as and we knew that. I think at Duane me at think I was maybe had just left promised its new and she lets me carry cheap and let me just excuse me. I was like Lance apple is at Kauffman thing just shouldn't she be onstage. I said. He's that's another problem. I have. And adding that it's not what effects as well I I sadly I think. You eat. Like. Not being. Me how pulpit like who can yeah it. I'm immediate yet don't speak they. About the things you do for you. I know they're holding up signs to obtain their dignity through it and I'm just not gonna let them come and go on till today the hook up at Atlanta each wanted to ask you. About you when you look at things you do. Like the two or three things and this isn't because something what do you think the best thing ever done. But why are those three things that you did you learn the most. You know I had a lot of collisions at its destiny and Frankenstein oplink. Has to keep pushing me and I think that's that the forks and Red Hat content. To me and the banking it's going to be an opera singer and an eighty game in Philadelphia and at a park at pay from acting if I take a lot of risks couple went adolescence. And you know risking. Nothing. Tell I had ten cases hash tag sale people with that and at patent and personally with. What's happening that had been huge. Next thing dusting yourself and I want it before. The time with he was beyond. Me me. Bernstein's correct answers I was an eyewitness I think I have to bear with me at them. Cable and active and we have to acting. Sun actually hit our we can get a little opera Newton. Which I'm which I didn't speak from just give us now and went rehearsed he took that we after making it Keeney. The entry never spoke to any one. You yet as time today calling them theater vocal rest on vocal rest which is a great excuse when you just don't wanna talk about it and I'm sorry I. Yes you're looking through it he sure. You are just the joy you know there's there's a song that has the weird that goes I've heard it said that people come into you life for a reason you know. So I'm sure there's a reason that we're talking. Finally but they show always ends in a little bit. I don't know what you're gonna do for me but. I'd I'm sure you're not at a law. There's something in your hand that you would think is appropriate. I hit. It out outplayed. And much more popcorn. It. He earned my. Funny in and time. So me com wolf and. You make me smooth. You know that's not laughable. He Natalie happy you think I'm a photograph humble embankment he. And Leon laughed. And more I don't mind. Instant Fulton less than green. Asia and not. I don't mean. When you poll. Below and use non. Change I have four in the. He's staying. In. Are right I can die now think he put the thank you thank you sell a lot. I'm Rick Roberts yes they did okay but the way he did it is something to obviously when you saying that to that means something. That's it as. It's a connection. Here's what you said before that's so keep doing what you're do you. That will lecture. At adult.

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{"duration":"18:38","description":"Chenoweth appears 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about her role in the comedy series 'Trial & Error.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57125693","title":"Kristin Chenoweth prepping a new generation of rising stars ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kristin-chenoweth-prepping-generation-rising-stars-57125693"}